Pom Pom - A Flightless Bully Tale

A children's tale about a bullied penguin. Pomeroy Paulus Jr III wants two things: his friends and family to stop calling him 'pom pom' and orange swim trunks.
Linnie von Sky
Vancouver, British Columbia
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♥  Pick a perk and make our FLIGHTLESS BULLY TALE take flight ♥


Meet Pomeroy. His friends and family call him 'pom pom' for short. Pomeroy hates his nickname and would prefer to be called by his real name: Pomeroy Paulus Jr III. Like any boy his age he's busy trying to impress 'the birds', namely one bird: Pia. Pomeroy dreams of a pair of orange swim trunks; the ones that Pete, Pucker and Piper own. The same ones Pia said she loved. There's just one little hiccup. The antAmart doesn't carry his size. 

Stay tuned to learn how mom helps Pomeroy get his orange swim trunks, see that Macaroni penguins are not made of mac'n'cheese, and watch Pia save the day when she puts bullies in their place. 


(because four are better than three)

♥  You'll help us stand up against bullies and lend your voice to someone so big that his voice has become small: Fat jokes are not funny and they hurt!

♥  You'll allow us to produce (illustrate, edit, scan, post produce, book design & print in Canada) every part of Pom Pom - A Flightless Bully Tale 

♥ You'll own a copy of the book you helped us publish (and maybe even your own custom antarctic character)

♥  You'll help fund Rebecca's 2nd year of Art School. By paying Rebecca (21) real market value for her art work we were able to fund her first year of Art School with Our Canadian Love Story (Linnie's 1st book) without her having to bag groceries. How cool is that?


It's ALL or NOTHING. If we don't make our goal to the last penny, you get your MONEY BACK and BULLIES WILL BE BULLIES. * I'm plugging my ears while I write this as I refuse to entertain the thought. This mission takes an unwavering optimist. 


For every $25 donation you contribute, we will send you a signed 1st edition copy of Pom Pom - A Flightless Bully Tale. Unless we know you, then we will deliver it in person. 

Check out all our special perks on the right. Why not make this the year you gift someone you love an antarctic character in a children's book while you help us stop a bully or two? 


“Weight stigma can affect every aspect of a child’s life. Children who are bullied for their weight may want to skip school, avoid physical activity and avoid social interactions with their peers. The scariest part is that weight stigma may have long-lasting detrimental effects on both physical and mental health throughout the lifespan.”

-Dr. Angela S. Alberga 

I (Linnie) worked for the Canadian Obesity Network and was lucky to be involved in numerous amazing initiatives like the 1st Canadian Summit on Weight Bias and Discrimination and in creating the Perfect at any Size royalty free image bank to combat weight bias in the media. 

This book is a love note to the many amazing people I've met along the way who have been the target of bullying and have experienced the endless pain it causes. If this initiative can start a dialogue we have taken a joint step in the right direction. 


Short answer: No. I Promise.

Long answer: Exactly one year ago our first indiegogo campaign Our Canadian Love Story successfully raised $11,043 toward our $10,000 goal. We're still floored and smiling. 

Here's the truth. We had no clue what we were doing. We were green behind the ears. I had never written a book, Rebecca had never illustrated one and I thought I had budgeted plenty. Turns out...I hadn't! 

Once Indiegogo and Paypal had taken their cut, the illustrator (Rebecca), the scanner (Grant), the editor (Ricki), the book designer (Christina), the printer (FRIESENS) and storage (nice guy at storage mart) were paid, I had invested another $10,000 of savings into the project. 

This time around I have no savings to throw in...sad face. 

This time YOU'RE ALL WE'VE GOT to make this happen and WE PLAN TO. 


With 1500 copies of Our Canadian Love Story distributed we're about to break even. Nic (my husband) and I worked tirelessly on distributing, site building, shipping, sales pitching, school reading and every other task ending in 'ing' to make this dream fly. 

With an industry full of 'you can try but it's close to impossible' babbles against us, we pulled off our publishing dream without compromising a single value. 

Thanks to you we were able to pay everyone involved Canadian market wages for their services and just six months after our initial campaign ended we held our beautiful MADE IN CANADA book in our hands. 

This month Our Canadian Love Story moves into the Air Canada e-boutique as the first children's book ever. 

Sure we had some time delays, plenty of hiccups and a hurdle or ten to jump...but we learned, grew and optimized along the way. (ps we had some perks bounce back...please contact us if you haven't received yours and we'll send it out again)

More importantly we CREATED and LIVED our DREAMS THANKS to the 192 Indiegogo BELIEVERS * we even sold our last custom character after the campaign had ended...yay!


We've got our orange pom poms pinned to our lapels and stand beside Pia when she says 'Real friends don't ever laugh at friends. Because in the world [we] want to live in MOCKING IS FOR WEAKLINGS and [we] like our friends strong, gentle and brave.' 

PLEASE help us take Pomeroy's hand as our flightless bully tale takes flight. 


ps the biggest thank you in the world goes to my friends Ben and Mariel for volunteering their time and energy to make the video. It means the world  

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