POSTIFIER - Bluetooth POSTbox notIFIER

We all rely on snail-mail, so reclaim your sanity with Postifier. The ONLY Bluetooth device to notify your smartphone if mail arrived.
Matt Luba
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Say goodbye to checking an empty Postbox!

The Postbox has been around for centuries. We check them every day before entering the comfort of our home, apartment or flat and far too often find it's empty. Postifier is about to change all that.

Postifier was designed to provide the solution to those pointless frustrating walks to your Postbox and back, empty handed. With smartphones as popular as ever we developed a device which sends an notification to your smartphone if mail arrived during the day.

  • Postifier supports iOS and Android
  • Uses Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy)
  • Has a battery life over 9 months (Usage dependant)
  • Average pairing range of 30metres or 100feet

Perfect for these situations

  • For the elderly and those with mobility impairment - Prevent them making fruitless trips to check an empty Postbox.
  • Long driveways - save those walks back down the driveway or the need to get out of your car to check your Postbox.
  • Retrieve and secure credit card, bank and retirement statements before they get into the wrong hands.
  • When you are inside your home and waiting for the mail - go to the front door with your smartphone and you will know if the the mail arrived (more useful when its raining and you don't fancy that walk outside in the cold).
  • Extreme temperatures or just pure laziness.

Postifier Driveway  Postifier DrivewayPostifier Driveway  Postifier Flat Postbox

Where we are at

Postifier Prototypes

Our first prototype was developed based off the original Bluetooth 2.0 version. This was a proof of concept project and allowed us to iron out any issues and to focus on getting Postifier to do exactly what it is suppose to do.

Once we were satisfied with the results, we started work on the next generation Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy) version using a TI system on chip module. We chose this as it increased the battery life significantly.

The size of Postifier is also important. We wanted something that sat inside the Postbox and wasn't obtrusive. We have managed to squeeze all the components into a size similar to a box of matches.

We partnered up with experts in the electronics field specialising in sensors and wireless technology. Our engineers have spent the last 9 months designing several PCBs, coding firmware and testing many different sensors and Bluetooth modules.

Real world testing has been completed and we are extremely happy with the results. Since our first campaign was unsuccessful, we re-thought our goals and were able to make modifications and negotiate with manufacturers to reduce the total funding required to get Postifier off the ground.

Why we need your help

All internal electronics, firmware, connectivity and iPhone app is complete. We focused all our efforts in getting this core area developed first. However we still have work to do.

We are asking for $12,000 which will go directly to:

  • The design of the custom, small and weatherproof enclosure
  • Final PCB revision
  • Component order/procurement (Initial estimated production run of at least 500 units)
  • Component assembly
  • Regulatory testing and approval
  • Android application development
  • Packaging design

With the funds raised we are confident we can achieve all of the above and get Postifier into your Postbox.

Here's How It Works

Postifier has reusuable adhesive, so you stick it to the inside roof panel of your Postbox. The sensor detects change in infrared light when mail is inserted into your Postbox. The Bluetooth module then activates and waits for pairing with your smartphone.

You need Bluetooth enabled and the application running (minimised) in background and that’s all there is to it. You will now be notified on your smartphone before you reach your Postbox, or when you drive into your driveway and never again open an empty Postbox!

Once the notification appears on your smartphone, the application opens and you press OK. This will get Postifier ready for the following day. It really is that easy!

iPhone Notification

Bluetooth Logo  iPhone   Android


1. Can we ship internationally? Yes! Please add $10 for international shipping outside of Australia.

2. Which smartphones are compatible? It will work on all current or future iPhone’s (4s, 5 or later) and Android smartphones that support Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy). It will also work with the iPod Touch 5th Gen or later. Please consult your smartphones manual to confirm if it supports Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy).

3. How many smartphones will Postifier work with? Up to 3 smartphones can be paired to receive notifications.

4. What is the battery life expectancy? Based on our testing results, we are achieving a life of over 9 months (depending on usage). The batteries are replaceable.

5. What is the range of Postifier? We achieve an average pairing range of 30metres or 100feet during testing; however this depends on factors such as line of sight. We have tested with a metal and wooden Postbox.

6. How do I get the Postifier application? It will be available via the Apple App Store or Google Play - FREE!

7. What temperatures can Postifier operate in? Based on the components datasheets it can operate in -25°C to +85°C. Perfect for all parts of the world.

8. How can I get in contact for further information? Please email for any questions.

9. You're a distributor or reseller and would like to carry our product? Contact us at

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    For this perk, you will be helping support us to bring a great new product to the marketplace. You will be a part of our adventure to make Postifier a reality. Also for every 100 backers of this perk, 5 of those backers will each WIN a Postifier device. This will be drawn after we hit our total funding goal.

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    You will receive 1 Postifier device delivered right to your Postbox. Please add $10 if delivery outside Australia.

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    You will receive 2 Postifier devices delivered right to your Postbox. Why not give one away to a family member? Please add $10 if delivery outside Australia.

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    You will receive 3 Postifier devices delivered right to your Postbox. Why not give one away to a family member and friend? Please add $10 if delivery outside Australia.

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