Polaris 7th Grade: Honoring The Peacekeepers of Chicago

The Polaris 7th graders are on a mission to honor "Peacekeepers of Chicago" while creating PSAs that campaign for a city-wide "Day of Peace" to stop violence.

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WGN News Cover Story:

We were just on featured on WGN Chicago News.  Check out the story at the link below:


Who we are:

The fifty seventh graders of Polaris Charter Academy, located in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, are on a mission to bring peace to their streets.  After researching our neighborhood's frightening gun violence statistics, students feel compelled to send a message to their community that addresses the topic and proposes a plan for action. Students are spearheading  a service project that explores this important question facing citizens of Chicago: Who is responsible for gun control- people or government?

Our plan:

Through community partnerships students discovered the power of active citizenship, and how creative arts can influence the public and make social commentary.   As stewards of peace, we plan to create four video Public Service Announcements(PSA).  Our PSAs will compel the citizens of Chicago to participate in a "Day of Peace" on Monday, June 10th.  On our Day of Peace we will ask that community members to rally together for 24 hours of no violence.  In addition, students want to promote an event on the Day of Peace where Chicago citizens get to know their neighbors and celebrate the culture and pride of their neighborhood blocks.  Our PSAs will also communicate the need for more alternatives to gun and gang violence.  Our ultimate goal is to have our Alderman present our work to Chicago's City Council.

As we interview "Peacekeepers" for our PSAs, we want to honor those individuals by professionally publishing a book  titled "Peacekeepers of Chicago."   In this book, students will write biographical sketches that inform our community of the inspiring work they do to make our community safer and stronger.  In addition, students want to study the art of portrait photography.  A beautiful, professional portrait will accompany the Peacekeepers' biographical sketches.  As poets,  students will include their own peace poetry and portraits- as a symbol of our united effort to improve the culture of our community and bring peace to our streets.  Copies of our book will be donated to Chicago Public Libraries, and other organizations and classrooms that promote peace in our great city. 

Your generous donation will help provide: 

Production and distribution of our PSAs, stipends for experts, computers and publishing software, portrait cameras to learn photography, professional publishing of our book, mobile/ outdoor movie and audio equipment for use at our "Day of Peace" event, and transportation costs.

Team on This Campaign: