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Activist and photographer Jenna Pope needs your help self-publishing a photo book depicting protests and resistance from DC to Wisconsin, NYC to Turkey.
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We have reached the $15,000 goal, so the campaign has been successfully funded! Thank you to everybody who has contributed and shared this to help make this book a reality. Definitely keep the contributions coming until the end, because any extra money raised will go towards ordering more copies of the book!

I look forward to spending more time working on the book over the next couple of months in order to complete it by mid-February so I am able to launch the book around the three year anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising. If you live in Madison or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, be ready for a book-launching party where you will be able to pick up your book in person if you choose to do so!


In February of 2011, the massive protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker awoke me from my slumber and changed my life completely. I immersed myself within the front lines of the fight for justice and equality, and I haven't looked back even once. Fast forward two years and nine months and I am now living in New York City, traveling all over the US and internationally to stand with others who are striving for a better world. In the process, I have been arrested, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, hit with water cannons, and shot at with plastic bullets. I have slept on planes, trains, and buses, outside in the rain and snow, and on strangers' couches. And, everywhere I go, I have my camera in my hands. It has been an exciting, intense, and unpredictable journey where I am constantly being inspired by the people and movements I capture through the lens of my camera.

A photo of me on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. Credit: Tim Eastman


An Activist Armed With a Camera will be a self-published 8x10 hardcover book with approximately 100 pages featuring photos I have taken since February 2011. You will get a view into movements and protests over the past three years as seen through my eyes, as well as the story of my personal experiences along the way. The book begins with the Wisconsin Uprising in 2011, when Governor Scott Walker launched an attack on public workers and many other people in the state through his "budget repair" bill. The people fought back and we occupied our state Capitol for 3 weeks, and what began with just a few thousand people on the first day turned into 200,000 people marching on our Capitol at one point:

Wisconsin Capitol - February, 2011

Another section of the book will include photos from Occupy Wall Street, when thousands of people converged on the financial district in Lower Manhattan beginning on September 17, 2011 to protest social and economic inequality, among many other issues. I traveled to NYC at the end of September that year and slept in Zuccotti Park for about 10 days, capturing the movement, including the well-known Brooklyn Bridge shutdown where over 700 people were arrested:

Brooklyn Bridge Shutdown - October 1, 2011

Also included are images from the on-going Turkish Uprising, which began at the end of May 2013 when a small group of activists occupied Gezi Park in an attempt to keep it from being demolished in order to build a shopping mall in a part of Istanbul where green space is very sparse. The police responded to the protest with tear gas, water cannons, and plastic bullets. This sparked protests all over Turkey, and tens of thousands of people took over Gezi Park, completely halting construction in the park. I traveled there just a week after the protests began, and stayed for two weeks. I then went back again for 10 days in July:

Istiklal Street, Istanbul, Turkey - June 15th, 2013

An Activist Armed With a Camera will also include images from many other protests, such as the 2012 RNC and DNC, the 2012 NATO protest in Chicago, Occupy 1-year anniversaries in NYC, Chicago, and DC, Occupy Sandy (Hurricane Sandy aftermath/recovery), the March 2013 Marriage Equality protests outside of the Supreme Court, the 3-day March for Education Justice in Chicago, and the Forward on Climate Rally in Washington DC:

2012 RNC protests - Tampa, Florida

Occupy Wall Street 1-year Anniversary

Forward on Climate Rally, Washington DC - February 2013


What the funds will be used for:

  • The cost of self-publishing and printing the first order of books
  • The cost of post cards and prints for the rewards
  • Shipping expenses
  • The cost of traveling back to Wisconsin where I will have a book launch and organize and ship out the books (a small 5th floor apartment in NYC with no elevator isn't an ideal place to have over 100 books shipped to, organized, and shipped back out)
  • My time, effort, and love spent on putting the photo book together

*Since this is a fixed-funding campaign, I will only receive the funds if we reach the $15,000 goal. If the goal is not reached, then all contributors will receive their money back.


As with most things in life, unforeseeable obstacles and setbacks may come up. Although I plan to have the book completed by mid-February, since that will be the 3-year anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising, there is always a chance that it may take longer. I promise to post updates if any issues should arise, and will work my hardest to get the books, prints, and postcards out within a timely manner.


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    A postcard featuring a photo from the book with a thank you note. *Only ships within the US.

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    8x10 Print

    An 8x10 print of a photo from the book. Cost for similar-sized print on my website is $40. *Please add $15 USD to ship outside the US.

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    A hardcover copy of the BOOK! *Please add $50 USD to ship outside the US

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    The Bundle

    The megapack! Get a signed hardcover copy of the BOOK, acknowledgement in the book, a postcard with a thank you note, an 8x10 print, and an 11x14 print. *Please add $65 USD to ship outside the US

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  • $1,000USD
    The Bundle AND Meet with Jenna

    Get everything listed in The Bundle, PLUS you'll get your book hand-delivered by Jenna and you'll get to chat with her over a meal or coffee. *Only available to people in or near New York City, Washington DC, or Madison, WI. Feel free to comment with any questions you have about location.

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