Please help us 'We need to study ENGLISH'

Do you know? We're mostly represented Thai children who can't use English. We're very poor and don't have a good English Class but we need it. Please help us.


Do you know? Thailand is the lowest country for using English in Living. Almost 80% of Thai People can't speak English. It's a big problem and longtime for solving it. So, we need to start and change this problem for our brighter future.


We can't use English to communicate!

In our country, we live far from the center of the city we live near the mountain and don't have a good education. When we grow with younger or youth, this is a big problem for us.  English subject is very bad in our hometown, we don't have a foreigner teacher who is a native speaker, no tool for help learning and make inspiration for us and we don't have time to practice both speaking and others. We're strong concern about that, because when I study in high school and university, we must be can't understand English and other subjects which taught in English. So this a root of a problem if we can't start to learn English when we are chilling.

We are good student in all subjects except English!

Do you know? In my hometown, There are many good students for all subjects.  They can get A and high GPA in high school and university but they have a problem with all English skill. They miss for their career path. They can't not apply to the company with required high score English. They can't apply and study in higher education with less English skill. So, we think if we can start for learning English now, we can solve this problem in the future. And this a great changing for us and my hometown. Please help me.

Please DONATE for us!

If you understand us, please donate for our classroom, books, all tools and opportunities for practice. We need all your kinds for help us.

This's our website for beginning our class in social online but it's not effect because we don't have internet and computer for entering it. Moreover we will try for learn and study ENGLISH because we known it's so IMPORTANCE for our world.


( We hope you are my best participant of our classroom and we are waiting you for being our teacher if you have free time and come to us. )

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