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A beautiful full color print newspaper and digital magazine for people with dirt under their nails.
Rochelle Greayer
1,314 Facebook Friends
Harvard, Massachusetts
United States
2 Team Members

Pith and Vigor is a flesh and blood newspaper and a digital magazine.  In its printed form it will be a full color tabloid (11 x 17 inches) sized publication with lots of illustrative art, seductive photography, and quirky creative layouts that celebrate the grit and spirit of gardening. Subscribers will have digital access to every story. 

Our quarterly printed newspaper is available through retailers, our advertisers, and by subscription across the country and around the world. 

Who is Behind PITH + VIGOR?

Co-founder and Editor of the wildly popular Leaf Magazine, garden designer, and author, Rochelle Greayer, is the editor and mastermind behind PITH + VIGOR.  Leslie Bunnell and Kate Freeborn(graphic design) , Anne Marie Dorning (Editor) and Kelly Fitzsimmons (Photographer) as well as a small army of contributing writers, other photographers and artists are coming together to produce this publication, and share it with an international audience of garden enthusiasts.  

What's In A Name? 

“PITH and VIGOR” is thought to be the etymological root of the saying “piss and vinegar”.  Where with the latter, we mean that something is a bit of a firecracker, PITH + VIGOR meant something a little different.  The PITH, being the central cylinder of the stem, is the essential heart of a flowering plant. It is a source of strength, vitality, VIGOR.  You can’t logically have the latter without the former.  But if you did have VIGOR without PITH (as the original was perceived to mean) it would be like strength, with an absence of fear or concern. PITH + VIGOR - believing that nothing can stop you. 

Why It's Important?

We (the greater gardening community) need a media outlet that shares all the great stories and adventures that are part of an emerging gardening culture in a way that helps build local communities, excites newcomers, and helps nurture and encourage a budding interest in growing and gardening.  

PITH + VIGOR will be a garden publication that is real and seductive, and it will celebrate and educate those with dirt under their nails.  But we won’t take ourselves too seriously; we are also working satirical and humor stories, personal essays, and garden writing that frankly doesn’t look or sound like garden writing. 

It will be modern and beautiful and local – because all gardening is local. 

You want to know why it’s a newspaper? Because no one needs another magazine in the pile and any gardener knows that there are no less than 50 million ways (we exaggerate...a little) to re-purpose a newspaper.  In fact, every issue will feature a clever new way to re-purpose your copy of PITH + VIGOR.

What do you get?

Subscribe!  - Subscriptions in the USA are $32 - that is 4 issues delivered directly to your door.  We also have options for a two year subscription and for delivery to addresses outside of the USA -- pick your preference. 

Cultivate Garden Style Package  At the same time that issue # 1 of PITH + VIGOR was released, editor Rochelle Greayer's debut book, Cultivating Garden Style  (Timber Press, September 2014)  also be made a big splash.  Just like PITH + VIGOR is a newspaper without equivalent, this is a gardening book like no other.  This book will help you create a garden that perfectly suits your style and will surely be a reference for years of garden making to come. (wanna know more about the book? -- check out the trailer here).  A subscription + book package  gets you the book (personally inscribed by Rochelle) as well as your P+V subscription delivered right to your door.  It is a great gift to yourself or your favorite garden lover. 

Advertise in PITH + VIGOR - We have a full suite of options for anyone who would like to advertise their garden business in PITH + VIGOR.  The lowest cost option is a listing in our community marketplace and then there are lots of choices for bigger spaces too.  If you need help designing something we can help you with that too (not included in the price). 

The Impact

A media outlet, that aims to help an emerging and growing community find its voice and bearings so that it can flourish, helps everyone. 

Readers will be inspired, encouraged and entertained.  Business partners will participate in and invest in a much needed resource that promotes the industry and in return promotes their business.  You need only to look at some of the same inspirations we look to.  The Edible Publications have been one of the main catalysts for a burgeoning local food culture and likewise we hope to do the same for a growing garden culture, our supporters and readers.   

Collectively our team has a proven track record of launching magazines that quickly grow to reach millions of readers, designing gorgeous and artistic publications, and launching successful businesses. 

The Future & Challenges

Our challenge it to continually grow readership and distribution as well as constantly building out a better and better website hub.  We need to constantly widen our circle of business relationships.  We will also need to continually seek and produce the best stories around.   Over time we will be recruiting regional editors to help us increasingly localize the publication and our plan is to tackle one region at a time.  

Our ultimate goal is to have PITH + VIGOR distributed to anyone who wants it and to make it available through all the best most interesting independent retailers and garden suppliers across the country and internationally.   We are always interested to hear from you about your fabulous garden related business.  

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't subscribe, there are still ways that you can help support us!

  • Post a link on your Social Media platforms to get the word out to your contacts
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Get in touch and let us know if you have any creative ideas, shops, makers, gardens, gardeners or stories we should be writing about!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  ~ Rochelle, Leslie, Kate, Anne-Marie, & Kelly

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