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What is Pivothead SMART™?
Pivothead SMART™ is all about getting the viewfinder out of the way. It's about remaining immersed in an experience.  It's about sharing real moments in real time.  It's about a revolutionary new modular design. It's about comfort and style. It's about time the camera evolved.

What can you do with Pivothead SMART™?

  • Share Your View - LIVE | live stream full HD video to web browser or mobile apps
  • Capture Unique POV Video & Images | full HD video : 8 mp stills : auto-focus
  • Add SmartMods™ | accessories that add power, connectivity, and apps
  • Store Memories | 16GB of internal memory : removable micro SD w/ mods
  • Recharge On-The-Go | interchangeable Fuel Mod : continuously replaceable 
  • Control Your Glasses Wirelessly | from your smartwatch, smart phone, & more
  • Get Notifications | configure audio & LED alerts from Pivothead & 3rd party apps
  • Quick Pairing | instantly pair via bluetooth with integrated NFC
  • Run Android Apps | develop and run Android-based apps on the Air Mod
  • Develop Something Awesome |  published SDK for developers

Pivothead SMART™ is launching on Indiegogo because it’s a great way to reach out to creative developers, wearable tech pioneers, and enthusiastic early adopters.

And so we’re making Pivothead SMART glassesSmartMods™, and a few other awesome perks available for people who are passionate about wearable technology and want to join the wearable imaging revolution.

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Pivothead released the world's first full HD (1080p, 30fps) video recording eyewear in July of 2012 - and we haven't stopped innovating since.  

Check out our existing set of products online at http://pivothead.com.

The Pivothead team stretches across two continents and three countries - including the US, Taiwan, and China.  With members located in Denver, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Shanghai, and Taipei - our team is diverse not only in our nationalities, but also in our strengths.  

All design, manufacturing, marketing, PR and sales are executed internally by a talented, young group of professionals.  We look forward to supporting you!

Since Pivothead's 1st generation video eyewear launched in June of 2012 we've had quite a wild ride.  Here are some of our favorite moments from the past 16 months.


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Pivothead SMART 3D Rendering

How does Pivothead SMART compare to our competitors?
Good question.
 We like to think Pivothead SMART fits somewhere in between pure wearable computing and box action cameras.  We've outlined the differences in a bit more detail below as compared to two other devices you might know.

SYSTEM Pivothead SMART* Google Glass GoPro Hero3 Black
Processor ARM ARM ARM
RAM 4GB 1GB 4GB (we think)
Native Memory 16GB (15.5 usable) 16GB (12 usable) none
Modular Design SmartMods™ no no
Expandable Memory Up to 32GB with Micro SD (with Mods) no Up to 64GB with Micro SD card.
(Heads Up Display)
LED Lightguide Prism HUD none.
CONNECTIVITY Pivothead SMART Google Glass GoPro Hero3 Black
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 LE Bluetooth 4.0 LE no
Wifi Yes (w/ Mods) Yes Yes
NFC Yes (w/ Mods) no no
USB Micro USB / OTG Micro USB Mini USB
Live Stream Pivothead LIVE / RTSP | PAL | NTSC / 1080p (w/ Live Mod) Only via Google Hangouts / Motion JPG / 720p. Video preview only /  HLS
Audio Out  In / Out 3.5mm stereo jack (w/ Air Mod) USB Mono Earbud / Bone Conductor  No
Voice Input Mono 44.1 kHz mic (Eyewear)
In / Out 3.5mm stereo jack (Air Mod)
Microphone / Bone Conductor  mono 48 kHz mic, 3.5 mm mic input
GPS  Yes (w/ Air Mod) No No
VIDEO & IMAGING Pivothead SMART Google Glass GoPro Hero3 Black
Image Sensor Sony 8MP CMOS
(3264 x 2448 pixels)
(2048 x 1510)
(4000 x 3000 pixels)
Max Video Resolution 1080p @ 30fps 720p @ 30fps 4K @ 12 fps
Focus Modes auto / macro / fixed
fixed fixed
Image Capture Mode Still / Burst / Timelapse Still Still / Burst /
Timelapse / Looping
BATTERY & CHARGING Pivothead SMART Google Glass GoPro Hero3 Black
Replaceable Battery? Fuel Mod™ no yes
Continuous Full HD Video Recording 180 mins 
 w/ single Fuel Mod™

No Full HD
(~15 mins 720p)
120 Mins
Charging Method micro USB cable micro USB cable mini USB cable
OTHER AWESOMENESS Pivothead SMART Google Glass GoPro Hero3 Black
Is it waterproof? Water-Resistant. nope. If inside a properly sealed case - yep.
Does it have an SDK? yep. yep. nope.
Will I look kinda silly wearing this on my face? nope.  you'll look amazing. yep. a little. definitely.

