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Help Glitchy Pixel in the development of Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror, a game in which YOU are the ghost and scares everyone away from your manor!
Italo Felipe Capasso Ballesteros
2 Team Members

Poltergeist Logo!

A puzzle game where your objective is to scare every tenant that is meddling in your house. Use the powers at your disposition to haunt and scare them. Be a Poltergeist!

Poltergeist on greenlight!
We are on Steam greenlight as well! Click on the image to go there!


Welcome to the Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror Indiegogo Campaign. This campaign's objective is to give us the resources needed to be able to help us complete and polish our videogame project "Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror".

With your support, we will be able to have a very polished and refined product for everyone to enjoy. It will greatly help us to complete our vision we have for this project.

What is Poltergeist?Have you ever wondered what it feels to be a ghostly being?

You have always lived happily in your manor. A manor that you managed to obtain with a lot of hard work and many personal sacrifices. Naturally you don't want anyone else to take care of it, not even in death!

But now, after your demise, many tenants have taken over it, and this is intolerable to you. Luckily, your love for your manor has granted you powers that will help you get rid of those pesky individuals.

Watch them run and scream, scaring them using your intelligence, wit, and with the use of powers like possessions, spectres, altering objects and more.

Have fun and play with the occult... and become a Poltergeist!

Poltergeist is a puzzle game for PC/Mac/Linux in which you are a ghost named Henry B. Knight. In which you will scare the tennants currently living in your house, so you can have some peace at last in the afterlife.

As a game, it will feature:

  • A total of 60+ levels. These levels will occur in different time periods of the history of the manor.

  • A variety of powers for you to control in each level: Lifting objects, possessing objects, invoking spectres and more.

  • Enemies, like priests and ghost hunters that will getting in your path of getting rid of everyone inside your manor. This will also include special "boss" characters in each time period.

Poltergeist concept

How do you play the game?Good question! Allow us to explain.

Poltergeist, as a puzzle game, will be divided in levels. In each level you will have a limited number of powers for you to use. You must use these powers with intelligence and precision, so you can haunt all the tenants the are in the level.

But be careful, if you use all of your powers in a level, and not all of the tenants were haunted, you will lose. You must be careful to choose your power and where/when to use them!

Usually powers will work in a specific "room". The execution of a power in a room will not afect characters who are outside of that room. This is important, because there are some powers that can affect various rooms with just one use.

There will be also enemies. Priests, Ghost Hunters and other "Boss" characters are tougher thant normal ones, and they can and will block certain powers. If you use a power near one of these special characters, they will block it and it won't scare anyone.

The objective of Poltergeist is not of "seriousness". It is a very light hearted take on the ghost concept by becoming the ghost itself.

It is designed to be fun, to feel more mischievous than actually evil. Pretty much like "mustache twirling evil" type. More of a playful little child that smirks every time he/she makes a prank on his neighbor.

It is also not a game of mad skill and twitching. You will carefuly execute everyone of your actions carefully to finish each level. Think of "Lemmings", but without the extra pressure that game has (n_n).

The powers you will use

List of powers in Poltergeist

  1. Alert: Call the nearest character to an area. Animals and special characters will always take heed before other characters.

  2. Alter Object: Alters the selected object. Removes one scare point to everyone who is in the same room.

  3. Launch Object: Launches the selected object to another room. Removes one scare point on start and end rooms.

  4. Possess an Object: Possesses an object for a short time. Will cause two scare points.

  5. Possess a Human (new for the current version fo the game): Will possess a human! The human will scare a lot and will also travel to a specified room, scaring everyone in its path! When the power vanishes, the ex-possessed character will run away in panic.

  6. Invoke Spectre: Creates a spectre in an specific area. Removes two scare points.

  7. Invoke an illusion (new for the current version fo the game): Creates an illusion that scares a character and forces her to move to the selected area.

  8. Create a Portal: A portal. Very powerful, and we know you want it!

The characters you will scare

The characters in Poltergeist

Normal characters: The normal characters just wander around the manor, waiting to be scared. They can talk and get distracted, but otherwise they are completely vulnerable to your powers!

