Pop Rocket

Chapter 3 to an on going video series. A film noir spiced with hover bikes, robots & laser pistols.
Olan Rogers
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
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Earth 2030. Prime City

A detective named Harvey has been missing for over a year. The only evidence on Harvey’s disappearance was his blood left in the alleyway. With all the mystery surrounding this case, Cyphris, his robotic partner was accused of murdering Harvey, having been the only present party at the scene of the murder.

The information Cyphris shared with the Prime City Police Department wasn’t enough to absolve him of his suspected crimes. He released information on the night in which Harvey met his informant on the radical known only as Scar. The robot claimed he was supporting Harvey as backup during this off-the-books assignment, but before he could raid the meet up and support his partner, two shots were fired, and all that remained was a pool of Harvey’s blood.

Due to public outcry and the rising tensions between human-robot relations, a political and media firestorm heated up, looking for justice and answers on what many believed to be murder by a robot. It is a digitally integrated rule in the robotic moral subdirectory to ensure the safety of their human partner, no matter the method. There were few who believe Cyphris was still adhering to this rule, protecting vital information to safeguard Harvey. However, there was no way to extract this data, and so the case continued without any new information.

Eight months have passed, and the long, uncertain trial has concluded. Cyphris has been convicted of murder in the first degree of his partner Harvey. He is to receive capital punishment for his crime at the Red Haven Decommission Facility.

Harvey’s son Virgil followed in his father’s footsteps and became a detective. Shortly after the verdict is reached on Cyphris, Virgil receives a strange call, urging him to break the robot from Red Haven. Wanting nothing to do with this, he hangs up. The man calls again, revealing himself to be, Harvey, his father. He insists that Virgil find a way to release Cyphris, or his captor would murder him - the same would happen if he contacted any authority. The call is interrupted as his father tries to tell him, “He is looking for the Pop Rocket.” These small seven words set events into motion that would forever change Virgil’s life, and soon, the lives of everyone.


Personal Note:

So, with the past few series, I had little to no budget. With New Prime, a great deal of people supported me and helped bring that project to life. I'm still thankful for this! Thank you so much!

The budget goal for Pop Rocket might seem like a lot, but this was actually close to the amount I had in mind for New Prime. We weren't even close to that number, but I still made due with what was given, so even if this goal isn't met, I'll still rock whatever amount is gifted to this project.

I've turned down partnering with every advertising company who has emailed me, which especially recently, has been quite a few. This is a more difficult, less-chosen path with young filmmakers, but I want to stay independent and commercial free. I don't care about making money off this. I just really want to make it. I would love nothing more than to have the privilege to entertain you with this series. If you would like to invest in some new content and forgo a few Red Box visits, or you’re like me and are very unhappy with the lack of new content from Netflix instant, I promise, you are in for a ride!


Budget Break Down

Costumes: 5,500

Harvey, Cyphris, Virgil, Weaver, Fisher, Roy, Melbourne, Extras, Red Haven Guards, Laboosh's Soliders.

Costumes are a big thing! previous series we have had to recycle costumes for other characters, which we will still have to do just to a lesser degree. 

Prop Work: 3,500

Cyphris's Robot Helmet & Neck piece, Weapons, EMP , Magnetic Tether Device, whatever prop that needs to be custom made for this series.

Location Fee's: 2,000

This will give us the ability to shoot on real locations that normal would not of been be available to us.

Actor's (we have to get real ones for this) 1,500

Any other actor who needs to be reimbursed from takin off work to help out. Me, Jake and Thomas will be doing it for free like always though we really are not actors but we act in it, so I guess we are indeed actors.

Hover Bike Set up rig- 1,500

We have to construct a fake hover bike rig to fuse it with our animated hover bike.

Production Insurance- 2,000

This will open door for us to get locations that we have never had before due to this requirement.

2 External Harddrives ( store all footage)- 251

I'm always forced to deleted footage to make room for the next episode this will ensure special features on the DVD.

 2 Green Screens- 500

We have 2 but this will enable up to have more functionabilty that we previously never had. 


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