Pocket sized E-Mail server

World's first ever private e-mail server that fits in your pocket. Hack free and Rent free cloud storage.

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Think about it

Have you ever thought about your privacy?

Are you are aware of who is all spying on you behind you?

Your data is being watched by

  • Hackers
  • Government Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Mafias
  • Competitors


We are AirSpaceOne, and we have reinvented the technology of online communication and Storage.

With AirSpaceOne you can have your own private server and store all your emails and files in the privacy of your own home or office or Carry it anywhere!

What is AirSpaceOne?

It is the Ultimate New Era Technology to protect your Privacy with a Combination of Three Great Features -

1. Communication:  A Free web based Open Source Email client with Hack free security options like - Military Grade AES 256 Bit Encryption, Password protection for Outgoing Messages,etc.,

2. Storage:  A Free Open Source Cloud Storage  for both Web and iOS with High end security level same as our E-mail Client

3. Server: A pocket size Server with storage capacity up to 2TB which stores your E-mails and Files in your Pocket. There is no monthly recurring fee, which can be bought in outright purchase.

Comparison of AirSpaceOne with Existing E-Mail, Cloud storage & Data Servers.

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Features of AirSpaceOne

E-Mail (Powered by RoundCube) & Cloud

Demo of Basic Roundcube E-mail client Available here

  • Free, Open source and Ads Free
  • AES 256 Bit Encryption technology & Option to set Password for your messages and files, only you or recipient can read the content
  • Upload videos on the go. No more worries about limited space in phone / tablet, Instantly uploads all data to server and make room for more videos.
  • No size limit and waiting time for attachments
  • Disposable E-mail ids
  • Conversation mode
  • Advanced search options
  • Powerful  Spam filter
  • Minimalist design works faster in low bandwidth modes and bad internet connections.


  • Own server that can be placed in your Home/workplace or carry wherever you go
  • Plug and Play
  • Can be shared by 5 people at a time
  • Zero monthly fees. Outright purchase in affordable rates.
  • Supports up to 2TB Hard Disc, in which you can store around  300 high quality DVD movies, 250,000 songs, Millions of E-mails and Pictures.
  • Fits in your pocket (140mm*100mm*35mm), carry anywhere
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Built in lithium battery- 8 hours of video playback, Can be used as a backup charger for your Mobile Devices
  • Access data without Internet connection, Play videos while in Flight
  • Extreme durability and Maintenance free
  • It’s Green - Low power consumption,hardly emits heat - Prevents Global Warming.

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Demand and Command

It is an innovative customizing feature we are developing to LISTEN USERS, we strive to do what others don’t even try to do or probably never want to. Here’s how it works.

  • Users can post their demand in our D&C portal; it may be anything related to AirSpaceone.
  • Which in turn lets other users view, comment,  and enhance the demand.
  • If it is accepted overall by our members, we will implement it straight away;If there is no existing technology to fulfill the demand, we will try to invent the technology.
  • Most importantly, there will be no Fees to use this service!

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Customer Support

  • E-Mail Support within 24 Hours after bringing an issue to our  attention
  • Instant Live Chat Support  - Proposed : We would love to provide all our services for free, but some services need extensive man power. So, we are planning to collect a service charge of as low as 1$ per month for Instant Chat support and you can cancel this plan anytime.

Current status of the Project

  • The Core concept has been built up
  • Structure of web based client has been completed
  • Sample server has been manufactured; Phase one Testing has been completed including Wi-Fi, Incoming and outgoing connections, etc.,
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS is under development

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Why we are raising funds?

  • To build Encryption and Password protection
  • To develop iOS and Android App
  • To manufacture first batch of AirSpaceOne
  • To cover marketing expenses

Our Goals

  • US$ 50001   : AirSpaceOne will be Launched
  • US$ 100001 : A full fledged Chat Client with complete privacy


  • All perks are eligible for free international shipping
  • Usernames are subject to availability. Please send the required user name in Private Message. If username is not available, you can ask for a new username or Refund.
  • Embroidery design for T-shirts should not be bigger than 3 x 3 Inches. It can be your name or Company logo or anything goes.

Delivery Period

  • Usernames : Within 24 hours.
  • Final Product Delivery : Before February 15th 2014.

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Careers @ AirSpaceOne

Are you a Creator, Non-workaholic and Free thinker skilled in any of the following? Just write to us – info@airspaceone.com

  • Marketing
  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Management and Planning
  • R&D

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Refer & Win

We need your kind support to make this campaign successful. Kindly refer our campaign to as much as people you could and get 1 AirSpaceOne(2TB) for free.  Login with your Indiegogo id and grab your referral link just below the main video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How ASO is safer than other email and cloud clients?

A: Traditional email and Cloud providers like uses their own server in a place full of random people.  The chances are extremely high of your important files falling into somebody else’s hands. With AirSpaceOne you have your own private server that all your emails are sent to that is in the privacy of your own home or office only offering the people you want to have access to it.

Q: Do I need to continuously run my server to get emails? If so, what happens if the power goes out?

A: Yes, you need to continuously run your server to get emails. The server should be connected to a power source at all times in an uninterrupted way. But do not worry, AirSpaceOne servers have a built in lithium battery that won’t let the servers experience any down time due to power shortages. The lithium built in battery allows up to 8 hours of video play back.

Q: Is there any monthly or reoccurring fees?

A: Our email and cloud service is absolutely free. There is only a one time purchase cost for your own private AirSpaceOne server, and you can choose different plans listed in the “Perks Section”.

Q: Can AirSpaceOne have multiple accounts set up on one single server?

A: Yes, You can set up to 5 accounts per server.(We are working to add more accounts)

Q: Why do we need funds?

A: On Average we have to invest 50+ hours per week to get the project completed before December 2013. Funding helps ensure that we reach our deadline as well as making any enhancements possible.  Also, funding helps with marketing expenses to promote the product and ensure the first set of productions of AirSpaceOne servers.

If you have more questions just email us - info@airspaceone.com

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