Plain and Fancy Food

Founded by Evan Monaghan and Ashleigh Altemann, Plain and Fancy Food aims to bring tasty, homemade morsels to metro Detroit. Mobile kitchen in tow.
Ashleigh Altemann
Pontiac, Michigan
United States
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Like so many things, it began barbecuing in our backyard. Sitting around the firepit, enjoying the grilled fruits of our labor, and a thought: what if we started a food truck? Perhaps it was because, being late shifters, we found ourselves without any desirable options when we wanted someone else to prepare our dinner, that this thought lingered. It may have been because we regularly spent date nights experimenting in the kitchen, impressing ourselves night after night. Maybe it was because we wanted, and were ready, to do more than just punch a clock. It was quickly clear that this thought was not fleeting. This was a thought that demanded action.

Who We Are And What We Do And Why We Think We Can Pull This Off

Plain and Fancy is a collaboration between Evan Monaghan and Ashleigh Altemann, or Mr. Plain and Ms. Fancy respectively. Evan has nearly ten years experience in the restaurant industry, both front of house, back of house and management.

“I've worked hard making other people's food, but I would much rather work hard to make our food.”

Armed with 5 years experience at an internet marketing startup, and a bachelors degree from the College for Creative Studies, Ashleigh finds Plain and Fancy to be the perfect outlet for her many interests and talents.

“In college I found out I had a knack for food photography, I didn't really know how to cook at the time, but have since found I seem to have a knack for that as well.”

Turkey Burger


So, What is Plain and Fancy?Snow Storm

We are a mobile food establishment. (That's our “fancy” name. You could also call us a “food caboose.” Point is we're a trailer, not a truck). Our goal is pretty simple - good food, good prices, good times. To help us along the way we've got a sturdy flat top, a fantastic fryer, the good ol' grill, and to top it off, the supreme smoker. Hot damn!

Since that barbeque nearly two years ago we have been tinkering, creating recipes, researching, and planning. In early March we purchased the new Plain and Fancy Food Trailer from a nice gentleman in Nashville, Tennessee. And we promptly drove it straight through a snowstorm.


Now we just need the finishing touches.

A picture of our beloved trailer as it stands:Trailer Before


A little sketch of how we're planning to make this plain old thing a little fancier:Trailer After

What We Need to Get the Rest of the Way

Getting the old food caboose home is one thing, getting her ready to open is another. That’s why we need your help. Your contribution to this campaign will help us pay for some of the things we need before we can cook a single dish. This includes:

  • A generator
  • Two or three burner gas range and propane tanks
  • LLC Incorporation, business license, health department certifications, etc.
  • Meat-Grinder
  • Slicer
  • General kitchen equipment
  • Paint and other remodeling supplies
  • Opening food costs, Kitchen rental costs and other expenses


Those That Give Deserve Also, To Receive!

We are offering gift certificates redeemable at Plain and Fancy once we are rolling!

For contributing at any of our other perk levels, you will receive your very own Plain and Fancy keychain. Not only are these stylish accessories (would you expect anything less from Ms. Fancy?) but they will also unlock Turnkey specials once we open. For contributions of $20, we’ll draw something for you, Anything you want. And if you can’t decide, we’ll surprise you. Contribute $30, and we’ll send you a recipe, straight from the Plain and Fancy development labs so you can whip up fancy foods of your own! At $50 we’ll keep you clean when you’re under pressure with an awesome apron, designed and printed by Mr. Plain and Ms. Fancy. $100 get's you the whole kit and caboodle. Lastly, if you've got 25 friends (or acquaintances, co-workers, family, etc.) and $500, we'll bring the food to your hoppin' party.


You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Be Fancy!

What if you want to help but can’t contribute financially? We still need you! Help us with knowledge or tools. Got a good source for cheap restaurant equipment? Tell us where to find it! Know of a location with a lot of hungry people for us to feed? We’ll be there! And most of all, please be sure to tell all of your friends about this campaign and to like us on Facebook.

Thank you so much. With your help we’ll be serving up Oakland County in no time.

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  • $5USD
    The Early Bird

    You can have your cake and eat it too! We'll send you a gift certificate equal to your contribution, redeemable at Plain and Fancy once we open!

    0 claimed
  • $10USD
    The Turnkey

    Your key to unlocking periodic Turnkey specials. And it looks pretty sweet too. (Made by Ms. Fancy)

    1 claimed
  • $20USD
    The Starving Artist

    You tell us what, and we draw it. Can’t decide? We’ll surprise you! Oh, and you’ll get a keychain.

    3 claimed
  • $30USD
    The Day Job

    Now you can make fancy food at home! We'll give you a limited edition, numbered recipe printed in our very own sewing room/home theatre/art studio. And we'll throw in a keychain, just 'cause.

    3 out of 50 claimed
  • $50USD
    The Journeyman

    Get your hands dirty, but keep your shirt clean. We’ve got you covered with a stylish P and F apron, printed by Mr. Plain and Ms. Fancy. Keychain included, you’ve earned it!

    1 out of 50 claimed
  • $100USD
    The Collector

    You want it all, and you can have it. We’ll draw for you, print for you, protect your clothes and bling your keys.

    0 out of 25 claimed
  • $500USD
    The Gourmand

    Throw down some real money and we’ll throw down for you! A catered event for up to 25 guests.

    1 out of 10 claimed
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