Special characters (priest, ghost hunter): These characters are tough! They exist to make your haunting schemes more difficult, they are serious in their jobs and will block some of your powers whenever they can!

"Boss" characters (new for the current version fo the game): In every era of your manor's history, there will be one level with an special character. They are tougher than special characters and can also block powers. Beware, they can be tricky!

"Epoch" characters (new for the current version fo the game): Many more characters will exist in the house, according to the current historic era they ara living in!.

The development of the game so far

Poltergeist began as a simple idea and concept that started in November 2011. The idea was conceived by Diana Esperanza Pacheco (artist) and Italo F. Capasso B. (programmer).

But it was only with the advent of a contest created by Square Enix, called the "Latin American Game development contest 2012", in which we really started to make this game a reality. We entered in the contest by creating a small prototype of our game. At that time we were just hoping we could get if only a mention of honor or even better, end up as a finalist.

We had the very good fortune of getting the first prize of the contest! We got a super cool trophy and all (^0^).

SQEX Game Contest Logo

Square Enix Trophy!

You can see the results of the contest here:


Now, as of May 1st of 2013, the rights of our given were given back by Square Enix. This means the we now have the opportunity to really finish the game! We immediately started on making the full game, with more levels, better graphics and more gameplay mechanics.

The current state of the game

At this moment, we still have the complete functional prototype. The consist of a grand total of 20 levels, and contains the basic implementation of the majority of powers, and the base mechanics, including enemies.

At this moment we are working on:

  • Reworking all of the sprites and creating new ones for the game. These new sprites and models include the objects of the other periods of history of the manor and the look of the tenants in different times.

  • Overhauling the look and feel of the game with things like dynamic lighting and an improved user interface.

  • We are implementing new powers, which are Possesing Humans and Invoking Illusions. These will bring more variety to the game and have more ways to solve individual levels.

  • Also contributing to that variety. New mechanics as "distractions" and special "boss" characters will make the game richer and deeper in its core mechanics.

  • Although not super special, we are adding very simple image sequence cutscenes, to give some sense of a simple story to the game.

  • We only have 20-25 levels. Welp, time to make more!
    To make the game more interestings, more levels are the key to be able to fully exploit all of the mechanics we have in store for it.

Why Indiegogo?

Our work in Poltergeist has been during the Square Enix contest deadline, and after we got the rights back in May 1st 2013. And though the money we won from the contest has been of great use to us (basically living from it in the past 8 months), we still need more support to be able to finish this project faster.

We can, technically speaking, complete the project on our own (and we will!). But that would take more time for us, since we do not have the resources for us to be able to work on it full time without worry. It would also not be the superpolished game as we want it to be (for example, not having special stuff like commentary mode, more characters and sprites, more levels and whatnot).

So any contribution we recieve will be greatly appreciated and will do wonders for us (n_n).

In what are we going to spend the money?

We would use the money for:

  • Paying an extra artist for a short time to help Diana with the new sprites and models of the game.

  • Paying for original music and audio.

  • Finance the rest of our work for the game in the future (you know, living and eating and stuff), with the ease of not having to worry on part-time jobs.

  • Formalizing Glitchy Pixel and creating an actual company (its needed of course, but also: This will be useful for talks of possibly porting the game on other platforms, and have it on multiple distribution platforms. But that is the super ideal case. No promises on that).

  • Pay the Indiegogo fess and local taxes.

We are going to use the "Fixed Funding" option of Indiegogo. This means that all of the money you contribute will only be charged if the target is reached and when the campaign ends.

Please note the we are going to finish this game no matter what. The campaign will help us is to just get it in a better state, with lots of polish and detail than we could ever do without funding.

If we do not reach the target, well, it kinda sucks. Of course things will be a lot trickier, and the game will probably have a reduced scope than we have now, but it won't die (we can't let it die, really).

We'd still work on the game (and keep you guys posted about it). But it definetly would take longer to finish it.

Poltergeist cost breakdown

Other ways you can contribute

If you cannot contribute in our campaign with money, don't worry! There are other ways you can help us.
You can talk to your friend or acquaintances about this project. Or you could also share this campaign web page in your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.
Note: Please do not to spam about this project to others. believe it or not, spamming actually will make us more harm than good. so please be always polite and share only once (n_n)b.
Remember, every little bit of sharing and contribution you do will help us in the making of this project. And of course we would really appreciate that!

