Playground for Phumlani

Children living in Phumlani Village, Cape Town, South Africa have no safe place to play. Safe playgrounds help promote community and educational development.
Lisa Kramer
Cape Town
South Africa
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A huge THANK YOU for your support and donations! I never imagined this campaign to be as successful as it was - $3005!!!

I will continue to update and upload images during the building process.

We are building this playground for Phumlani!!!


Phumlani Village is the smallest township in Cape Town’s District 67, with under 5000 residents. Phumlani has an 80% unemployment rate, high crime rates, and prevalent gangsterism.

Hello, thanks for checking out my project! 

Who am I?

I’m an international student from the United Sates that traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to complete my final semester of college by studying abroad. It was always my dream to travel and have the opportunity to spend a semester in another country. Through my program, I have been volunteering with a local NGO called New Chapter Foundation.

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New Chapter hosts an after-school program for the children living in Phumlani Village. In any given week, New Chapter serves around 100 children in the community. New Chapter works to equip children with the skills and training they need to successfully carry out a life of meaning and purpose. Their motto is “Shaping the Journey of Dreamers”. Every day they work to do just that!


My Project Idea:

At my first visit to Phumlani, I played with the toddlers attending the local daycare. Some of them sat, digging in the dirt, while others ran around with various articles of trash. Even though the children seemed happy, I knew they deserved more. I believe that every child should have access to a safe, clean, and fun place to play. Immediately, I decided that I wanted to build a playground for the community that would reflect the ideas of the children.

In a focus group, I asked the children at the afterschool program how they would describe where they lived. Many of the kids were hesitant to answer. The resounding answer was, “boring,” but some of the kids mentioned words like, “shooting” and “gangsters.” I was surprised to hear their overwhelmingly negative responses to my question. It saddened me that crime is something that the children chose to associate their home with.

Playgrounds are not only fun, but also an excellent resource for community, social, and educational development! My goal is to assist the children of Phumlani in developing a positive view of their community. Through the building of this playground, children will have a monument in their community that they can call their own. I plan to do this by incorporating the children's ideas into the playground design.

Starting today, there are 16 days to donate in order to meet the project deadline. All donations must be recieved by April 30, 2013. Phumlani Village has very little resources and New Chapter is still a new organization. At Phumlani’s community center, there is a beautiful space for a playground to be built. On May 11th, 2013, I am going to break ground and begin to build.

Playgrounds played a fundamental role in my childhood, perhaps they were important to yours! Now, imagine growing up and not having a playground. For the children of Phumanli, this is a reality.

Please join me in creating a community playground for Phumlani!

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Playgrounds can be expensive! I want to use sustainable materials that have been recycled or re-purposed. I have a donation of tires. I set up a general budget, but hope to raise some additional funds for future upkeep costs. Safe playgrounds should be maintained every 3 months!

Working budget for a basic playground:

Materials total: $1,350.00
Labour total: $180.00
Tools total: $90.00
Miscellaneuos/ consumables total: $135.00
Grand total: $1,755.00

We have the volunteers! I've been working with a professional contractor to secure the design. The contractor and builders, members of the community, and other students, like me, will come together on May 11th to build the playground.


I've been working with the kids to determine the playground design features. I need to build a playground that holds integrity and fits within the needs of the community, without becoming a burden. I have a 12m x 12m area to work with. The playground should accomodate different age sets, features for both the 3-5 year olds and for the 6-10 year olds. (Designs will be uploaded soon).

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Right now, New Chapter is only serving around 100 kids a week. Creating this playground will help to create a sustainable program for the organization, as well as, the community of Phumlani Village. Upwards of 500-1000 kids could reap the benefits of having a playground.

If I don't reach the goal, a playground will not be built and their dreams won't be realized. The children need this playground to use as an outlet! I will still use the funds obtained towards creating a safer playspace at their community center but more funds = bigger and better playground. Because of the amount of children using the playground equiptment, it is necessary to use quality materials that won't break easily. Additionally, excess funds will be used towards playground upkeep and maintenance.

Ways YOU can help!

Donations! Become part of the building process! Check out some of the fun perks for making donations of 10, 25, 50, 100, or even 1000 USD! The US Dollar currently has a strong exchange rate to the South African Rand. Every dollar counts!

If you like my idea but you are unable to donate, that’s okay! There are other ways you can help. Word of mouth goes a long way, please share this page with your friends and family. Indiegogo has tools to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites!


Building this playground wouldn’t be a reality without the help from the resources at PlaygroundIDEAS – a nonprofit that has been building community playgrounds all around the world! Check out Phumlani’s playground profile and please show PlaygroundIDEAS your support!


New Chapter Foundation’s programming keeps the children off of the streets and engaged in learning through clubs and educational help and activities. Check out New Chapter’s Facebook page and show your support!



Thank You for Your Support!


If you have any questions or inquiries, please email



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    Making dreams come to life! For the extremely generous gift of 1000 USD, your name will be incorporated into the playground - designated as a key contributor. Additionally, you will receive a high resolution glossy photo, a Thank You letter from the community and a certificate of giving.

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