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Pivothead SMART™ Eyewear.  
Classic design combined with cutting edge technology.

  • Frame | lightweight impact-resistant Grilamid™ TR90 : comfortable & flexible
  • Lenses | polarized smoke-grey : photochromatic : prescription compatible
  • Image Sensor | 8 Megapixel Sony CMOS : 3264 x 2448 pixels
  • Memory | 16GB internal memory :  2 hrs of full HD video : 16,000+ 8 meg images
  • Battery Life | 1 hr continuous full HD recording : thousands of photos 
  • Wireless Control | configure, control, & download media via Bluetooth 4.0
  • LED Light Guide | power & memory status : remote notifications 

Pivothead SMART glasses are available in two styles - the Colfax or the Teller.
Both models have the same feature set and are prescription-friendly.

  • Photchromic Lenses | clear in the office or at night : tinted in bright sunlight
  • Half-Jacket Lens Frame | stainless steel, Mad Men friendly
  • Adjustable Nose Pads | because every face is different
  • Polarized Lenses | smoky grey for that icognito look
  • Full Jacket Frame | rugged, solid, flexible
  • Rubberized Nose Pad | so they don't fall off your face, people.

Soon after we launch Pivothead SMART we plan to offer a full line of accessory lenses. So far we've gotten quite a few requests from everyone.

The following lenses will be available for both the Teller and Colfax models. 

  • Photchromic Clear to Grey | standard on the Colfax
  • Polarized Grey | standard on the Teller
  • Polarized Amber 

Have suggestions? Shoot us an email. 

HUDs (Heads up Displays) have potential. We know this. But for now they are awkward looking, a barrier to social interactions, and a huge drain on battery and processing power. Pivothead devices are designed for content creation - not content consumption.  Our focus has to be on the one thing that makes Pivothead SMART™ so practical and useful for everyday life - superior imaging quality.

While we prefer pairing our glasses with a smartwatch or smartphone for instant preview or playback functionality - we also understand the power of notifications.

And so we created our LED Lightguide as an alternative to a full-on HUD.

Here's what the Light Guide will support at launch:

  • Eyewear Status | check power, memory, and operation status
  • Capture Status | know when your device is recording or streaming

Here are a few things we hope the community creates with access to the LED Lightguide and the Pivothead SDK.

  • Notifications | get sms, facebook, twitter, or other app notifications
  • Assisted Sight | applications for the visually impaired
  • Location Based Alerts | turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps (example)
  • LARP Games | find out when someone nearby is trying to assassinate you
  • Surprise Us  | please - developers - show us what you can do

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Pivothead SmartMods™ (patent-pending) are modular accessories that add advanced features and functionality to any pair of Pivothead SMART Eyewear. SmartMods™ were designed to address a few key challenges of any smart glass technology - the continual need for more memory, power, and connectivity. 

There are currently three SmartMods™ in development for the first generation of Pivothead SMART - the Fuel Mod, the Live Mod, and the Air Mod - each with unique features and functionality.

  • Fuel Mod | continuously recharge their eyewear 
  • Live Mod | stream Full HD (1080p) video
  • Air Mod | install and run Android OS apps on the glasses

The Fuel Mod is a rechargeable power pack for Pivothead SMART Eyewear.  
Out of battery? Pop in a new Fuel Mod.

  • 1000 mAh Battery Pack | triples battery life : hot-swappable
  • LED Charge Indicators | remaining charge status 
  • Micro USB Charging Port | convenient to charge from any device
  • Charge Anything | use to charge your glasses or even other mobile devices

The Live Mod - as its name implies - gives users the ability to share what they are viewing instantly to anyone, anywhere - in full HD (1080p, 30fps). Doing something amazing or just need remote assistance? Share your perspective instantly with the Live Mod.

  • LIVE Stream | full HD RTSP / NTSC / PAL live stream to web, mobile apps & more with SDK
  • Stream To | Pivothead LIVE web, mobile, or desktop apps : SDK
  • Stream On | stream for hours or days with Fuel Mods
  • WiFi | 2.4GHhz : access stored media : stream live HD video locally or remotely
  • Micro SD Card Slot | SDHC (up to 32 GB) : hot-swappable
  • Indicator LEDs | power level : charging progress


The Air Mod is revolutionary. 

Running Google's Android OS, the Air Mod is a playground for Android developers to create smart glass apps and install them directly on the device.  The Air Mod is full of features and has the processing power to run advanced analytic-driven applications.

