Plain Clothes - A Short Film

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  • $20USD

    An official production still from "Plain Clothes," signed by the writer/director, Sam Jaeger.

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  • $50USD

    An original Cast and Crew T-shirt designed by Sam Jaeger.

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  • $75USD

    An original Cast and Crew T-shirt, plus an autographed DVD of the film

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  • $100USD

    Your name in the credits under "Thank Yous," along with an original Cast and Crew T-shirt or DVD of the film

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  • $200USD

    Associate Producer credit, plus the official Cast and Crew T-Shirt and DVD of the film, signed by director Sam Jaeger

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  • $400USD

    Sam Jaeger (aka Joel of the TV show "Parenthood") will call and leave the following as your outgoing message: "Hi, you've reached Joel, Julia and (your name), please leave a message." In addition, you'll also receive the Cast and Crew T-Shirt and a signed copy of the official DVD.

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  • $2,000USD

    Lunch with Sam Jaeger at Universal Studios. Sam will escort you and a guest through the Universal Backlot in Universal City, CA, giving you an insider look at how "Parenthood" comes together. You'll also receive an Associate Producer credit in the film, as well as the Cast and Crew T-Shirt and signed DVD of the film! Note: There is a limit of only three contributors at this level.

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