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"Play with Languages" | Petit Zarafa™ is the first play-based multi-language learning membership program for pre-schoolers ages 2 and up.
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Petit Zarafa™ is the first play-based multi-language learning subscription website for little ones ages 2 and up.

Petit Zarafa™ will offer hands-on activities in art, cooking, nature, music, imaginary play and numbers & letters, in several languages. The activities are easy to set up, easy to clean, and take anywhere from a few minutes, up to an hour. The first languages to be offered are: Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, and English as a second language.

Members will receive monthly play planners richly illustrated with video and sounds, and will become part of a global community of like-minded parents inspiring their little ones to learn languages while having fun! 

With each subscription, members will digitally receive the following vibrant content:

  • Monthly language planners
  • Up to 30 play-based activities per month
  • Video demonstrations and sound clips
  • Template downloads
  • Passport to track learning 
  • Book recommendations
  • Forum and discussions

When a child is playing, it is the perfect time to learn. Development of fine and gross motor skills, intellectual development as well as imagination, creativity, self-esteem and independence allows a child to create a deep connection with the world.

To help a child learn vocabulary in multiple languages, we structure hands-on activities within a context of play, making it fun for the child to think about, talk about, apply, and play with new words.  Children need to learn words playing, not as stand alone words that come and go. 

Recent scientific research shows that children who speak two or more languages have multiple advantages:

  1. They become smarter
  2. They build multitasking skills
  3. They make strong emotional ties with their parents
  4. They are socially more insightful

We are the design team behind Zid Zid Kids, makers of worldly handmade collections of playthings for children since 2003. 

As designer, our very foundation approach is based on play. A colorful range of products from playful animal cushions, to embroidered poofs, to handmade ballerina slippers and more, have been at the heart of our passion for the past 12 years. Here is a sample of honors we have received for our work:

Our goal is to make the creative multi-lingual world of Petit Zarafa™ a reality and here is what we need to make it happen: our budget is short of $20,000 to be used in the following way:

  • Production of 300 videos to demonstrate our activities (a video for each activity and for each language)
  • Initial website development and implementation

In return for your generosity we are offering an array of perks and rewards, and you will be included in the Petit Zarafa™ journey, helping us make this dream a reality.

Whether you are willing to contribute financially or not, you can head over to our website and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on progress and fun free teaser content.

Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to be included in the journey, as well as share the page with your friends and family! Thank you so much for joining us! 


How will my child learn?
By using a play-based approach to learning a new language, your child will be practicing vocabulary words alongside basic developmental skills used in hands-on creative activities such as cooking, dancing and imaginary play.

What makes Petit Zarafa unique from other language learning programs?
Our approach is the only one combining both language-learning and hands-on play, specifically designed for busy parents, caregivers and children. We make learning languages fun!

What if I don’t speak the language? Do I need to speak the language?
There is no previous language experience required. In the PZ program, we provide vocabulary pronunciation paired with the cultural context for each word, making it easy to learn and follow along. We also see this approach as an opportunity for you to learn with your child!

Will there be a pronunciation guide?
Yes, each word will be phonetically written and illustrated with a friendly sound clip (not a robot!) to give a full effect.

What if I can’t keep up with the schedule?
Our activities are spread over the month and designed with busy parents in mind. Monthly vocabulary words are kept at a minimum with full support coming from multiple activities. We have designed the curriculum so you are able to focus on each word paired with an activity of your choosing. The idea is to keep it fun and enjoy the process!

How many words will my child learn?
Our curriculum is designed to maximize the context of learning and focus on quality over quantity. Your child will be introduced to up to 180 words in a year with the option of doing more.

How can we best practice the language once we begin?
Our activities are designed for parents on the go, giving you and your child the time to absorb each new word. Once a few activities have been completed, strive to repeat the learned words when in new situations. Practicing while having fun is the key. We love singing silly songs while driving, using the words while we brush our teeth and practicing during other daily moments.

Why hands on play? It's time consuming!
Hands-on play involves just this, hands on! It might seem time consuming at the beginning, but we strongly encourage you to play with your child and become a part of the learning process. This playful learning process is a bonding opportunity. Keep in mind, our activities only take about 5 minutes to 1 hour, so they fit easily into a busy schedule and are well worth the investment.

My child is 8. Is he too old for this?
Our program is geared towards toddler and preschoolers, yet the activities can be adapted to fit the needs of an older child or sibling.

Who is this program designed for Parents, caregivers, nannies, grandparents?  All of the above! We’ve designed the program so it can easily fit into all levels.

How can I track progress for my child?
As a member, you will have access to a ‘learning passport’, which enables you to easily track your child’s progress with the opportunity to share your child’s milestones with other members. 


How much will the subscription cost?
The Petit Zarafa program is $12 for a monthly subscription.

Can I try it for free?
Of course, we offer a free one-month trial to anyone anywhere.

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    Receive three-month membership trial to Petit Zarafa™. Perfect for you and your child, or give it as a memorable gift to your friends or family members!

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    3 Month Trial + Special Gift

    Receive three-month Petit Zarafa™ membership trial for you and your child, or to be gifted to friends or family, as well as a Gift Box filled with surprise goodies from our Zid Zid Kids Tangier, Morocco atelier. International shipping included.

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    A Duo Subscription + Gift

    Receive TWO one-year Petit Zarafa™ memberships at our Early Bird price. One for your family and the second as an ideal present for a friend! PLUS, one signature Zid Zid Kids Giraffe Poof! International shipping included. If you want more than 2 memberships or need an educational pack for your pre-school or after-school program, just add $98 for each additional membership.

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    A Personal Guide to Morocco!

    We'll help you plan a fab travel itinerary in Morocco with the best places to stay. When in Tangier, the enthralling gateway to Africa, co-founder Moulay Essakalli will be your guide to discover the city's highlights and hidden charms for a day. Co-founder Julie Klear will lead a personalized creative workshop in our sunny atelier just for your kid(s) in the language of your choice.

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