A film about the bodily horrors of having children.

"Michael is a director that lures his audience into the story very craftily and transmits feelings he wants precisely and ruthlessly. With a good script Michael has a great chance to make a valid art work with commercial potential and "Postpartum" seems like the right one."

Srdjan Spasojevic, director of "A Serbian Film"


The Film

"Postpartum" is a feature length tale of having children - and all the bodily horrors that come with it. It's a psychological, slightly surreal and very gory horror-film, that plays on the idea of children as parasites and explores themes not normally seen in Danish cinema. Think Cronenberg's "The Brood" mixed with Von Trier's "Antichrist" and you're getting close.

It is also the feature film debut of award-winning music video director Michael Panduro, who's work has caused a bit of a stir from time to time, challenging the boundaries of gore, sexual allegory and general good taste in music videos.

We don't want to spoil the plot here, as there are some surprises in there. But if you're into folks like early David Cronenberg (or indeed junior's "Antiviral"), Shinya Tsukamoto and Marina de Van, then you will be into this (we hope)! Oh yeah, and there's this:

Concept artwork by Kirill Semenov

 Concept art by Kirill Semenov / skirill.deviantart.com


The people

Michael Panduro (writer/director): Michael has worked in music videos, commercials and short films for almost a decade. He has enjoyed broad, international attention for a number of music videos, including "Ohrwurm" for Cephalic Carnage and "Tarnished Gluttony" for Job For a Cowboy, which have challenged the boundaries of gore and sexual allegory. His work has screened at prominent film festivals like San Sebastian HAFFF, Raindance, Animafest Zagreb and CPH PIX.
Casper Haugegaard (producer): Casper is himself an award-winning director, who's 2010 film "Resurrection" has taken home multiple festival awards and is one of the most succesful underground films to ever come out of Denmark.
Fredrik Sundbye (director of photography): Fredrik has acted as DoP on three music videos with Michael as well as a wealth of fiction and documentary productions. His broad experience means he can navigate easily between the documentary-like intimacy and grotesque scenarios, that this film demands.
Jonas Ussing (visual effects Supervisor): Jonas has made visual effects on top Hollywood productions like "The Sorceror's Apprentice", "Olympus Has Fallen" and Sam Raimi's "Drag Me To Hell", as well as the Oscar-nominated "A Royal Affair". Recently he was Emmy-nominated for his work for The BBC. Jonas' showreel.
Christian Gade Bjerrum (actor): A promising, young actor from Denmark, Christian's feature film debut will be in Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac", premiering in 2013 and starring big names like Willem Dafoe, Stellan Skarsgård and Shia LaBeouf. "Postpartum" will be Christian's first starring role.


We've got a script! We've got an awesome cast and crew! We need money!

The challenges of financing a film like this are many. Being a first time feature director closes some doors, but wanting to make a film that features scenes like the one above, excessive gore, bodily mutations, weird sex and general nihilism - that closes many more. You can help us open some new ones!

We are currently looking to shoot in August, and the goal we are reaching for here would cover the expenses of renting camera and lighting equipment - it would basically mean we'd be able to shoot the film.

There are of course other expenses to shooting a film - effects, props, locations, food, transportation - but raising the money for equipment would be a huge load of our shoulders. By raising at least part of the funds ourselves, we are able to push the production forward, but also - more importantly - we are able to prove to potential investors that there is indeed an audience for films like this. It gives us leverage so that we can make the film that we want to make, without compromising neither style, content or creative control.

Artwork by Jacob Bruun


We will love you and this is how we'll show it!

Besides our eternal gratitude, you will get your hands on way awesome perks if you grace our little film with a contribution. Of course we have the classics: The finished film, pretty posters, t-shirts that will make you instantly cool and artsy stickers to plaster all over your hometown - but there's more.

First of, a whole slew of very amazing bands that we've worked with, are friends with or just straight up love, have agreed to donate tracks to our official "Postpartum" mixtape! There is some previously unreleased and rare stuff on there, so even if you have no interest in our film, there might still be something for you here. Especially if you're into mædl!

Aside from listening to cool music, you will also get the chance to visit the set, get your photo in the film, obtain a producer credit (instant street cred!) and even make fun of us on our own DVD.

Lastly, as we know nobody would be interested in personal video greetings or crap like that from non-celebrities like us, we've decided to offer up a thing that we know we do well. We will make an awesome music video for your band, if you pay us a ton of cash for our film!

Keep checking back as the perks will be updated throughout the campaign.


Last words

We don't want to make this text too long, so let's finish with a couple of words from our writer-director:

The idea for "Postpartum" was born out of my own experience of unexpectedly becoming a parent at a young age. I'm fascinated by the thought of acknowledging that, beneath all of the happy circumstances, there's also a flipside to life as newborn parents. Being blessed with a child has enormous consequences for all aspects of life. Social, private and emotional spheres of life, including one's sexlife, are affected; both in a positive and negative way. It's still taboo to acknowledge the negative aspects, though, and that's one of the reasons I felt like exploring it. What would happen if I turned the situation inside out? If, instead of wallowing in the fantastic and wonderful aspects of having a child, I tried to magnify the negative ones? if I chose to acknowledge the taboo-ridden, negative aspects and ignore the positive? It's a scary thought, which plays on thoughts and fears, which I believe many of us share - and so the story has evolved into a horror story. A psychological horror story, where the monster might not be the strange little child at all. It might be the consequences of the child's integration into our protagonists little family.

Michael Panduro

Christian Gade Bjerrum

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