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The first Bluetooth Speaker made with a 50,000 year old excavated wood
Petite Square Team
Burbank, California
United States
1 Team Member

 "It's history melded with modern technology"

"BT speakers crafted from vintage wood"

"An elegant, powerful wooden bluetooth speaker"

  "the world’s first Ancient Kauri wooden Bluetooth speaker"

   "Petite Square: A Sleek Wooden Bluetooth Speaker"

  "It is promised to provide a high quality sound"

    "The simple and elegant design encloses a first-class sound quality system and Bluetooth features"

     "An actually different Bluetooth speaker" 





Born in a small family-owned woodworking workshop in Burbank, California, Petite Square is the result of utilizing unique craftsmanship skills that were passed from our past generations. Our passion of working with rare and precious woods took another phase when we heard and felt the harmonical beauty of a violin made with 50,000 years old Ancient Kauri wood. The prominence of the sensation was so substantial that we promised ourselves to bring the natural harmonical and aesthetical beauty of the Ancient Kauri wood to music enthusiasts. To achieve our vision we asked the help of a two renowned local sound engineers to develop the world's first Ancient Kauri wooden Bluetooth speaker.



Ancient Kauri is the oldest timber in the world that can be hand-crafted into wooden pieces of art. Native to New Zealand, Ancient Kauri has been preserved underground in a perfectly balanced bog environment. Coming from the Kauri forests that grew 45 to 50 millenniums ago, some of these Kauri trees grew for 600 to 2,000 years before falling from natural causes. Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature, the trees have survived the centuries underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition. Today, the Ancient Kauri logs are being extracted from the north island of New Zealand.

At 50,000 years old, this relatively rare, expensive, and captivating wood, predates the migration of Neanderthals, the arrival of Homo Sapiens, and all the cave paintings in Europe. In another words, when you hold a Petite Square, you are holding a piece of organic history




Contemporary, the element of being simple but beautiful. The element that our company is based on. The design was a very critical part of the process in bringing Petite Square to life. Complimenting Ancient Kauri's amazing history with today's design standards, we gave Petite Square straight rigid edges, making it into a perfect palm-fitting cube. Precision hand sanded straight and wide surfaces show the Ancient Kauri's beautiful grains, and brings the harmony between the modern minimalistic design and the history that each piece of Ancient Kauri tells.



Just as Petite Square's design is quietly admirable, the delivery of flawless sound from the 2" full-range speaker is equally impressive. Exceptional harmonical properties of Ancient Kauri emanate a rich high-fidelity sound with crystal clear details and warm bass response. To achieve the petite palm-fitting size, we have designed a passive non-powered bass radiator that is driven by the force of the speaker and contributes in naturally amplifying the bass response. At 5 watts, the advanced 2" speakerdriver with Titanium cone and Neodymium rare earth magnet, the legendary CLASS T TRIPATH amplifier, and the carefully tuned proprietary passive bass radiator deliver a performance that we have only seen in considerably larger speakers.

Also, we saw sometimes there is a need to combine the souls of two Petite Squares into one stereo system. Because Bluetooth technology doeasn't allow linking two speakers wirelessly, we designed a linking system to link the two speakers in a stereo form by using the supplied 3.5mm linking cable and add even more depth to the already warm and organic sound.



stereo system


In order to harmonize the speaker's external and internal qualities, we have used CLASS 1 Bluetooth technology instead of the widely-used CLASS 2. The CLASS 1 Bluetooth has a range of 100 feet comparing to CLASS 2 which is only 30 feet. This not only means you get the freedom of moving around, accomplishing tasks without getting disconnected, but also means a much better sound quality. Bluetooth is designed to keep a balance between staying connected to the music source and quality of the sound. Better quality sound means greater data transfer which becomes tough when the distance between the speaker and the music source increases. Therefore, even tough the regular CLASS 2 technology has a maximum range of 30 feet, as the distance increases and gets closer to the maximum range, the sound quality decreases in order to keep the connection.

We solved this issue by using the advanced Bluetooth CLASS 1 technology which has the exceptional 100 feet range. This means a higher distance range of high-fidelity sound quality is achieved.



