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This campaign is about helping a U.S Veteran with his mysterious chronic belching that has haunted him for years.
Reginald Brown Jr.
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  •  This campaign is for Ron Johnson, a veteran, a senior citizen, and the one that matters the most, a human being. Ron Johnson has been belching for years and has not stopped since. He belches 18 hours a day Nonstop wherever he is or whoever he is around. He has absolutely no control over it. He's had to move neighborhoods because he kept his neighbors up all night. He's been to doctors , psychologist and etc.. but no one can help him. That's where we come in.
  • My name is Reginald Brown Jr. , I'm 19 years old and live in Tampa, Florida. When i saw his video online i immediately felt terrible and knew i had to do something to impact his life. His plea for help touched me significantly because i know what it is like to have a mysterious and rare illness with side effects. In 2011, I was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax (when your lung collapses spontaneously) and spent about half a month in the hospital in agony. Months after leaving the hospital i was fully back to normal. In 2012, my other lung spontaneously collapsed and i was back to hospital. Two years later I still experience side effects that doctors have not been able to explain. Because of my experience I have dedicated my life to changing the lives of those who are in deperate need of help.
  • Veteran Ron Johnson should not have to live the rest of his life with such a terrible side effect and with your help we can free him from his misery and change his life back to the way it was. Donating anything from a $1 to $1000 will help Veteran Ron Johnson take back control of his life. Be apart of changing his life.

What We Need 

  • The money donated will help Ron Johnson pay for medical bills as well as treatments for his illness. Our number one priority is finding a cure for his mysterious illness so he may live the rest of his life the way it was intended for him to live. He told me on the phone "It's Hell" living the way he does, no one should have to live like that. A portion of the money donated will also help him pay rent and other living expenses seeing as he has no source of income.

The Impact

  • This campaign is a necessity because without your help Ron will live the rest of his life in pain and sorrow. Try putting yourself in his shoes for one day and not wish someone would help you. Imagine going through your daily routine with his illness. Donating any amount of money means you just helped changed Ron's life for the better. Its time for the world to come together for change ; a change that will transform a mans life back to normal.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Feel free to use the Indiegogo share tools to help us get the word out ! Thank you for coming to this page and thank you to all of our U.S Veterans. JUST THINK WHAT IF THIS WAS SOMEONE YOU KNEW....OR YOU!

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