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You can see here what we can do with no budget. Yes, the First Episode was made without a real budget. The props are not perfect, the costumes are not ideal, yet we poured our heart and soul into believing we are working with the real stuff.

...imagine what we could do with a proper budget.


Just so you know:

- Friends who donate  +20 USD will be able to see the episodes in advance, before anyone else!

- Also, for 20 USD you get the soundtrack of The Fallen Groom (Pilot Episode) and for 39 USD you get the soundtrack of the Entire SEASON!

- The First season will have 12 episodes of 20 minutes each that will feature a big story-arc

- The Episodes will be offered in a digital format, just like the Pilot Episode you just saw

- We offer TITLES in the credits along with Special Thanks on our Facebook Page!

- The SCRIPT for the upcoming 12 episodes is already written so we can start filming as soon as we reach our goal!

- The cat in the Pilot Episode is our cat, her name is Shanti (why do people keep asking that?!)

Here are some nice "On the Set" pictures for you!

Plustard and Johnny are investigating!


Directing is Dancing


CC stands for Contemplating Colors

Created By:

  • 20120318145206-wolfy3
    Andrei Constantinescu

    Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Composer, Video&Audio Editor, Choreographer, Special Effects and Makeup-Artist