A SILENT FILM FOR THE MODERN DAY...A hapless handyman unwittingly unravels a ponzi scheme in his pursuit of love...CLASSIC SLAPSTICK FOR THE NEW CENTURY!


“Follow the old dramatic principles, but adapt itself to a new medium… make a train of thought visible enough to be photographed.”

                                         - Cecil B. DeMille


Ladies and gentlemen...

Hello, my name is Eric Rino. I'm a filmmaker from Los Angeles, and first off I'd like to thank you for visting our IndieGoGo page! If you haven't had the chance, please make sure to check out the video above. It's a wonderful taste of what's to come. "Like us" on Facebook, and stay tuned for updates on our page throughout the month. You'll be seeing much more of these faces! 


A little context about me for you non-video watchers...

When I was seven, my dad brought me to the old Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax Ave. to celebrate Buster Keaton’s birthday centennial. I was enthralled by how funny and poignant this silent, silly, little man was, and how everyone still loved his flicks after all these years.  I will forever look back at that night as the moment I knew what I was to do with my life: make movies people will appreciate for a hundred years.

I love silent cinema, the grace, the humor, the history. That's why I want to start there, where film is at its most basic, most elegeant, and where I know I can tell a great story passionately. PINEAPPLES is my love letter to early slapstick film. To pay homage to such a worhty era, I first secured a location that captured the essence and beauty of the 1920’s and 30’s (See: Exhibit A). Secondly, I put together the perfect cast and crew to tell this story (See: Exhibit B). 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Mark Duggar as THE MAN: A recent transplant from the stages of Florida, Mark is a living, breathing cartoon character.

Kristen Leigh as THE WOMAN: A model by trade, we are excited to have Kristen join us for her debut as our lovely leading lady.

Teddy Margas as MR. INBODY: Besides his roles in Kissing Darkness (2012) and Margaret Cho's Blind Dinner Party, Teddy is a hilarious and well-loved LA based stand-up comedian.

Stanley Knight as MR. FORSCYTHE: Our Bernie Madoff-esque antagonist has recently been featured in Burt Wonderstone (2013) and Someone Mary Bary (2012).

Frank Cermack as MR. TREADAWAY: A veteran of the stage, Frank is now a rising stand-up comic, placing 3rd in Funniest Comic in LA (2012). 


Here's what we still need...

I have done all I can to keep costs down; in addition to the location and cast, we already have a camera and some of the props. Although sound might not be a big concern for production, there are still many unavoidable costs. So, the only way we can make this, and make it right, is with your help!

We still need to rent/buy:

  • Two picture cars – 1932 Ford Phaeton, police cruiser
  • Another location – dark wood paneled office, clean finishing, 20's/30’s feel
  • Grip and Electrical equipment - lights, dolly, jib
  • Props - authentic pieces from the 20's/30s are hard to come by!
  • Set Decorations – furniture and other items
  • Construction materials – building sets
  • Costumes – vintage cigarette girl costumes
  • Make up – kit costs
  • Stunts –  pads and other safety gear
  • Web hosting/storage – yearly fees, site maintenance
  • Festivals – submission fees, translations
  • Food – we don’t just run off of passion


Getting funded...

If we reach our goal, we will shoot for 5 days in August, and have a funny and gorgeous film delievered to you by December as an excellent holiday treat! Then, next year, hopefully we're off to the festivals, both local and international. 

If we don’t reach our entire goal, we will make this film regardless, there's nothing that can stop us from that. However, to make it right, and to make it the love letter that it truly is, it has to be beautiful. Unfortunately, it costs a pretty penny to make things...well, pretty, but together we can do it! Let's make something great!


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