  • Android OS | deploy an Android app directly on the Air Mod
  • Processor | Dual Core ARM Cortex A7 1.3Ghz
  • WiFi | access stored media : view & download files
  • Bluetooth 4.0 | device pairing : remote control : photo sharing : audio
  • LIVE Stream | live stream to web, mobile apps & more with SDK
  • Sensors | 9 axis gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer : GPS : NFC
  • Micro SD Card Slot | SDHC (up to 32 GB) : hot-swappable
  • Audio | built-in-speaker : stereo audio in/out jack
  • Indicator LEDs | power level : wifi strength : programmable (via SDK)
  • Microphone | 3.5mm audio in for external microphones

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Pivothead SMART is the first wearable technology ever to offer 1080p, 30fps live streaming. Combined with our true point-of-view advantage, SMART opens an entire world of opportunity for people and businesses to share never-before-seen experiences in real-time.

  • share what you're seeing in real-time to friends, families, or fans
  • share simply by sending a link (http://live.pivohtead.com/example)
  • share over WiFi or Data Hotpots
  • record your live-streams for later recall

  • embed Pivothead LIVE functionality into your own app with the Pivothead SDK.

LIVE Point-of-View Sports Entertainment

LIVE Point-of-View Music Experiences

LIVE to Learn

LIVE to Experience

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Pivothead mobile & desktop apps enhance the SMART experience - allowing users to connect to, control, and interact with their Pivothead SMART glasses from any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Use your Android, iOS, or Windows smartphone to live stream, control, and download media from your Pivothead SMART Eyewear.

  • Wireless Configuration | wirelessly configure your Pivothead SMART Eyewear
  • Pivothead Live | share what you are seeing - live - with the world
  • Remote Control | simple remote control of your Pivothead SMART Eyewear
  • Media Backup | download your media to your local device
  • Social Sharing | share to Facebook, Twitter, and all your favorite social networks

Use your Mac, Windows or Linux computer to manage, control, and download media from your Pivothead SMART Eyewear.

  • Remote Control | simple remote control of your Pivothead SMART Eyewear
  • Wireless Configuration | wirelessly configure your Pivothead SMART Eyewear
  • Pivothead Live | share what you are seeing - live - with the world
  • Social Sharing | share to Facebook, Twitter, and all your favorite social networks
  • Media Backup | download your media to your local machine

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With Pivothead's Live Streaming, adjustable image and capture settings, LED notifications, and wireless connectivity the potential applications for integration with 3rd party software and hardware are endless. 

Are you a developer? Have an idea of how you could use Pivotheads to make something amazing? Create your own SMART App with the Pivothead SDK. 

To help get the ideas flowing we have put together a few examples of how developers might use the Pivothead SDK to develop apps to enhance daily living for Pivothead Smart users.

Have a question about developing for Pivothead SMART? Send us an email at indiedeveloper@pivothead.com or visit our indiegogo.support.com.


Let's face it - Smartwatches are hot.  And there are few (if none) hotter than the Omate® TrueSmart™ Android-OS smartwatch.  Our dev team has been working closely with Omate® to develop a smartwatch app to tightly integrate Pivothead SMART™- and it's sweet.  

Whether you use an Omate, Kreyos, or any other open smartwatch, the Pivothead SDK is going to give you the ability to integrate your Pivothead SMART™ Eyewear to your smartwatch.  

What for?  How about remote control?  How about live preview of the image or video you want to take?  How about mind-control?  Ok - that last one was a bit over the top. But you get the point.  It's awesome.

Pivothead's patent-pending dual-gesture control can use a combination of optical or motion-triggered events - from a combination of devices - to do something awesome. Pivothead SMART™ is the first product designed to include this technology - and we can't wait to see what developers can do with it in its final form.

In the meantime, access to the Pivothead LIVE RTSP, NTSC or PAL stream or the Pivothead AIR Mod's Android OS will allow developers to use a combination of video analytics and gyro/accelerometer access to create never-before-seen gesture-driven applications.

Pivothead LIVE - a standard unfiltered 1080p RTSP, NTSC or PAL stream - will enable a wide variety of Assisted Site & Object recognition applications an ecosystem in which they can flourish.

Lost in a new city and can't orient yourself? Use Pivothead LIVE to recognize street or mass transit signs, integrate with Google or Apple Maps, and use Pivothead SMART™'s LED Lightguide to get back on the right track.

QR & Bar Codes are everywhere - from airports to grocery stores to airplane factory floors. The potential for on-the-go recognition of quick-reference standardized marks extends from personal to professional - and we can't wait to see how Pivothead SMART™ developers will be used with this technology.

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Pivothead perks will be delivered starting December 15th, followed closely by our developer packages. First delivery of Pivothead SMART™ eyewear is scheduled for the middle of April 2014.

We’ve had some great suggestions from our contributors and they’re so good we are going to use some for our referral program.  We want everyone to get involved and be rewarded for sharing our campaign so we are giving you more for doing less. You can even get a free Totally SMART Pack (MSRP $649) just for sharing.

* no purchase is needed to win!
* limit one reward per user

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