PixelInvaders - OpenSource 3D RGB LED Panels

Create a Video wall out of huge LED Panels.

What is Pixelinvaders?

PixelInvaders is an open-source hardware project for artists, geeks and YOU!

The PixelInvaders LED system consists of 3D RGB LED panels, that are capable of playing back real-time generated video animations or simple color changes.

Multiple PixelInvader panels can be connected with each other to form a panel of any size. The panels are based on the latest LED technology - besides low heat dissipation and long life, a panel may illuminate an entire room and consume less energy than a standard lightbulb!

PixelInvaders panels are perfectly used as effect lighting in clubs, bars, fairs, museums, on stage, in a lobby or in your living room.

The control software "PixelController" generates the video animation in real time. This has the advantage of video animations that are synchronized to music. PixelController is released as open-source project on GitHub.

What are you using the money for?

I'm running this Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to enable me to bulk purchase parts for at least 20 PixelInvaders DIY kits in order to offer you a great price. 

And after about 9 months of private alpha testing, I want a public beta test phase to get other ideas, to find bugs and maybe find one or more talented developer supporting me. Your pledge is what makes this project possible, I need your support!

What do I need to use the PixelInvader panel?

Besides a computer running OSX, Windows or Linux you need a 12V power supply and an Arduino compatible microcontroller board. I recommend a Teensy microcontroller board due to the performant serial throughput/latency. You may (re-)use an old ATX power supply as 12V power source.

What do I need to build the PixelInvader panel?

You need some cables, a cutter, a drilling machine and plexiglas adhesive like Acrifix 116 or Ruderer L530. And of course time and patience.

How do I control a PixelInvaders panel?

By using the Open Source matrix controlling software "PixelController". I published the source on my GitHub site, some features:
  • 17 video generators (plasma, images, blinkenlights movies...)
  • 12 video effects (inverter, tint, rotozoom...)
  • 12 video mixer (additive, multiplication, xor mixer...)
  • 4 video fader (slide in, fader, switch)
  • Multi platform, tested on OSX, Windows and Linux
  • Beat/Snare/HiHat detection
  • The fronted is coded in PureData, this means you can control your PixelInvaders panels by using a Midi device (for example MPD26), an OSC application from your iPhone/Android Phone or tablet or by keyboard and mouse.
  • Control the PixelInvaders Panel by yourself or let the application handle that stuff depending on its environment.


You will be sent a Paypal request for the postage costs just before shipping. Please do not add these costs to the contribution. 

Please note: shipping costs will be added based on location, but will be charged at cost and should be less than $25 for the "LED Pack" and less than $100 for the "Mini Pack" and "Complete Pack".

If you have any questions regarding this campaign, please feel free to contact me at michu at pixelinvaders dot ch.


My price calculations are done using Swiss Franc (CHF) as currency - maybe I can lower the price.


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