Being petite, small and truly portable didn't stop Petite Square from having a powerful 2500mah custom designed Lipo battery. This means having an astounding 15+ hours of battery life



Different people, different personalities, but one love for music. That's a slogan that we want to reflect on by offering different color options while preserving the natural aesthetics of the Ancient Kauri wood.

The Colors


Since we use a wood which comes from the remaining of trees that are from 50,000 years ago, no live trees are harvested. Also, Ancient Kauri is RELATIVELY rare and that means, it might not be suitable for mass-producing violins, but interestingly about 100 Petite Squares could be made from the same block of wood used to make a single violin.



We brought this project from sketches drawn on napkins to a fully working piece. We have designed, engineered, and crafted petite square to the very last detail. In order to make this well thought product available to you at the price point we promised, we need to reach our fixed goal of $45000 and meet the minimum needed order quantity. We have already partnered with the Ancient Kauri importer in Wisconsin, the Bluetooth modules and electronics supplier in Arizona, and the speaker drivers supplier in Ohio. Because each speaker is going to be hand-crafted and assembled here in Burbank, California, we have asked the help of a number local craftsmen and craftswomen in making these flawless pieces of art.

We are asking your help in making our vision of seeing petite square in every music enthusiast's hand, a reality. Thank you!




     April 2012:

  • The inspiration
  • The idea and the concept

     May 2012:

  • Designing 

     June, July 2012:

  • Engineering 

     August 2012

  • Finding Suppliers and quoting

     September, October and November 2012: 

  • Making prototypes
  • Field testing 
  • Finalizing

     December 2012:

  • Preparing the campaign                                                                           
  • Finding the plausible campaign funding goal and, the campaign and                                   retail price points based on the minimum order needed

     January 16, 2013 - March 4, 2013:

  • Indiegogo Campaign 

     March 2013:

  • Ordering the electronics and the wood
  • Preparing the wood

     April, May, and June 2013:

  • Hand-crafted production in Burbank,Ca
  • Hand-assembling in Burbank,Ca                                                              
  • Quality evaluation of the sound and craft of each speaker in Burbank,Ca

     July 2013: 

  • Shipping from Burbank,Ca


Technical Specifications:

tech spec


The Comparison Chart:


Included Items:

  • Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
  • Certification of the wood's authenticity
  • International micro USB charger (not included with the BASIC version)
  • Cotton Carrying Bag
  • 3' (1m) Linking Cable (not included with the BASIC version)
  • 3' (1m) AUX Cable
  • Manual






 International Coverage:


"A Bluetooth Speaker from the remainings of 50,000 year old trees"


"A small American company is developing Bluetooth-speakers"


"In the palm of the hand, it is a self-amplified speaker with Tripath amplifier" 


"Bluetooth speakers with 50,000 year old wooden cabinet"


"enjoy the unique dynamics"



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This campaign ended on March 4, 2013
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  • $59USD
    Petite Square [BASIC]

    One Petite Square [BASIC] Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. (THE [BASIC] VERSION HAS DIFFERENT SPECIFICATIONS THAN THE REGULAR VERSION. PLEASE CHECK OUT THE COMPARISON CHART) Retail Price: $90, Choose a color from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $10 for Canada and International Shipping).

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013

    Early-Early Bird

    One Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. Retail Price: $150, Choose a color from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $10 for Canada and International Shipping).

    10 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $89USD
    Early Bird

    One Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. Retail Price: $150, Choose a color from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $10 for Canada and International Shipping).

    15 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $99USD
    Petite Square

    One Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. Retail Price: $150, Choose a color from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $10 for Canada and International Shipping).

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $159USD
    Set of two Petite Squares

    A set of two Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speakers. Retail Price: $280, Choose the colors from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $15 for Canada and International Shipping).

    8 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $179USD
    Set of two Petite Squares

    A set of two Petite Square Wooden Bluetooth Speakers. Retail Price: $280, Choose the colors from The Colors section. Free Shipping To USA (Add $15 for Canada and International Shipping).

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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