Help Rid San Francisco Streets of Pee - Support PPlanter!

Short Summary

We are a team of designers, landscape architects, and engineers from Hyphae Design Laboratory and Urban Biofilter in Oakland, CA who came together outside of work hours to prototype a piece of urban infrastructure that could improve the lives of San Francisco residents.

The result? PPlanter.

The motivation?

  • Celebrating San Francisco’s progression towards mobile and outdoor services including food trucks, beer gardens, and parklets by providing a place for people to relieve themselves while being outside!
  • Turning a nuisance (public urination) into a nutrient for hungry bamboo biofilters
  • Experimenting with smart urban infrastructure that tracks usage + includes a mobile app for user feedback to inform future design solutions! 

The design?

PPlanter is a rapidly deployable, reconfigurable public urinal and sink that uses modular bamboo biofilters to treat urine and wastewater. A network of sensors for automated monitoring and a responsive web application enable public feedback and participation in the design of future iterations.

The event?

Our prototype will be seen (and used!) by thousands of people at the Urban Prototyping festival on October 20th!! After the festival is over, we will tweak the design based on user feedback and begin promoting the PPlanter as an option for events, construction sites, and businesses that need urinals + greenery.   

What We Need & What You Get

Although we received $1000 in grant funding from Urban Prototyping, we need at least $1500 to bring PPlanter to life. Our materials list includes sensors, plumbing, plastic sheeting and signage, along with machining/services costs such as vaccum forming a sink and urinal, laser cutting, and printing. 

As tokens of our gratitude, we'll make stickers, custom P-mate urine funnels, and Tshirts to send your way, and list your name on our website. If you give more than $250, you can become an official sponsor!

If we don't reach our entire goal, the funds we do raise will go to reimburse our project expenses and the rest will have to come from our pockets.

The Impact

You can feel AMAZING for having helped San Francisco become a less smelly place to walk around! 

Hyphae Design Lab and our partner non-profit organization, Urban Biofilter, have extensive experience designing and building water treatment systems, green roofs/walls, biofiltration units, and toilet systems. The PPlanter will inform Hyphae's design of future urban eco-infrastructure and allow us to help improve urban life and create greener cities!

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this campaign with your friends, tweet about us (#pplanter) and attend our upcoming events!!

October 8th - Refreshed + Relieved: a Fundraiser @ 111 Minna Gallery in SF

October 20th - Urban Prototyping SF: we will be located @ 5th and Minna Streets... just look for the bamboo!

Please also check out and support Urban Biofilter!

Team on This Campaign: