Poikos: Personal body imaging and measurement

Digitise your body and measurements, just using the camera in your smartphone, tablet or PC! Enter the matrix with just a webcam!
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Scan your body, through the device that you're reading this on.

  • Measure your whole body
  • Track your fitness over time
  • Find or create products perfect for you

YOU were meant to fit in this world. 

With instant 3D body scanning, you can track your health as never before, find and source clothes made for your body and have a virtual avatar that is exactly YOU.

How to digitise your body in seconds

1. Launch the application on your device (PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone), and enable your camera. Fit yourself or friend into the outline; two photos are taken automatically, when in the right position. 

2. The photos are then uploaded to the cloud, and automatically processed by a sophisticated algorithm we've created, in just a few seconds. This process separates person and background, and finds the body underneath (reasonably thin) clothing.

3. A unique 3D model is then rebuilt of the person scanned. This is presented as a 'mannequin', or an avatar, along with over 100 body measurements.

So simple, yet so many uses!

  • Finally, find clothes that really fit. Plug your measurements into partners to discover the perfect garment for you!
  • Be part of a new wave of customised goods and services for everyone!
  • Track your body & workouts! Motivate & Measure real improvement!
  • 3D Print a mini version of yourself!

We're constructing so much more than a measurement widget - we're building a network. 

Imagine a simple, digital “passport” for your 3D body measurements. Tweet 

  • Plug it into any range of service providers that you choose (from e-commerce, custom-fit or health). 
  • Keep control over who can see what. 
  • Instantly customise your preferences, with just a click of a button.

We stand for revolutionary access to personalised goods and services


Why do we still live in a world where people (many of them children) slave away to make cheap, disposable clothing? Much of it just ends up dumped, since by the time it's been made and shipped, fashion has already moved on.

Why is all of it made for some mystery standard person, who doesn't even exist, that doesn't match anyone very well?

Poikos believes in being able to quickly pinpoint your 'Goldilocks Garments', perfect for you.

Why is it that only the richest of people can afford to enjoy the comfort and privilege of personalised goods, such as clothing?

Poikos believes in a world where we can celebrate what makes us special. We believe in being able to actively choose those goods and services personal to us, at a price that we can all afford. 

Why try to fit into anyone else? Be yourself! Vive La Différence

We stand for revolutionary access to health

"And would some Power the small gift give us 
To see ourselves as others see us!..." -Robert Burns

Changes in the body can sneak up on us slowly before we realise. See if your body is heading in the right direction! 

Our founder was trying to lose weight, and was curious about her true progress. She began scanning herself week by week, and used Poikos tech to predict her future body (better or worse based on current trends). 

Being able to see potential futures objectively gave her lasting motivation to lose more than 15kg over 5 months. Simple awareness of our body leads to much better health outcomes. Tweet

Health professionals tell us we can go further. Body scanning can be applied to:

  • Epidemiology - Population studies
  • Diagnosis - Risk factors, deformity & posture detection, endocrine issues, metabolism
  • Diet & Weight - Helping to treat obesity and Diabetes Type II
  • Fitting - Supportive apparel, casts, prosthetics

We enable tracking of every aspect of the body shape and size, both internally (volume) and externally (measurements). This can enable a much more full and accurate estimation of health over time than crude rules-of-thumb such as BMI. 

Great health cannot be expressed in just one number. Tweet

Poikos GATs - Global Anthropometry Tools

GATs enable you to analyse and make sense of your data.

Share your information securely with those who help you to manage your health.

See how your body stats and health progress compare anonymously against the results of others in your area or demographic. Or, choose to go head-to-head with a friend or team!

We stand for creating a positive impact on humanity

We are determined to use this technology to help improve our world by supporting powerful new innovations.

We've been inspired to work towards improving the lives of 1 billion people over the next 10 years.

We're searching for partners in the social and charitable sphere who can apply our technology and expertise to help improve the world in collaboration with us.

Please get in touch with us if you share a similar vision of leaving a powerful legacy to the world. Nell's direct email: nell@poikos.com

Why we need your support today

After 2.5 years of tough development, our technologies for body measurement are almost ready. However, we now need to calibrate the system. We know that people expect accurate results, every time! 

We're inches away from the finish line. Our tech is proven. Final calibration on hundreds of early users takes both effort and money, because we need to do it fast but properly. 

We’ve invested more than $250k to get this far. We’ve won international awards for our unique approach to this age-old problem. Help nudge us over the finish line, and claim your place in history! YOU can make it happen!

Mmmm, perks!

To help to say 'thank you' for helping to get this out there, we have unique and awesome perks for you to choose from, from 3D avatars, to 3D-printed "mini-me's", to custom-fit clothing! Get yours, for as little as $25Tweet

For our custom-clothing perks, we've chosen to collaborate with two garment manufacturers who particularly inspire us:

  • PretCastle is a zero-waste manufacturer, which uses unique, breakthrough technology (Direct Panel on Loom) to enable garments to be created thread-by-thread, rather than cutting a pattern out of a roll of material. This enables not only waste savings of 15%, but also creates advanced customisation capabilities, such as varying material elasticity in different parts of the garment.
  • Bombay Shirt Company offers men and women the ability to design their own unique custom-fitted shirt. Choose everything from material and cut, to the finer details such as buttons, cuffs, and monograms. All of it is selected by you, made perfectly for you, and sure to become a treasured friend.
Both PretCastle and Bombay Shirt Company are examples of the sorts of highly innovative, socially-minded ventures that our technology can support in partnership, and with whom we are proud to build an ecosystem.

What your money makes possible

Here's what your money will be spent on, in order of priority and impact:

  1. Product development and calibration, testing and rapid improvement
  2. Securing an ecosystem of partners to plug measurements into
  3. Building an even stronger team, focussed on developing what users want

We're honored to be featured by:

 "...Revolutionary patent‐pending technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D"

 "...Partners within the health, bespoke wear, and e-commerce sectors, for a range of new capabilities across all industries."

 "...Advanced image-processing algorithms get to work to make this happen."

"...essentially, it's a 3D body imaging and measuring solution, with potential use cases for healthcare and e-commerce in particular."

 "Watson founded Poikos in 2010 with a few guiding principles: change the world through technology, lower medical costs, and create scalable infrastructure."

 "Nell started to monitor her own body over time. 'Because of that I lost 15 kilos in 5 months. It helped me getting to the perfect me.'"

"This is a really exciting company which started out in Birmingham Science Park and is now beginning to make a name for itself across Europe.” 

"...an extremely accurate model without requiring any additional hardware. In the longer term, the technology could be used in hospitals to accurately tailor drug dosages to a particular person."

 "We continue to be amazed at both the growth and strategy of Poikos, the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni led by Eleanor Watson."

 "First prize was claimed by the brilliant and visionary, Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson, CEO of Poikos for the award-winning measurement app." 

"Poikos gained quite some awareness within the European investors’ community, inspired other Start-ups with its spirit, elated lots of fans and, again won the first prize. Congrats!"

Want to cover our story also? Why not get in touch with us, or grab our Press Pack!

Who are we?

Why this matters so much to us

Our founder Nell Watson's original concept was to help increase the adoption of advanced, low-waste manufacturing methods that can promote the up-skilling of textile workers. This could then lead to a revolution in clothing, mass-customisation. This means being able to produce personalised goods for prices approaching what you pay for standard issue.

The missing piece is the ability to easily get the specification of a person, so that goods can be easily custom-ordered. Solutions for this have so far had serious flaws:

  • Manual measurement is difficult to do alone, expensive to have done by an expert, and highly subjective.
  • Body scanners are very expensive, bulky, specialist equipment. 
  • The MS Kinect (which our technology is forward-compatible with) is impressive, but not built for this purpose, and is not very portable. 
  • Measurement by camera alone typically requires an inconvenient known 'marker', such as an A4 piece of paper or similar, as a reference for size. 

Despite these problems, body measurement offers crucial benefit to a whole range of sectors; e-Commerce, Custom-fit, Health, and beyond. 

We set out on a mission to solve the problems of access, ease of use, and complexity forever. This was our vision :

  • Unlimited measurements: virtually the entire body can be measured, in any way you can imagine. Surface, cross sections, volumes of the body.
  • Ease of use: No restrictions by where you can get yourself measured, and no need for any specialist markers. 
  • Access anywhere: Have your personal body data accessible wherever, or for whatever you might need it (commerce, health etc), but only ever be accessed with your permission.

After 2.5 years of continual development we're finally reaching our destination!


Can you really do this? Yes we can! We've spent over 2 years developing this technology from scratch. It works well, and when calibrated, is ready for commercial release. 

Is it safe? Yes, it only 'scans' using information from your camera, it's as safe as any picture. It's also very secure in terms of security and data (see below).

How many times can I use it? For all of the packages in the perks offered here: As many times and as often as you wish.

So it really doesn't require any special hardware? Indeed, the standard camera in your laptop, tablet or smartphone is enough (bear in mind, it requires specific poses taken by the system itself, you can't just import family photos!)

What accuracy can I expect? After calibration, we see an optimal accuracy of up to 8mm for circumferential measurements (around the body), and 3mm for linear measurements (such as limbs). This depends on having reasonable camera quality, etc.