About Glitchy Pixel

Glitchy Pixel is an informal game development group created by it only two members: Diana Esperanza Pacheco and Italo F. Capasso B. Both are form Colombia - South America.

Since 2010 we have been creating games in our free time between jobs for entertainment.We have created a variety of projects, including games like Displaced, and Best Friends Fighter, the latter who won the "Casual Game Design Competition #9" at the website JayIsGames.

Glitchy Pixel also loves to participate in Game Jams, and has made some free small games for you to enjoy. Games like Time Travel Knight, Onryo's Legend, and The Rain and the Mist, are some of the free games created in game jams.

You can check out our website for more information and/or contact us:


Us in pixelated form!

Quick cheat sheetName: Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror

Platforms: PC/Linux/Mac. Other platform TBD (if its even possible).

Genre: Horror Puzzle, but its fun instead of scary (^_^).

Release date: Probably early-mid 2014. It could be sooner, but no hard dates for now.

Current progress: Prototype with 20 levels and the foundation mechanics. Right now, working on an overhauled version.

Another concept of Poltergeist!

Poltergeist FAQ

  • I've seen games before with similar themes (Haunt the house, Ghost master, The haunting: starring Polterguy). Will there be any similarities in this game with these others?

To be honest, at the moment of the Square Enix contest, when we made the prototype, we had no idea about these games. We developed the game on our own, with none of these references.

That said, of course we checked them as soon as we found out about them. And what we can say is that our game tends to be more of a puzzle to unravel, rather than a more action oriented game.

You will have limited powers according to each levels and is not as easy to "spam" your powers. If you use all of your powers and there is still someone inside the level, you will lose. Each power is valuable and cannot be easily wasted.

And also, the reaction and current state of any character is very straightforward. You will clearly see when someone is about to run away, or completely sane. Its designed to be a clear distinct value, so you won't have any ambiguity problems when solving a level.

  • Are you the guys that made a similar game called Poltergeist: 16 bit horror?

Yes. In fact, that game is the very prototype we created for the contest. At the moment we chose that name... we can still choose it but we feel its better to say "pixelated horror" at the moment n_n.

In fact, if you wan to see more about that. Here is the first trailer we created for that contest n_n.


  • But, in the contest web page (and the previous video link) I saw that the game was released on iOS/Android. What gives? Has it been released already? Is this game going to be released in which platforms?

The Poltergeist: 16 bit horror prototype was briefly released on mobile devices, and on limited countries (only in some countries of Latin America, and we think also Canada for some reason) as per contest rules. When the contest period ended, Square Enix removed all contestant games immediately. You will not find the game in the mobile stores anymore.

Since we now have the rights back, we can make pretty much whatever we want with it. And that includes our plans to release it on PC/Mac/Linux.

  • Why not on mobile devices?

We believe we have a better opportunity in the pc market, since looks to be broader and more accessible to multiple distribution methods and easier ways to generate community. That said, there is no hard rule that we won't release it on mobile devices. We will definetly consider about it after releasing on PC/Mac/Linux.

  • Ok, well what about Steam, GoG, Desura, etc?

We cannot tell you for sure if we can get a steam, desura, humble store, etc. Rest assured that we will try everything we can to get these kinds of distributions methods avaliable to you. If you pledge on a tier that includes the game, no worries, you will definitely get it DRM Free in some form.

  • Consoles maybe?

Whoa. That would be awesome! But we cannot promise other platforms other than PC/Mac/Linux. Its usually not super easy to get set up for console making or something like that, specially in a country like Colombia. But we will do everything in our power to make it happen n_n.

  • You already won a contest, why making an Indiegogo campaign?

You can read our answer in the "Why Indiegogo?" section of this text.

  • You just couldn't write it up again, could you?

Well... yep. (''n_n).

  • If you don't reach the funding limit, what is going to happen?

Two things mught happen. One, we may have to reduce the scope of the game, and two, it will probably take mor time to finish, since we would have to work part-time in other jobs to survive.

