Please Help Me Save Jasmine

My best friend needs surgery, but I cannot afford to pay for it. Please help!

What's The Problem?

This is my best friend, Jasmine (and myself, the human). She has a polyp growing in her ear, which is causing disease in her ear, constant gagging, and gas trapped in her digestive system from the gagging. It has been caught early enough that her problem can easily be fixed with surgery. The only problem is, as a college student and someone newly on my own, even with a full-time job as a daycare teacher, I cannot afford the procedure alone. 

What You Can Do to Help

Since I'm in such a financial bind, the vets office made me a deal that if I can raise $1500 within the next week or two, they will perform the surgery and let me pay the remainder monthly. Any donation, large or small, would mean the world to me and to the life of my best friend.

The Impact

By having the money for this surgery within the next two weeks, Jasmine will be able to continue a long, happy, and healthy life with no permanent damage. By raising enough money in a short amount of time, you can prevent permanent nerve damage in her face or even death.

Other Ways to Help

Don't have money to donate? I understand, I'm in the same bind! But if you can share this page with your family and friends, it would be tons of help!

Thanks for your time!

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