Pine Box Theater presents: 25 Saints

The story of a young man who wants a better life, and the challenges of fighting tooth and nail against his circumstances to make it happen.

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25 Saints: Against the Odds

Theater in Chicago is some of the most vivid, risky and honest work to be found on the stage anywhere in the country right now.  It is made up of small, storefront theaters, like Pine Box, who live to produce meaningful work purely for the love of the art.  We are dreamers in this world of dreams, and we truly believe we can make a difference by creating thater that challenges the audience to see their world in a new way.

The play 25 Saints is a unique glance into a harsh and cruel world; the meth labs of rural West Virginia.  Its a world of vice and corruption that Charlie, our leading man, is fighting tooth and nail against to make a better life for himself and the woman he loves.  But are there some circumstances we can't overcome, no matter how good of a person we are?  Can one person make a difference? This provocative play, written by Pine Box ensemble member Joshua Rollins, examines these difficult questions with the honesty and integrity reflective of the human spirit fighting to survive.

To breath life and voice into this story for the very first time, we need support from contributors, like you. With your contribution, we will be able to bring the world of this play to life, give our exceptionally talented cast and designers the resources to do what they do best: make art.  To do justice to the capacity for beauty that our artists are capable of, we need your help.  And even the smallest donation will make a difference.

What We Need & What You Get

With this campaign we are looking to raise $7500 to help fund our production of 25 Saints, opening this February in Chicago.  Every penny of this campaign will go to the logistics of creating a play; theater rent, costume and prop budget, dramaturgial support, even wood and nails to build the stage!

As part of your contribution, we want to invite you to be a part of this process.  Based on your level of donation, this means anything from a thank you in the program, to an invitation to the first fight call rehearsal.  You become a part of the Pine Box family.

While we hope to raise at least $7500, every penny raised regardless of whether we reach this goal will go towards making the best possible production of this owrk of art.  And better yet, since we are a 501(c)3 company, your donation is Tax Deductable!  A perfect end of the year gift to yourself and to us!

The Impact: Making a Place for Ourselves

The opportunity to produce original and personal work is invaluable.  The production of this play, having never been seen before, is akin to birthing a new voice into the art world.  At Pine Box, we care very deeply about the work we put out there, and we believe that our voice is a valuable asset to the Chicago community.

Going on our 6th year of producing theater in Chicago, we are at the crucial point of really trying to make a name for ourselves to reach more people with the work we do.  We have had great success with some of our past work, and are lucky to have some of the most talented artists in Chicago on our team.  Check out more about us by visiting our website www.pineboxtheater.org, to see our artist bios and past productions.

You Can Help!!!

Even if you can't donate right now, you can help us by spreading the word!!  Make some noise about our campaign, post the link on facebook, use the Indiegogo share tools, tell all your friends!  Everything counts.  We believe that what we do is truly worth it, and hope you do to.  We are placing our future in your hands, and couldn't be prouder to do so.

Team on This Campaign: