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Mini-robot pocket printer. Print on the go. Print on all paper formats. Print mobile.
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Print mobile, wherever you are! PPrintee offers you the opportunity to print from everywhere and on any paper format!

Students, writers, architects, designers, engineers, executives, artists and those of you who are always on the go, please welcome PPrintee!  Enjoy great printing features, no matter where you are! 


Did you ever need to print an essay, a business card, a CV, a strip of paper, a blueprint, a contract, a train ticket or simply an envelope sticker?

You no longer need to search for a print shop or to get to your office or to your school to have your documents printed. The new generation of pocket printers is here! PPrintee is an intelligent high-tech printer that self-drives on paper, while analyzing the printing surface.

It is designed to work with all paper formats and it offers the same quality standards as an advanced desk printer. And what is most important, PPrintee fits perfectly in your bag or in your pocket. 

PPrintee is itself free, mobile and easy to use. Just place it close to a paper, send a print order via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and watch it while PPrintee does its job.

The process is very simple. PPrintee gets to work as soon as a print order is received. It literally moves on the paper, seizing its edges, it positions itself and then it starts printing. If several papers are need to be printed, PPrintee tells you to change the paper or it searches for another blank paper nearby. 

It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s easy to use. 

This amazing device generates fluid movements that are perfectly synchronized with the speed of printing. Thanks to an advanced motion system that works closely with a pair of integrated scanning modules, PPrintee performs fully coordinated movements during the entire printing process.

PPrintee takes autonomous decisions. But don’t worry! It won’t go crazy! PPrintee takes only clever decisions! It is endowed with intelligent feed-back functions which allow the user to understand and learn everything about the way it moves.

Thanks to a real-time automatic feedback process, PPrintee auto-analyses every single action performed during a printing activity. It searches for the paper’s edges by driving itself on the printing surface. Then it finds the correct positioning for printing and afterwards it fulfils the printing task.  

Because fast printing and quality printing, wherever you need them, are both equally important to you.

Because it’s small, it fits in your pocket and it offers great printing features.

Because you like to be free. Because you have ideas that must take shape as fast as possible, no matter your location. Because you will most assuredly have new ideas and projects that you would not possibly envisage without the PPrintee. 

Yes! It can print on every possible paper format: from  stickers, business cards, envelopes, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 to all non-standard paper formats, such as long paper strips or large formats that are usually printed by plotters. PPrintee has no limits; it works with all of them.

You don’t even need to know exactly what paper format you are using. PPrintee explores the paper’s edges and lets you know the size of the paper that is going to be printed.

However, if you want to configure a certain paper format, you can choose to do so from the printer’s menu or, directly, from your phone via the PPrintee app. In this case, PPrintee simply finds the right positioning for printing and it starts printing. 

Connect two or more PPrintees for the same printing task. They will automatically sync and coordinate each other during the entire printing activity.

PPrintee addicted and creative professionals, PPrintee will make your day! It provides you with fast, high quality printing wherever you are. When you see these wonderful machines at work, you quickly understand that large and industrial printing has acquired a new meaning. 

If you are a more conservative person or you are still living the typewriters’ nostalgia, you’ll simply love PPrintee. You can print as you type: word-by-word or row-by-row, depending on the way you configure it.

You type, and PPrintee prints. You stop and it stops. You hesitate and PPrintee waits for you. You will experience the great feeling of writing on the spot as if it were with a typewriter. 

More than all the above, PPrintee has a screen that performs different tasks: it provides you with a printing’s outcome, it plans its movements and it updates itself.

If it’s in stand-by and it’s connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it can show you your favorite news, time and weather or your last Facebook news. Of course, you can configure all this manually, but you can also give PPrintee the opportunity to choose them for you.

PPrintee might also ask you questions and start moving when it’s happy. And you’d better answer its questions, as you do not intend to have an angry PPrintee nearby.

If it’s turned on, but inactive for a long period, PPrintee moves on the paper, it vibrates or it asks you politely to print or go away. ☺

So don’t make PPrintee angry and don’t leave it inactive …The result might be dramatically funny for you!


Further steps: to develop and test PPrintee’s full mechanics composed of wheels and mobile cylinders that can turn at 360 degrees and allow the object to have different positions on the surface it operates; and to integrate the scanning modules that assure the self-positioning and the real-time feedback during printing.  





We imagined different ways to print mobile and we designed a high-tech intelligent mobile printer that can fit in your pocket.

