Polar - A short film

A dangerous killer on the loose. A boy being interrogated by agents that will stop at nothing to prove that he is their man... Even if he isn't.

The Story

POLAR is the story of Quinn, an 18 year old kid accused of three brutal murders and thrown into a world of never ending interrogation. Ruthless government agent Nichols will stop at nothing to get his confession, whether Quinn is guilty, or not. 

The people behind Polar.

Jake Rains (Writer/Director) 

Jake has wanted to make movies since the age of five. He was always getting out the old VHS recorder, and creating his own tv shows for his family. It was only a matter of time before he crafted a feature for himself. Jake also runs the wildly popular online internet radio station South Lemon Radio, which has seen its own fair share of success.


Mandy Suing (Producer)

Mandy has been a part of the theatre community for over 14 years now. With her understanding of acting technique, and task management skills, Mandy ensures this project will not only get it to the finish line, but surpase it in many ways.


We're looking to get at least $4,000 to create this short film.

The money will go directly into production of the film by way of:

  • Equipment rental
  • Sets
  • Props
  • Makeup
  • Post Production

This alone is worth more than $4,000, but we are going to make it work. We don't want to ask for more than we need, and we know we can create the film for this amount. 

The Perks

Of course, we don't want to leave out the fact that you get some pretty sweet kick backs for helping us out and becoming part of our team!

Everyone gets a copy of the flick. Think of it as a Pre-Order!

Then the more you give, the more involved you will be. This isn't just a film, it's a social experiment of sorts to see who can come out, and join in our vision. To bathe in our passion... That sounded a bit dirty, but trust us, we have good intentions. 

What if you don't get fully funded?

Simple... We're going to still make it regardless! 

You can rest assured that your investment in our project gets fully utilized. 

If we don't get the amount we set out to get, we'll fund the movie another way... We assure you this film will be created.

I can't afford to help.

Hey, no hard feelings here. We completely understand. If we were made of money ourselves, we wouldn't be looking for investers here... But everyone can help out in some way. You may not have anything to spare, but you most likely know people who do. So please help us out by sharing this page with your friends, following @SouthLemon on Twitter, and by liking South Lemon Studios on Facebook. The internet is the world's community, and through community, we can bring this project to life!



Team on This Campaign: