Please Help Save Our Puppy

Our Golden Retriever Ava was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and is slowly loosing her ability to walk. Help save Ava's life by contributing to her surgery.

Our 11 mo. old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, which means her hip joints failed to develop normally. The hip joint is composed of a ball and socket that are supposed to fit nicely together, but Ava's sockets are completely flat.  She is in so much pain that she has trouble standing up and difficulty walking. Her legs shake when she applies too much pressure on them and she sleeps all day after light excersize. 

We didn't put together her symptoms becasuse, like most goldens, she loves to play and always has a smile on her face. But when her legs gave out on a walk yesterday, I rushed her to the vet and got an x-ray. The results were heartbreaking and I am only now realzing the extreme pain she has been in.

To keep Ava alive she will need a total hip replacement. Without the surgery she will slowly become unable to walk.  

What We Need & What You Get

A total artificial hip replacement costs $5,000. THR has a 95% success rate (pioneered by OSU more info here). There are other less expensive corrective surgery options but their effectiveness is limited so we are not considering them.

100% of your money will go towards helping Ava survive, whether we reach our entire goal or not. We will try to do something special for anyone who contributes.

The Impact

Ava's life depends on this surgery. She is in extreme discomfort and it would be unfair and selfish to keep her around for our sake. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're not in the position to contribute, we ask that you share our story with friends and family. Indiegogo has some "share tools" that will make it easy to pass the message along.

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