Phenoh, Inc.

The world's first alkaline sports drink! Made with all organic ingredients and natural minerals to promote health and improve performance!
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  • $15USD
    The Drawstring

    For $15 you will receive your choice of a Black or Lime Green drawstring backpack designed by our power couple design team. Great for the gym, heading to the beach, or getting ready to go out!

    Estimated delivery: November 2013

    6 claimed

  • $15USD
    The Philanthropist

    For those of you who are feeling good! Donate $15+, get your name on our website, and receive a personalized email thank you from us!

    3 claimed

  • $25USD
    The Promoter

    $25 gets you a Phenoh 7.4 T-shirt or tank top of your choice. Choose from our fun selection of shirts and wear it proud! Don't forget to smile when you turn heads all around town. *Comes in both men and women's shirts (even though only the males are pictured). Make sure to tell us which style and size you want! (We will email you).

    Estimated delivery: November 2013

    26 claimed

  • $25USD
    The San Fran Local Special!

    Phenoh was born in SF, and we are proud of it! For SF locals, we are offering cases of Phenoh at a reduced price, and you will come claim your goodness at a meet up in SF where you can meet the founders, talk about the company, and hang out with other Phenoh lovers!

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    10 claimed

  • $30USD

    Get a case of 10 of the very first batch of Phenoh 7.4!

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    47 claimed

  • $35USD
    The Launch Party

    Join us to celebrate the launch of Phenoh! We will be throwing a launch party in San Francisco In March, 2014. So come meet the team, dance for free swag, meet other supporters, and have some fun with us! 21+ only please.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    5 out of 500 claimed

  • $50USD
    The Limited Edition

    Become a collector. You will receive 1 bottle from the first batch of Phenoh signed by the founders! Put it on your shelf and save it for its value or pop it open and quench your thirst!

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    5 out of 1000 claimed

  • $50USD
    The Gold Member

    Want to be remembered as a giver? Be listed on our website as a gold member supporter of Phenoh! So much good karma.

    3 claimed

  • $65USD
    The Die Hard

    Become Phenoh. For $65 you get it all. 1 case of Phenoh 7.4, 1 drawstring backpack, 1 reusable bottle, and 1 Phenoh Shirt of your choice. Rock on Phenoh lovers.

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    38 claimed

  • $90USD
    The Desire

    Want more Phenoh?! This package gets you 3 cases of Phenoh 7.4, enough to keep you going until we are in stores, and we will throw in a free Phenoh shirt of your choice!! Keep in mind that once you've tasted Phenoh 7.4, the desire never leaves.

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    21 claimed

  • $200USD
    The Love

    10 cases of Phenoh (100 bottles). This will get you lots of Phenoh at a great price! Thinking about selling Phenoh in your store? Maybe just sharing with your team? Get this package and spread the love!

    16 claimed

  • $350USD
    The Heavy Hitter

    200. Bottles. Of. Phenoh. There you go. The biggest bang for your buck. Get this package, open one bottle up and start drinking, cuz you'll be sweating when you're through shelving this! This is cheaper than you will ever be able to buy Phenoh in a store!

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    27 claimed

  • $500USD
    The Platinum Member

    We aren't saying that you can buy our love, or are we? Give a platinum donation and we will love you forever. Be listed on the exclusive list of Platinum support members Phenoh on our permanent web sight. And yes, you can remain anonymous too.

    10 claimed

  • $2,000USD
    The VIP All-Star

    Get VIP status for you and a guest at our launch party, and pop bottles of Phenoh 7.4 or any beverage of your choice with the Phenoh team in the VIP area. Plus, we have a special surprise in store for you at the launch party.

    Estimated delivery: March 2014

    0 claimed

  • $10,000USD
    The Ultimate Act of Goodness

    For $10,000 (or more!)- Your name on our bottle for an entire production run. A thank you plaque demonstrating your indescribable generosity. VIP status for you and your friends at the launch party. Welcome to the family.

    0 claimed

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