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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that companies struggle to find workers in the U.S. who can do basic math.  America's math illiteracy problem is confirmed by various international math test scores.  Sadly, American students rank below average on these international math tests. 

Phat Math shows students how math can be fun and easy to learn! This amazing social network provides free math homework help and more to thousands of students in US and abroad.  We need your help to make that millions of students!

Help make math free, fun, and easy for students in the US and around the world!


My name is Iris Mack. I grew up in inner city New Orleans. But with lots of hard work I eventually earned a Harvard doctorate in Applied Mathematics and a London Business School MBA. Throughout my career I've held a variety of jobs: MIT professor, Tulane University faculty, Energy Derivatives Quant/Trader, consultant, author, lecturer, entrepreneur - and even whistleblower (as described in this news clip).  A bit more about my work may be found in my bio.

When I was a student, I noticed that some of my classmates struggled with math and needed some extra support. But many could not afford it or it was not readily available. Hence. their obstacles in learning mathematics grew more insurmountable with each successive year. Poor understanding of math prevents many students from pursuing their dream careers and also impairs other crucial skills - such as logical thinking and financial literacy.

In 2002 I founded Phat Math, Inc. in Miami, Florida - with the mission to help students overcome math anxiety and gain confidence. I wanted to change negative stereotypes about math to show that it can be empowering and fun – like a hip-hop version of Sesame Street (as described in this 2004 press release).

Our social network has received quite a bit of national recognition, such as:

Thus far, students, teachers and parents have used to

  • Get FREE homework help for grades K-12 and College math courses 
  • Access 40 math chat rooms
  • e-collaborate with others around the world
  • Exchange information about internships and jobs
  • Share study tips for exams and homework
  • Learn about mentoring opportunities
  • Learn about textbook exchanges
  • Get private tutoring, exam prep and coaching


Thousands of students have signed up to our prototype for free homework help.  Now, we want to improve this prototype and expand our services - to promote math and financial literacy on a global scale.  

We are seeking at least $250,000 in the first phase of our crowdfunding.  These funds will be utilized to completely revamp the prototype of our social platform -making it more attractive, easy to engage with and better suited for students from different age groups.  In addition, some of the funds will be utilized to hire 24/7 online tutors to ensure that all posted math problems are solved in a timely manner

Phat Math plans to offer the following new content and add the following new services after the first round of crowdfunding: 

(1) Sell mathematics and financial literacy lesson plans to teachers via our company websites and via

(2) Collaborate with wireless device makers to transmit mobile content.  

(3) Sell merchandise: used textbooks, CDs, DVDs, class notes, dorm accessories, tutoring services, programming services, web development services, collegiate merchandise, etc.  

(4)  Publish Phat News– domestic and international campus e-news. 

(5)  Publish  Phat Advice - "Ann Landers-type" advice for students, parents, teachers

(6) Generate revenues via corporate sponsor ads and google adsense 

(7)  Provide products and services in languages other than English.

(8)  Hot career tips and advice: Resumes, Jobs, Internships, Consulting Contracts, (9)  A whole host of other global resources - right at your fingertips!


Our potential impact is HUGE. Our math social network can be helpful to all K-College students living in the US and abroad, who attend public and private schools, are homeschooled, disabled, etc. That is over 80 million students in the US alone. Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, and the general public can also engage and make use of our platform.

Please feel free to make incremental donations that suit your budgetary constraints: $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000..... Every little bit helps to make math fun for students and to train future math-literate educated professionals.  

Even if you can't afford to donate money, please donate your time by getting the word out about Phat Math and our campaign.

Thank you so very much!

Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA

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    (1) Mama says, ''Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!'' by Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA (2) Math Tutoring You will receive 2 hours of math tutoring from Ivy League educated mathematicians. The tutoring may be conducted in person or online - whichever the recipient desires!

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    Math Tutor + Energy Trade Book

    (1) Energy Trading and Risk Management: A Practical Approach to Hedging, Trading and Portfolio Diversification (Wiley Finance) by Iris Mack, PhD, EMBA (2) 8 Hours of Math Tutoring You will receive 8 hours of math tutoring from Ivy League educated mathematicians. The tutoring may be conducted in person or online - whichever the recipient desires!

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    Contribute to the Site Design

    If you wish to really make an impact and put some skin in the game, please donate $10,000+. In return, we will (1) Allow you to contribute to the design of the site. (2) Forever mention your name on a list of contributors on our site.

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