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Aren't you bored of all the one minute games for IPhone and Android? Why does your smart phone CPU have 4 Cores if you can't put them to good use? Well, I want to change that! For almost a year I have been working on "Pocket Crusades", and now I need your help to finish this game!

With your help this beautiful real time fantasy strategy game will be released for IOS and Android.

What the game is about

Years after the last fight for "Ria Masa", the former human capitol which was completely destroyed during the battle, Orcs and Humans alike gained strength and will to rule the world of  "Asir'el" alone once and for all again. What started with a few incidents has become another big war which won't end until the sea turns red. 

Choose your side and lead your race into battle, to win the war and claim the land your own.


The Basic Human troops are quick, however, their strength can't be compared to a trained Orc. Human Hero's are focused on quick, heavy attacks that can end a battle with a single hit.

Even though they don't stand a chance against an Orc in a fight one against one, their building skills give them an edge. The human buildings are all about defense. Taking any of them down can take a long time.


The Basic Orcish troops, the Archer and the Warrior, are specialized on breaking bones. Their attacks are extremly dangerous, albeit almost everyone can run from them. The Hero's on the other hand are specialists in long distance attacks, except the "Tank" (1st from right), who is exactly what he sounds like. Extremly strong, with heavy defense.

The Orcish buildings are nothing against human ones regarding defense. However, they can be build extremly quick.


  • Two 8 level long campaigns  (Single player)
  • PvP multiplayer
  • Astonishing graphics for mobile platforms
  • 2 races to choose from (Orc and Human)
  • 6 heros (3 Orcs, 3 Human)
  • Leaderbords and archievements
  • Weapon upgrades, spells and much more!

The first level:

A short presentation on the first level. Pardon my english. Also, note that this video is already a few weeks old, and does not represent the current state of the game anymore. Most bugs you will find in there have been fixed and some graphics and models replaced or enhanced.

What I need...

Besides working on this project and being a student, I have been working part time the last years as a Programmer, so I managed to pay for most assets my own. However, I won't be able to pay for everything, especially licences, since they can be pretty expensive (See below). 
In addition, I don't think I can keep working for a company and working on this project while finishing my degree, so I hope I can raise enough money to focus on this game. Some costs involve:

... and what you get

A wonderful strategy game, optimized to be played on mobile devices. Easy to learn, dozens of tactics, spells, events and secrets. It's cute, funny, beautifully animated and gives you joy for hundreds of hours.


    I have put more money than I could afford, and more time that I have into this game for the last 10 months. The biggest risk for this project does of course involve money, as I won't be able to pay for the upcoming costs all by myself. If this project does not get funded it's unlikely that I will be able to finish this game, at least not with the quality I'm trying to archieve.


    3 $ - I'll tweet you a little message to show my appreciation! (Or mail you if you don't have twitter)

    10 $ - You'll get the game 2 weeks before everyone else does. Take advantage of it, and you might show up in the "Top Players" ranking.

    30 $ - Of course you'll get the game 2 weeks earlier too, but not only that. You'll get 100 Diamonds in the game, to unlock all the heros right at the start.

    100 $ - Your name will be listed in the game credits, show it to your friends and tell them that you made this thing possible! + Everything before!

    250 $ - Get the PocketCrusades Minispeaker, and enjoy the games music and sound in the best quality + everything before!

    500 $  - Wow! You'll get a phone or tablet case for the device of your choice! (Examples below)

    1000 $ - You are unbelievable! Of course you will get a case for the device of your choice. But not only that! Do you want to be in the game? You could think of an easter egg, I'd love to implement it! Or one of the figures in the game could have your voice, if you're not too shy! Just ask me, I'm sure we'll figure something out!

    5000 $ - What can I say, that's amazing! If you happen to be a developer, I'd love to give you the complete source code and all the asset's that I made myself! Of course only after I released the game.

    Other ways to help

    Visit the development blog
    and leave some input there, I'm happy about every message I get!


    The last days I received some questions and concerns, so let me try to clear some things up:
    Q: "Your lack of experience is concerning"
    A: I've been working as a Programmer for a big Company (AVL Group) for several years. I've been developing with Unity for over 3 years now, and have used several other engines before. I've graduated from the higher technical school of Kaindorf, and started programming when I was 11 years old. All in all, I don't see that I lack any experience.

    Q: "The budget is too low. I assume that means you will be working on it solo for half a year to a year?"
    A: Exactly. But, the budget is only meant to finance the final part of the development. Most assets, and all the previous development is on me.

    About the Developer

    I am Alexander Stacher, a 23 year old student from Graz, Austria. Besides attending University I have been working as a programmer for the AVL Group for the last years. 

    Ever since I have been a kid I've been developing games. It all started with RPG Maker (good times), and brought me here. 

    After working with Unity for severall years, and almost a year of developing Pocket Crusades, I'm willing to take it one step further, and fully focus on game development.

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    • $3USD

      A big thank you! You are great! I'll write you a mail, or tweet you to show my gratefulness!

      1 claimed
    • $10USD

      You'll recieve the game 2 weeks before the rest of the world to give you some advantage!

      2 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $30USD

      You'll recieve 100 Diamonds (enough to unlock everything in the game) + Everything before

      0 claimed
    • $100USD

      Be listed in the credits as a contributor to the game Show it to your friends and say that you made this thing possible. If they don't belief you, send me a message (tweet/mail with your phone number) and I'll call them to prove it! + Everything before

      0 claimed
    • $250USD

      Get the PocketCrusades mini speaker and enjoy the games wonderful music! + Everything before

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $500USD

      Get a "PocketCrusades" Phone or Tablet case - for the Phone of your choice! + Everything before!

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $1,000USD

      Holy Macaroni - Do you want to be part of the game? No seriously, if you want then one of the figures can have your voice! Don't like that? Want to be in the game some other way? Ask me! + Everything before!

      0 out of 5 claimed
    • $5,000USD
      Source Code

      Thank you so much! If you are a developer, I'd be glad to give you all of the code and self made assets a bit after the release (+1 month). + Everything before!

      0 claimed
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