A filmmaker goes undercover in one of the toughest grad schools in the world to pull off an outrageous social experiment.
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After witnessing an act of brutal violence, a filmmaker goes undercover in one of the greatest educational institutes of India to investigate the rising incidents of violence amongst some of the best minds in the nation. Four students agree to be filmed for a year as a part of this investigative experiment.

What follows is a dark yet fascinating journey through the celebrated hallways of excellence, carved by ambition and success- and those who pass through it must battle monsters; both within and without. What the world outside sees as success is only a grand start to the battle which lies ahead.  

As the camera follows them over a vast and varied landscape (from deep within the forests of the Parvati Valley to the cold desert plains of ladakh) and probes into the twisted mindscape, a new reality begins to manifest.

What seemingly starts as a controlled, guided experiment becomes a ride down a rabbit hole where reality is an infection. In that world... what could be a cure?

'Placebo' is a hybrid documentary born out of this journey. Currently in its last stages of production- Placebo is produced by ‘Storyteller Ink.’  

Directed by: Abhay Kumar

Associate Director and Creative Producer: Archana Phadke

Executive Producers: Anurag Kashyap, Guneet Monga

Associate Producer: Shaan Vyas

Music: Shane Mendonsa


The world of documentary is in a rapid state of flux today. Boundaries between fiction and reality are fast blurring. Using mixed formats of animation, visual art, narration, reality footage, archival videos; ‘Placebo’ demands for itself a completely new aesthetic. The above teaser is a small window into the world we are trying to bring to you from the other side of the camera.

As a viewer- it takes you right into the eye of the storm brewing up in an arena where the nations’ best minds are pitted against each other. Imagine ‘Alice in Wonderland’- only now it’s a documentary!

‘Placebo’- if supported to completion, also stands at the cusp of being a landmark project from India, in terms of how it marks a first of its kind collaboration between an independently conceived and executed film, being handpicked by a major player in the world cinema industry right now- AKFPL(Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Ltd), to help see it through the finish line.



Storyteller Ink. was born in the summer of 2005, when a lazy mass communication student couldn’t land up an internship for the end semester ‘Video Internship report’. He decided to make a film and submit it as his internship. A month later in a darkened college library, as light and sound flickered in front of a packed audience; he stood paralyzed, watching from the shadows. Within the intense stillness of his being, he knew his world will never be the same again.

Abhay met fellow Filmmaker and collaborator Archana Phadke while doing his post-graduation from Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. When Archana’s structured approach combined with Abhay’s hyperactive vision, things at Storyteller Ink started to get serious.

In 2011, they collaborated to produce the 50$ seminal short ‘Just that sort of a day’, which won the best film at Busan International Short Film Festival 2011 and the National Award for best narration in a non-feature film 2012 (click here for more details).

‘Placebo’ is the debut feature film from Storyteller Ink.

 Watch our previous award winning shorts here


We belong to a generation of film makers who could only find their space because of the power of the internet. Be it exposure to world cinema, new ideas and inspirations or basic troubleshooting – internet became our ‘go to’ person.

Today, in our endeavor to take what we have been doing to a whole new level, it is only fitting that we look to the Internet to make it happen.

As we share our project with more people and ask them to become a part of it, transforming  the film making process into a two way street rather than information, ideas and content flowing from just one end of the spectrum.

SUPPORT PLACEBO – Why the Money? And why now?

We are ready to bring the experiment to you now- as a feature length hybrid documentary.

However, to string together the final pieces of this ‘document of the hyper real’, we need your support.

After exhausting all possible independent resources at our disposal- we still need to finish the last production leg of the film.

Also, we need funds to kickoff post production, and to meet the high standards of independent production we have set up, to present the experience to you in its best version.


The film is now, a year and a half in production. We are at a stage where we need 40000$ in order to finish production and to kick off postproduction ( animation storyboards, hiring sound technicians and studios, kick starting the music)

You can now become a part of our team and help us in bringing the film to you. Your help will be channelized in making the best film we could make - without having to make any compromises in creative and technical requirements of the project.


Your support matters to us in small ways you can't imagine. If you like what you see share this fundraising page with your friends who are interested in donating. Spread a little word through facebook or twitter. Or just mention us casually :)  Any attention we can get is good attention.


We want you to know that your money is going to a legitimate cause. Feel free to send a message to the email below. Ask whatever questions you have! We want you to be confident that this contribution will be worth your time and money. We hope to see you on the other side of this journey :)

Here are some of the posters and preliminary artwork for the film (click on image to enlarge):

Placebo Poster Placebo Poster Placebo Poster

For more Placebo artwork view our gallery here


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