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Share a bright moment with your pet, from anywhere, at anytime! Available now on Amazon.com
David Clark
San Jose, California
United States
10 Team Members

You and your pet bring each other so many moments of pure joy.  If you could, you'd always be there to brighten each others day, but sometimes you're not able to be together.  Thats why we created the PetziConnect, a new way for you to treat your pet and share a happy moment together, from anywhere, at anytime!

Introducing the Petzi Treat Cam, Its simple, 

  • Download the simple to use app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Load your pet's favorite treats.
  • Then, from anywhere at anytime you can pull up the app to connect with your little buddy at home.
  • With the tap of a button you can see your best friend, speak to them and give them a treat. Creating a bright spot in each of your day!
  • Capture it all with photo or video, to create a happy moment in someone else's day by sharing with friends and family.

While science may explain why it makes sense, the mutually satisfying experience and heart-warming ray of sunshine that it brings to you and your pets day explains the PetziConnect. 

Simple to Use App

Intuitive controls allow you to interact seamlessly with simple and common-sense settings like audio, alerts and scheduling. 

Security and Peace of Mind

Transparent to the user, PetziConnect operates upon a 128-/256-bit encrypted, proprietary transport layer that blanket secures our three PZ modules - Portal (mobile or web), Cloud, and PetziConnect device. By building out the Petzila architecture from the bottom up, we ensure secure access and peace of mind at all times. 

Use Petzi Treat Cam to take your Pet Viral

Petzi Treat Cam

Stylish and smooth with rounded corners an HD camera and crystal-clear sound along with an easy-fill treat dispenser. It mounts securely and is rugged enough to take on Fido coming with a 12 month warranty.

Personalize your PetziConnect

Your new PetziConnect automaticaly comes ready for use with a white skin and now Petzila is offering optional decorative skinz! Each skin is easily removable for cleaning and interchanging to keep that fresh new look in any setting.

As an addtional exclusive perk for our Indiegogo contibutors each of you will have the opportunity to chose one additional skin for your PetziConnect at no charge!


Shipping is free within the US. International shipping is an additional $20 per PetziConnect which should be added to you contribution total. 

Why Crowd Funding

This section is typically about use of proceeds and the funds raised are important to bringing PetziConnect to market but that's not everything behind our decision to use this resource. There are many benefits to crowdfunding but first and foremost is that we at Petzila have the opportunity during, not after, the go-to-market process to interact with our customers. Without question, both PetziConnect the product and Petzila the company will be better for your input, suggestions and feedback. Ultimately, we are about the experience that our products create between you and your pet and that experience starts right here right now. With your help and our passion to get it right we will make sure that the entire experience is a smile! 

Petzila in the Press

What People Are Saying

"Petzila Waves Bye Bye to the Babysitter" - Marware.

"Beam me up, Petzila" - Paws Tech Magazine.

"Video Conference with your Dog ..." - Cult of Mac.

"Petzila – организуем «видеочат» со своим четвероногим другом" / "Organize a Chat with your Four-legged Friend" - Tech Touch.

"videochatten met je hond voor een koekje" / "Video chat with your dog for a cookie" - iPhone club.

"Petzila Allows You to Stay in Touch With Your Pet All Day" - TrendHunter.

"Petzila takes the Edge off Separation Anxiety" - ChipChick.

"Be Close to Your Pet While Away with Petzila" - Techmash. 


Address: 560 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95128, USA. 

Telephone: +1.408.236.7395




About Us


Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Petzila cofounders Simon Milner and Dave Clark both recognized the benefits of technology but realized how little technology there was related to something they both loved, their pets!

One night while out to dinner chatting and sharing pictures from their smartphones they inevitably came across pictures of their pets. Next thing they knew everyone wanted to see, even total strangers. Simon turned to Dave and said, "Ya know, why can’t we introduce our pets live and in real time with our smartphones?"

The wheels started turning ...

Both being veterans of companies large and small, new and old, public and private and both having brought products from concept to market that millions are currently enjoying today, it was a good question!

They were shocked when they searched for existing solutions and found none, with the exception of the larger home security offerings touting the ability to check on your pet, which they thought was great if you were watching the video stream while your pet walked by. But where was the interactive joy in that?

There had to be a way to get their pets on the net and create a truly interactive experience with a reward, a moment of joy? 

They thought...Heck if Pavlov could do it with a treat, why couldn’t we?

Many long conversations and lots of research later they both took the leap and committed full time to launcing the pet-tech revolution and creating what is now Petzila.

As an aside, the first night that Dave took home the PetziConnect initial prototype, not only did his dogs respond exactly as expected to his girlfriends voice (their real master) but upon receiving the dispensed treat the dogs were immediately hooked. Zero learning curve. 

Unfortunately, upstairs Dave’s girlfriend took to the experience equally as enthusiastically. Dave literally had to go downstairs and unplug the device so that he and the dogs could get some sleep as her phone battery was showing no signs of running out. That night one of the dogs actually slept downstairs by the unit:-)

The result of over 24 months of research and development is PetziConnect - the first salvo in the pet-tech revolution and just the beginning of the vision that is Petzila.

Come join us! Ohhh, and don't forget to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Petzila

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