Play it Forward! - Help the World Play Movement tour Central America!

Uplifting and uniting people of ALL backgrounds and abilities through the power of play! Fostering connection by spreading acroyoga, yoga and creative movement!
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  • $5USD
    Every little bit helps!

    You're awesome for contributing!!! You just increased your Karma and put a meal in our bellies... we genuinely thank you for your support and the yummy locally sourced food it will get us. We'll give you a shout out on FB and love you forever! :-)

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  • $20USD
    Chuck some gas in our tank!

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! 100 of these perks will cover our gas for the entire trip! If you contribute towards our gas milage we will tell the world how grateful we are for your help with a post on our Facebook page, including a creative photo of us with Vanessa the Swedish Brick (our trusty Volvo).

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  • $30USD
    Brighten someone's day!

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! In return for this contribution we will find a way to make someones day, most likely by getting them upside down and giving them their first acroyoga flight experience! We will post a photo of it on our Facebook page and of course mention you in the post!

    7 claimed

  • $60USD
    Help us offer free workshops!

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! This perk covers us for 1 workshop which we will be offering for FREE to undeserved communities along our way. In return for supporting our acroyoga workshops we will send you a postcard from our current destination, plus post a video on our Facebook page of the students from our workshop personally thanking YOU!

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  • $100USD
    Truth or dare??

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! Truth of dare? You decide... This perk allows YOU to challenge US! If you choose truth, we will blog about whatever topic you decide. If you choose dare, we will take on whatever task you request of us (so long as it's physically possible). We will document these up on our website and Facebook page and we will of course mention you for giving us the challenge! You will also receive a postcard from us in the mail :)

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  • $150USD
    Win a video from our workshop!

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! In return for this generous contribution we will send you a video of the participants performing a creative process from one of our community acroyoga workshops on the Central America tour. The workshop participants will personally thank you in the video! Plus, you will be thanked by us in a post on our Facebook page, and will receive a postcard from us in the mail :)

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  • $200USD
    Win a private yoga class

    PLAY IT FORWARD!! If you are this generous we will repay you with a private yoga class taught by us :) Either by video, Skype, or if we are in the same area of the world then in person! We will also mail you a postcard from our current destination, personally thanking you :)

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  • $500USD
    A Flow dedicated to you!

    If you are able to donate this much, you are an ANGEL of Play! We will choreograph an acroyoga flow especially for you! Choose the song you would like us to use, and we'll film ourselves performing it in a special location along our tour !!!! We will send you the video as well as a handmade craft from a local artisan in Central America, and a postcard personally thanking you for your generous contribution!!!

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