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Piglt wants to bring affordable and debt-free education to everyone and create a "home" for all education-related causes to easily raise money!
Casey Wallace
Small Business
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member


Piglt (pronounced ‘piglet’) --  http://www.PIGLT.com -- is “Education’s Entrepreneurial Piggy Bank."  No one should be discouraged from pursuing an education (and ultimately what they are passionate about) due to burdensome tuition costs and student loan debt. Piglt changes the way individuals and organizations (like non-profits) pay for or fundraise for education.  But we need your help to do that!  

What the Funds Raised on IndieGoGo Will Be Used For:

(1) To Grow our Team:  We need to hire a "Community Manager".  We also need to hire a "Business Development" manager to preach the benefits of Piglt to people and organizations -- help us get the word out!  Finally, we need to hire additional developers to help give our CTO a little bit of a break and to keep perfecting our platform.

(2) To Pay for Operating Expenses:  In addition to hiring key personnel (and creating jobs!), we need help paying for hosting & servers costs, attendance of events/trade shows, etc. 

(3) To Pay for Marketing and PR: We want everyone to know about Piglt!  

Why Should I Contribute to Piglt's Campaign?

Check out the video to see how Piglt is trying to help people improve their lives by funding educations and paying off burdensome student loan debt.

To recap, Piglt is already helping people use their skills to pay for their schooling or pay off their existing student loan debt. (Piglt also can be used by organizations to fundraise for education -- more on that below!

Piglt has two users:

"Dreamers" = Fundraisers


"Believers" = Funders

Dreamers offer incentives like skills or products (like t-shirts, original artwork, etc.) they’ve created in exchange for financial contributions from the community (friends, family, alumni, etc.).

Believers who are inspired by the Dreamers' campaign or incentive help the Dreamer pay their student loans (private or otherwise) or tuition.  

**Those financial contributions are sent directly to the school or the Organization, ensuring that all funds raised are actually used for their intended purpose.**

Piglt is different!!  Piglt does not obligate Dreamers to additional debt (in the form of lower-interest alternative loans) or to promise a percentage of their future income to investors. 

“It’s counterproductive and ultimately not student-friendly to indenture the Dreamers to further debt and financial uncertainty; there's a reason they are actively seeking financial assistance in the first place. They [the Dreamers] have already spent good money on their education and training and they should be empowered to use those skills to further their careers and better their lives,” says Co-Founder Casey Wallace. 

Piglt is already successful, but needs your help to keep up the good work!


Is Piglt just for individual students?  No!

Piglt is not just for individuals.  Organizations / Non-profits can also use Piglt to highlight the individuals they're impacting and the projects that make their organization unique to effectively and easily raise money.  Anyone with an education-related cause can use Piglt to easily and effectively raise money. 

“There are so many wonderful educational organizations that are unfortunately very underfunded, lack alumni participation, and generally need help raising addition money. We’ve created the perfect solution to help anyone fundraise, build a lasting support community, and improve the lives of people everywhere,” says Co-Founder Vidya Chokkalingam.

Is that all?  Nope!

Believers can also proactively create their own "Piglt Fund" (like a scholarship) for qualified Dreamers.  Not only can Believers use Piglt Funds to support certain types of students (say, fellow alumni with similar interests), Believers can also use Piglt Funds to find (and perhaps eventually hire!) people with specific skills, all the while helping those people to pay off their education-debt. 

In addition to helping Dreamers fund their higher education, Piglt’s hope is that the short-term exchange of services between Dreamers and Believers will lead to long-term employment or ongoing professional relationships.

Piglt is already getting some love!

Piglt was recently featured in Venture Beat

"Piglt’s goal is to try and minimize the debt as much as possible through creative, alternative forms of financing." - Rebecca Grant, Venture Beat 

As well as in PandoDaily, started by Sarah Lacy, formerly of TechCrunch. 

“Piglt is unique in its desire to create longer term relationships between financiers and those seeking backing. If anything, the model seems to be the most scalable and attractive from a societal good point of view.” - Pando Daily's Michael Carney

and The San Francisco Chronicle!

About the founders:

Piglt was co-founded by its CEO Casey Wallace and CTO Vidya Chokkalingam. 

Casey is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy -- meaning that he completed his undergraduate education debt-free by serving in the military after graduation. But when he married a lawyer with enough student loan debt for the both of them, he started trying to figure out a better way to pay for education. He wanted to create an entrepreneurial environment where anyone could use their existing skills and training to pay off their educational debt and pave the way for their future. Wallace has an MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Vidya is a graduate of Guindy Anna University’s College of Engineering and also obtained her MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University. Vidya has over 5 years of experience in education and technology development and is extremely involved in the start-up community in India.

Our Mascot, Finley -- the Irish Doodle!

(she's an Irish Setter & Standard Poodle mix)

Piglt is the best and easiest way to raise money for present or past education, network with members from your alma mater, find qualified candidates with specific skills, or fundraise for your organization or nonprofit. 

Piglt can be the answer to help solving the student debt crisis-- but we need help!

If I contribute, what can I get from you?

In addition to the satisfaction of helping get this awesome cause off to the races, we are offering the following incentives.


'I <3 Piglt' Sticker

Recycled Cardboard Piglt Piggy Bank (example only pictured)

 The Piglt Pad (size 5" X 8")

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This campaign ended on December 29, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Be a True Believer!

    Every little bit helps, thank you very much! We will thank everyone who contributes on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)!

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $40USD
    The Finley Express

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + a 5 X 7 print of our mascot Finley + (the picture below) + 2 'I heart Piglt' Bumper Stickers. Finley's picture makes a great conversation piece, stocking stuffer, or smile-producer!

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $60USD
    The Money Saver

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + 2 "I heart Piglt" Bumper Stickers + Piglt Recycled Cardboard Piggy Bank (example picture on the left)

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $100USD
    A Caricature of You!!

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + Digital Caricature by one of our founders. The caricature could be with either our Piglt icon or Finley!

    4 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $150USD
    The Piglt Pad

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + 2 "I heart Piglt" Bumper Stickers + 100 sheets of Piglt Stationary (size 5" X 8")!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $250USD
    Spend the Day with Us!

    If you're in LA and want to hang out w/ us we'd be stoked! We can grab coffee, go to Santa Monica Pier and beat you in air hockey, meet you at our favorite lunch spot -- the choice is yours!

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $500USD
    The 24-Pointer!

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + 2 "I heart Piglt" Bumper Stickers + Piglt Recycled Cardboard Piggy Bank (example picture on the left) + We will create a special page on our platform where your name will be immortalized in 24-point font, so everyone will know you helped make our Dreams come true!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $1,000USD
    The 48-Pointer!

    A Hand Written Thank You Note + 2 "I heart Piglt" Bumper Stickers + Piglt Recycled Cardboard Piggy Bank (example picture on the left) + We will create a special page on our platform where your name will be immortalized in 48-point font, so everyone will know you helped make our Dreams come true!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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