Underground film that explores positive groundbreaking change in the world.
John Hartman
Denver, Colorado
United States
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Short Summary

Hello, My name is John Hartman. I have been making short films and features for over nine years.

For the best short summary: PLEASE check out the Planet Diva trailer/pitch in the link above.

Of all my films, Planet Diva has been the most well received, so I wish to take it to the next level and make it a feature film -- offering the ULTIMATE in Underground film that explores positive groundbreaking change in the world.

Here is a FULL QUALITY version of the trailer:   http://vimeo.com/27579904

"Life On Planet Diva" web series. These are supplimental short films revolving around Planet Diva:    http://www.youtube.com/user/LifeOnPlanetDiva/vi...

Low Cost With Epic Results

For principle photography, with epic results, I need 15k, as Planet Diva needs to be shot with super 16mm (real) film. Super 16mm film will achieve great visula quality, while still maintaining the gritty, grainy cinematic look, so popular with grind house films. Check the link below to see a trailer for a feature that I shot with my super 16mm Bolex camera...notice how improved the resolution is.

My Bridge Crusader Trailer (super 16mm) http://vimeo.com/27741873

About half of the $15k would cover the ULTIMATELY UNIQUE Grind-House props, wardrobe, and MACHINES! This film would not be the same without them!! Additional funds are required for some basic travel expenses and basic compensation required for the principle characters to take a leave of absence for 2-4 weeks of shooting.

If I do not secure $15k by the end of this campaign, I CAN STILL BEGIN FILMING WITH AS LITTLE AS $3k, which would fund 3-5 scenes that include a New England Diva Gang, a wooden covered bridge, and an abandoned fort along the ocean. 

In general, I shall work progressively as funds present themselves.

The Impact

Grind-House film uses exploitation, cheese and sleaze. I intend to use those components as devices to take the audience through a very freaky, weird, dark tunnel -- all so that the redemptive light at the end of that tunnel would be more greatly appreciated. I see no reason why we cannot make a grind house film that is way, WAY exciting but that is life affirming as well. I am not trying to reinvent the genre, but wish to inspire the audience with something that would take them to a place not yet visited -- a place of harmony and liberation that is reached through the bizzare. I think people wnat to be excited and laugh, but )on a deeper level) people wnat to feel and cry...to be moved by overcoming obsticals. I know it seems weird to attempt inspiring an audience through grindhouse, but I really feel it'll be "good weird" after the most original fashion possible. I promise to put my entire soul into doing just that.

The Story

Ten years pass after a biological war alters the "chakras" of the human race, metamorphosing women into the dominant sex. Most men become subservients to these divas. Resisting this global domination, however, are a chosen few who seek the powers of Gaia (Mother Earth) to harmonize the planet. 

When young Sandra is beckoned in a dream to seek Gaia, she and her companions break free of the Diva gang ruled by Sandra's sister, Vixenatrix. They are drawn into a world of tribal warfare, zombie attacks and sexual adventure. Along her travels, she meets Tovio (with the Reel Machine), Sergei, the tantric master, Melissa her sexy protector, and Trever a hard-core free man, and of course a multitude of Divas and sex-slaves!

Follow the story of Planet Diva beyond the limits of imagination and explore this orgasm of the senses in this Super8 masterpiece created by the weird and tripped-out mind of John Hartman. You'll roar with laughter. You'll tingle with titillation. You will cherish every moment of twisted harmony, which poured out of Hartman's head and onto the screen.

"Experience Planet Diva. An experience like none other."--REEL Zine

Other Ways You Can Help

Please consider spreading the word. Post this IndieGoGo campaign on your facebook page, and/or other related social networks.

WHETHER YOU CAN AFFORD TO DONATE OR NOT, YOU ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EXPERIENCE. We need extras and possibly a few more principle characters.

If you wish, come get dressed up, hang out in the plains of Colorado, or the ocean front of New Hampshire...or the Badlands of South Dakota...we need extras as divas and their submissives, or the few men who would dare resist the divas! To illustrate, see the link below, a short video covering a behind the scenes of one shoot day.

Behind the Scenes of Planet Diva http://vimeo.com/24272827

Please consider donating to our campaign via PayPal to help bring the Planet Diva feature to life! If you prefer, you can drop a donation in the mail and claim your gift:
   Reel Groovy Films
   PO Box 99
   Franklin, MA 02038 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Peace, John Hartman www.reelgroovyfilms.com 

 P.S. At the conclusion of this campaign, Planet Diva (31 minute version) will be going on sale at our online store for $12.95 +postage. If you are unable to contribute to the feature film fund to receive a copy, we hope you will consider picking up the DVD at the regular price. Thanks, Zee. www.reelgroovyfilms.com 

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    Planet Diva short and poster + Planet Diva feature + ALL RGF films + Special Thanks credit + Executive Producer credit + VIP admission to premiere and after party.

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