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Pigeon reinvents old school contact-form-makers. Create and make your forms the way you like them, with the style you like, and let us do the rest!


Web Contact Form reinvented for the
21st century pigeonapp.im

The Concept Behind

Hello folks, my name is Emanuele, I'm a web designer at Plastic Panda and I want to show you a simple idea that would make many developer's life easier.

Everytime you build a contact form for a website, something goes wrong. You can bet on it.

After spending a lot of work writing some server side code that should work in an unspecified language on a non-specified server and after losing a lot of time designing the contact email layout, emails still not showing correctly in some outdated client and you start immediately receiving tons of spam.

And to make matters worse your client often doesn't want to pay for this extra effort. It's not fair!

Solving the Problem

We are developing a very simple and powerful Web Service: Pigeon.

Using a simple Control Panel (or maybe in the future, the Public API) you can create a unique URL to be used as action in your form tag.

When your users submit such a form, Pigeon App receives the message and checks it for spam using the most advanced technologies available: Akismet, Barracuda RBL, Spamhaus SBL, Sorbs DNSBL. Not a single spam message will reach your inbox!

To prevent any message sent via Pigeon App to be flagged as spam, we also digitally sign all outgoing e-mail with DKIM and support SPF.

After the spam check, the message is beautifully paginated and sent to the recipient's inbox.

The Impact

In the last year I worked on different website designs, some were static generated websites, other complex CMS solutions.. and I have to admit that this engine make my day!

We need your help to bring Pigeon to the masses all over the world! Your contribution will be used for fixing the legal aspect of the service here in Italy (you have no idea how hard it is!) and to improve stability and reactivity. We are also planning to build an API infrastructure to easily manage and create forms directly from your App!

Your Support Matters

Our fundraising goal is 12,000 $

If you only want to support us, you can do this by donating 2,00 $.

After the campaign we will produce a video to personally thank everyone and you can become a part of this video by donating 10,00 $. We will ask you to make a simple movie clip!

We are also offering three different Unlimited plans only available for you here on Indiegogo. After this campaign you will no longer be able to submit one of this plan!

  • Unlimited Personal ( Early Bird 20 $ / 30 $ )
    This plan is made for everyone that need only one form, maybe for a personal website or an agency website. You can receive unlimited emails from this contact form

  • Unlimited Web Agency ( Early Bird 100 $ / 150 $ )
    This is a more structured plan created for small Web Agencies that need up to 10 contact form with unlimited emails

  • Unlimited Everything ( 650 $ )
    This is the all-inclusive plan made for bigger Web Agencies: unlimited websites, unlimited emails, forever!

We have also 5 premium sponsor position to fill in the homepage of our website. One of this can be yours for 1500 $!

Every kind of support

We know that this project is dedicated to web developer or designer, but we need the help of everyone! The most wonderful donation you can give us is spreading the word and sharing this campaign with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can also stay in touch with us filling the form on pigeonapp.im or you can write us at hello@plasticpanda.com

Team on This Campaign: