Please Help Beau Bo

Beau Bo is is a playful loving almost 2 year old Great Dane but, he has been diagnosed with "wobblers disease" and could lose the use of his legs.
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Please help Beau Bo

Beau Bo is is a playful loving almost 2 year old Great Dane. However he has just been diagnosed with wobbler disease and could lose the use of his legs. 

As an active playful dog, Beau Bo loves to run and play with his friends at the dog park. The symptoms of this disease have had very ill effects, causing Beau Bo's legs to give way during playtime and ultimately limiting his exercise and friendly interactions. 

What causes the disease?

We don’t know yet what exactly causes the disease. Many people believe that there is a genetic basis for the disease, which may well be true, but the evidence for genetics is still not clear. 

What need's to happen

  • A new surgical treatment is now available for dogs with Disc-Associated Wobbler's Syndrome. This surgical treatment involves implanting an artificial disc (cervical arthroplasty) in place of the affected disc space. This is a less invasive technique with minimal risks and post-operative care. All dogs treated have displayed excellent short and long terms clinical results. Cervical arthroplasty can also be applied in multiple spaces and it is cost effective.
  • We need $7000 to cover surgery, medicine, vet fees.
  • Please either donate what you can our select one of our packages.

More About Wobbler Disease

Wobbler disease is a condition of the cervical vertebrae that causes an unsteady (wobbly) gait and weakness in dogs and horses. The term wobbler disease refers to a number of different conditions of the cervical (neck) spinal column that all cause similar symptoms. These conditions may include malformation of the vertebrae, intervertebral disc protrusion, and disease of the interspinal ligamentsligamenta flava, and articular facets of the vertebrae. Wobbler disease is also known as cervical vertebral instability, cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM), and cervical vertebral malformation (CVM). In dogs, the disease is most common in large breeds, especially Great Danes and Dobermanns. In horses, it is not linked to a particular breed, though it is most often seen in tall race-bred horses. It is most likely inherited in dogs, it may be hereditary to some extent in horses.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

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