Portland Saint Chase

...look good while doing great things for the common good.


The Origin of these hand crafted American made neck ties lies in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. Portland Saint Chase ties signify more than a piece of clothing accessory. Every tie is exclusively hand sewn to make sure Portland Saint Chase ensures the best quality. Styles are specifically designed to achieve the sense of dignity, honor, power and respect. We strive to do good by looking good.

the common NEED

By helping us reach our funding goal we will be able to accomplinsh 3 main goals.
1. Help United Family Service build a new facilty
2. Keep associates in the fashion industry employed
3. Develop the Brand into other accessories such as socks, and even clothing

the common GOOD

The main goal of  the company’s vision is to positively impact a life, and create a smile on a “really sad” face. Community outreach is a key component to the success of Portland Saint Chase. Strongly encouraged by the motto “Look Good, To Do Good”, the company emphasizes on the importance of community engagement. For every item sold, $5.00 is given to the Charlotte United Family Services. The $5.00 contribution is in efforts to improve living conditions for women that are sheltered under United Family Services.  “In order to receive, you must be willing to give”, The desire to lend a helping hand has always been second nature to Portland Saint Chase. Partnering with Charlotte United Family Services gives us a deep connection to make a difference in the community.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us raise the most money possible by helping us spread the word, about these exclusive unique neck ties. Please follow us on twitter (@portlansaintCH) or vist us at www.portlandsaintchase.com

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