Please help my brother with his medical expenses

My brother recently contracted flesh eating bacteria and has no medical insurance to pay the costly health expenses. Please help.
Laura Flenders
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
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Hey guys. Thank you all so much for your donations! But I have to admit that this all would not be possible if it wasn't for a great guy I met through Reddit. His name is Chris (Reddit handle Kings_Haven) and if it wasn't for this guy selflessly offering his time to set up a fundraiser for this cause then my family would have never set this one up for me. I respectfully declined his help but it was him who took the initiative and gave us the idea to use this site for our cause. My eternal gratitude goes out to him and he deserves all the credit for this wonderful idea. Thank you, Chris. You are a Saint among the masses!!



The back story

Hello everyone,

My name is Laura and I created this fundraiser campaign to help out my brother John, who on Sunday, 9/23/12, contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis, more commonly known as Flesh Eating Bacteria. He got this bacteria through a small cut on his right pinky finger after he put his hand in a koi pond to retrieve a football that had landed there.

Less than 36 hours later, John was in the ER with the bacteria quickly eating away his pinky and traveling up his arm. Ever since, he has been in the hospital undergoing blood tests and antibiotic treatments. John has been to the local ER, 2 doctors, a hand specialist, a plastic surgeon and an infectious disease doctor.

Recently he has learned that the tip of his pinky has turned gangrene and he will need a partial amputation. He has documented his experience and has received a lot of online support from the community. His album can be found here (WARNING: some of the images may be disturbing):

My brother has received tons and tons of support and kind words from other Redditors. He has provided an invaluable service to those that have shared his story, including many microbiology students who will be using his case in their studies and classes.

I have created this campaign in hopes of collecting donations to help pay down some of his medical costs. My brother has only recently elected medical benefits and does not curently have a policy with his insurance company. Therefore, all expenses will be out-of-pocket.

Each and every contribution will go towards the medical bills accrued during his treatment and rehab. My brother works as contractor and makes his money based on the hours he works. This unfortunate event has put my brother out of work while he is in the hospital and therefore has no income. Your contributions will greatly alleviate the financial stress for my brother and my family as a whole once he begins his recovery.

My brother right out of surgery

Our Campaign and Perks to you

We set our goal at $5,000. Every cent will go towards any medical bill generated from hospital stays, antibiotics, surgeries, ambulance rides.

As of the creation of this campaign, we are currently offering just one perk since money is tight for us right now.

1) $5 donation - You will receive a personalized email of appreciation and a shout-out post on this campaign's Facebook page

The best part of this fundraiser is that failure is not an option. Even if our goal is not met, the money generated will still go towards the cause.

The Impact

The real impact of this fundraiser is to show care and compassion to one individual that has done so much for his family, friends and everyone else around him. My brother is an invaluable aspect to my life and the lives of all he interacts with. Your donations will help him stay on track towards his life and career goals, while effectively diminishing extra stressors stemming from his incident.
Even $1 makes a difference. We can all remember a turbulent time in our lives where we desperately reached out to those around us for help and consoling. Please consider being that one person that can make a difference in another's life that was abruptly shifted off course.
Other Ways to Help
If your donation is not possible, you can help by spreading the word to others. Share this campaign fundraiser's goal on Facebook, Reddit, email or any other source of comunication.
Even your time reading into this means a lot to my brother, me and the rest of my family.
Thank you for your sincere consideration!
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