Petty Thieves

She stole his heart. He stole her TV.

The Story

Petty Thieves (Working Title) is a short film about Sam, a burglar who falls in love with a woman based solely off of the possessions in her house. After discovering that a locket he stole from her has sentimental value, he attempts to steal it back from the criminals he sold it to. The film takes a comedic look at the sometimes dangerous lengths that Sam will go to in order to make amends for his life of crime once he sees the opportunity for a better life.


The Crew

Petty Thieves was written by Madeleine Cohen, Aaron Feldman, and Daniel Warth. Previously, Maddie and Daniel had collaborated on the short film It Won't Be Long, which is currently featured in the National Screen Institute Online Film Festival:

Here is the film's trailer:

"It Won't Be Long" Trailer from Daniel Warth on Vimeo.

Aaron and Daniel are both members of the comedy troupe The Wrong Box, for which they filmed many sketches, including "Baby Firefighters" and "Chainsawface":

Chainsawface from Daniel Warth on Vimeo.

Baby Firefighters from Daniel Warth on Vimeo.


Where We're At

Right now, we've got a finished treatment, a script in the works and pre-production slated for the fall, hoping to film in November. Petty Thieves is a very ambitious film with some very demanding scenes, including an intricate gunfight / car chase that serves as the film's climax. We've estimated costs for the movie to be around $20,000. We are hoping to raise a quarter of that cost through IndieGoGo so that we can get started with filming.

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