We wanted to capture fast, mobile and high-quality printing in one single device; and this is how we have come up with PPrintee.

This is how it works. PPrintee moves on paper, it searches for the paper’s edges, it positions; afterwards it starts printing.  PPrintee analyses both its position in space and the printing surface. It is able to find the paper and to explore its format. It has two integrated scanning modules that assure a real-time synchronisation between the printing process and its movement on paper. 

These two scanning modules are PPrintee’s eyes. They see, while the printer thinks. They send feedback during the entire printing process and help PPrintee take decisions and correct its actions.

The print head moves fast enough to obtain a high fluidity in printing the paper. Behind PPrintee’s fluid movements, there is an advanced mechanics of wheels and mobile cylinders, both activated by micro-engines.

The wheels can make a 360 degrees turn and they can also go out or retreat inside the cylinder. And this is how PPrintee is able to lift or to lower its position.

In the searching paper position, the wheels are largely outside the device, providing a flexible movement.

In the printing position, the wheels are only a little bit outside the device, allowing the print head to smoothly touch the paper and to coordinate the printing with the printer’s movement.

PPrintee's ink cartridges are designed in such a way that they can be easily refilled and also environmentally friendly. For the monochrome prototype, they can last up to 200 pages. You will also find them on the market together with the serial production of PPrintees. 

PPrintee's team is passionate end enthusiastic about high technology. We all give value to innovative and futuristic ideas. So far, we have received great feedback on this clever pocket printer from engineers and technological enthusiasts in US, France and Germany and, thus, we have already applied for an international and US patent. We have also been offered partnership opportunities from several local and international manufacturing companies. Therefore new partnerships are envisaged. 

Do you have a prototype?

We are working on it.  We have tested important elements of the product design, as well as the mobility and the printing functionalities. We will use the funds to manufacture the final PPrintee Prototype, including the development of both its firmware and software, and to launch the serial production. You will be able to see photos and videos of this whole process in our campaign's updates and on our website www.pprintee.com. Join the PPrintee Community and share your ideas! 

Who are you? How did you come up with this idea?

We are a team of enthusiastic creative minds, engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs. One day in August 2013, as we were discussing our professional needs, we came up with this wonderful idea: to make printing mobile and thus open infinite possibilities for the printing process in particular and visual arts in general.

How can I participate in this project? How can I join the PPrintee Community?

You can support our project on Indiegogo. We offer a lot of cool stuff in exchange of your contribution!

You can also support us by following our website and the PPrintee Facebook Page, by telling your friends about our project and by being in contact with other PPrintee Community Members. Please feel free to exchange ideas with us and share your thoughts on PPrintee. We welcome any kind of feed-back. Soon, we will print mobile.

Does PPrintee print in color? 

Not yet. The first PPrintee will be a monochrome one, printing only black & white. But be patient. We will also develop the colour PPrintee.

Where can I buy a cartridge? How do I replace a cartridge?

PPrintee’s cartridges are environmentally friendly ink cartridges, specially designed to be easily refilled or replaced. You can buy them from us or from our retailers as soon as the PPrintee serial production is on the market.

How long will black & white cartridges last?

We are trying to fit a cartridge that contains enough ink to print exactly like a desk inkjet printer. We have estimated an approximate of 150 – 200 pages (A4) per cartridge.

How can I print on several consecutive pages?

It depends on how you configure the printer. PPrintee can both stop after each page and tell you to change the paper or it can look for another blank page available near the already printed one and continue the printing task.

When do you build the printer?

Check our timeline in order to find all the necessary information. We hope to start manufacturing PPrintee within a year. The campaign’s page and our website www.pprintee.com will keep you up to date with the entire process.

Will you provide any warranty for the product?

We will observe all international and US regulations.

When we designed PPrintee, we took in consideration all its micro-parts and their exact placement inside and we will do our best to make the product look and work exactly as we present it!

However, you need to be aware that changes might occur during final tests or that some features might not be available right away. The Engineering part is the toughest one. We will always keep you posted on our advances and let you know how the final prototype will look like.

Last but not least, we would really appreciate all your thoughts about the product, they way it looks as well as about its functionality. If you have some suggestions, don't hesitate to share them with us. 

Let's co-build PPrintee! 

In the near future, we take into consideration the development of a colour printer  with an integrated scanner. 

Share your ideas with us and share this project. Speak about PPrintee and  support us on this journey.

Let's build PPrintee together!

Thank you!

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