How do you scale the measurements? The tech makes an estimate of height, and then asks the user to check it. This provides a scaling reference, and is MUCH more simple than using a fixed marker.

What are the limitations? Currently, the technology needs 

  • Good lighting (bright, ideally not strong shadows).
  • A reasonably un-cluttered background behind the user
  • The user to be wearing thin clothing (ideally gym clothing or underwear) 
  • A decent camera (minimum 2 megapixels) is also required

Over time, we aim to roll out new techniques to further compensate for all of these factors.

How many measurements do you take? We can take over 100 body measurements by default, and can create extra, custom measurements upon request. Hands and feet are the most difficult measurements to capture, in general.

What about Data and Privacy? Everything is highly secured. All data is sent via secure SSL connection, and image data is never saved to disk, instead being processed on-the-fly and then immediately deleted. Data is only ever read by machine.

In terms of Data Protection - your personal data belongs to you. We safeguard that data on your behalf, and port it to whichever application that YOU may explicitly choose to share your data with. 

What are the general terms of use?

We're offering a special experience for people who back us today. You'll have access to special versions of our software, and will be treated to ongoing first-access to new features. It is our intention to provide gratis, unlimited scanning access to our backers (fair use applies) for a minimum of 12 months, and likely for much longer thereafter.

What platforms will I be able to run it on? 

  • PC or Mac with a Web GL compatible browser (Flash or HTML5) with a 2+ MegaPixel camera.
  • iOS- iPhone 4s and above, iPad 2 and above.
  • Android (coming 2014)

Is a demo version available?

In times past we offered demos of our old prototypes to the public. However, we have major interface and technology upgrades coming in the near future. We feel that the old prototypes honestly no longer do justice in accurately illustrating the power of the forthcoming commercial version of the technology, so we've taken them down for the moment, to make them ready for general release.

Any other questions? Please either leave a comment, or get in touch with the team.

Developers and Partners

We made this from the ground-up for other innovators to take it and build upon it.

As a developer or entrepreneur, take our open-source interfaces and craft them into your app or website. Everything is perfectly customisable by you. Create new business models, speed your customer journey, and leap ahead of the competition! Check out our comprehensive API docs, and consider early commercial integration of our technology via the $5k perk.



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    [FIRST 200 ONLY: $25 instead of $30!] Your own personal 3D Avatar with measurements, in seconds, on the device of your choice, any time you wish. Get 100+ accurate measurements, for health, retail, and custom-fit. Share or embed your personal 3D avatar, or download the data in an open format. [Includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and 3D Avatar]

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    Get in Shape!

    As with the $30 perk above, but with the extra ability to track how your body size and shape is changing over time also. Create your own idealised version of your own body, and work towards it week by week. Includes full body volume (internal) measurements, and access to the Global Anthropometry Tools as they become available. [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs]

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    One for you, one for a friend! The full $50 Health package above in two packages, so that you can gift one. [includes 2x of Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, and Health Tracker and GATs]

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    A Full-Colour 3D Printed 'mini-me' of you! Makes an amazing gift or keepsake. Approx. 8cm tall. [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, 3D printed mini-me]

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    A quality custom-fit men's shirt, created from your own Poikos body measurements, in partnership with Bombay Shirt Company (www.bombayshirts.com). [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, Custom Shirt]

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    Get Stylish!

    A quality custom-fit ladies blouse, created from your own Poikos body measurements, in partnership with Pret Castle (www.pretcastle.com). A range of styles is available. [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, Custom Blouse]

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    Get Couture!

    A quality custom-fit ladies dress, created from your own Poikos body measurements, in partnership with Pret Castle (www.pretcastle.com). A range of styles is available. [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, Couture Dress]

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    Get Personal!

    The personal option! Nell Watson will come to your city, take you out to lunch, and talk shop about tech, fashion, health, philosophy - you name it! She's happy to present something for you also! (Deal not inclusive of travel or accommodation). [includes Benefactor Listing and Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, 3D Printed mini-me, and a garment of choice]

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    Get Commercial!

    Early-adopter access to the Poikos API and open-source interfaces for commercial integration of our technology, along with a full Software Development Kit for Flash/HTML5/iOS. Embed Poikos tech in your Website or App of choice, and use it unlimited ('fair use' applies) for a whole 12 months! This is an extremely special one-off *huge* deal for those who share our vision! Get early access, and among first entry to market. This incredible deal is limited to those who pledge their support NOW!

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    Get Famous!

    We'll name our proprietary scanning algorithm after you and every time the tech is mentioned, your name of choice will be there! [includes Wallpaper, Body Measurements and Avatar, Health Tracker and GATs, Commercial access, an extra-special goodie pack, and a personal get-together to say thank you!!]

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