But we are still going to finish this game no matter what, so every contribution is worth it to at least gauge interest over it, even if we don't reach out target funding. And who know, even if we don't make it, it might help us to get funds from another source n_n.

  • What will happen IF you reach the target? Any stretch goals?

If we reach the target we will be very happy of course \(^_^)/. But we are NOT going to make any stretch goals. The reason is we already have defined the scope of our game and how we want it to be. Trying to promise you for new features just for the sake of it sounds weird for us, not our style. And since we are pitching the whole project to potential investors (for the record, you are the "potential investors" n_n), we are not going to add more design fluff to something we consider as complete.

Any extra money will be used for our future projects, and possibly for helping out our Latin American community of game developers, in some way or. But that would depend a lot of the amount we raise. We are not expecting too much money, just enough to cover our project (n_n)b.

  • In The Terminator movie, what would happen if John Connor never sends his friend back in the past, so it becomes his father so he can be born and then send his friend back in the past again?

We... have no idea actually. But when we get a time machine we will test the experiment and tell you all about it! If we don't blow up the universe that is \(^_^)/.

Poltergest: even more concept art!


If you like what you see in the video and campaign, please support us and share with others d(^o^)b! We would really appreciate any contribution from you.

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$25,000 USD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign did not meet its $25,000USD funding goal by the deadline.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 14, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    "Little Ghost" support!

    We thank every little ghost supporter! You will receive our big thanks and: ● A digital postcard ● A digital wallpaper

    2 claimed
  • $10USD
    "Gamer Ghost" support.

    This is the game, DRM free for you to play! You will get: ● The game DRM free ● A digital postcard ● A digital wallpaper

    16 claimed
  • $15USD
    "Ghost reader" support.

    You like to read stuff? Good for you! You will get: ● A digital PDF manual of the game. ● The game DRM free. ● A digital postcard. ● A digital wallpaper.

    1 claimed
  • $20USD
    "Haunted Ghost" support.

    Like some spooky sounds? You will get: ● The Poltergeist soundtrack. ● A digital PDF manual of the game. ● The game DRM free. ● A digital postcard. ● A digital wallpaper.

    8 claimed
  • $30USD
    "Deluxe Ghost" support.

    You can't get more deluxe than this! This tier will get you: ● A "Making of Poltergeist" video. A special video/commentary where we we discuss the creation of our game n_n. ● The Poltergeist soundtrack. ● A digital PDF manual of the game. ● The game DRM free. ● A digital Postcard. ● A digital wallpaper.

    3 claimed
  • $70USD
    Your name in the game!

    In this special limited reward, you will have the Deluxe tier plus: ● Your name (or a name you choose), will appear, randomly in the various levels, representing a character waiting to be scared in the game's manor!

    3 out of 30 claimed
  • $100USD
    "Jewel Case Ghost" supporter

    Everybody likes jewel cases! You will receive everything in the Deluxe tier and "Your name in the game!". Plus: ● A mini DVD physical copy of the game in a jewel case. This includes the game, "making of" video, OST and everything of the previous tiers.

    3 out of 12 claimed
  • $150USD
    "Super Boxed Ghost" support

    You want big bad boxes huh? These really special editions will include everything from the Deluxe tier and "Your name in the game!". Plus: ● A special physical retail package that will include everything in physical format. This includes a mini DVD with the game, "making of" video and OST, and the real physical instruction manual for Poltergeist.

    1 out of 4 claimed
  • $350USD
    The three Ghost musketeers!

    This is one of the best tiers! You will get all of the previous tiers, including the physical box, plus: ● You will also be able to take part on the game! You, or anyone else you want will be recreated in pixel form and will be included to be scared in a secret level inside the game.

    1 out of 3 claimed
  • $700USD
    Help us design a boss!

    This is the best of everything! You will get all of the previous tiers (except the "The three Ghost musketeers!" tier), including the physical box, plus: ● You will help us design a new boss character (a special character found in the last level of an era)! We are still missing a boss in the modern era (1990 -2010 era). This will be your time to help us set a new boss for the game. You, of course, will be credited for the design/idea of the character.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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