Pete Winning and the Pirates - Season One!

Ahoy! You love pirates. You love laser guns. And we know you love swashbuckling adventures! Help us make season one of our new adventure-comedy web series!
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  • $1USD
    A Pirate's Hearty Thank-You

    Every dollar counts and goes a very long way - and we truly thank you for your contribution, from the bottom of our pirate-hearts!

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  • $10USD
    A Wink from Pete Winning

    We can't thank you enough for your support—but we'll do our best, and make sure you're listed in the special thanks on our website, on the DVD, and on the IMDB.

    22 claimed

  • $35USD
    Own the Adventures!

    You won't only be getting your due thanks—you'll also get an official DVD of our Season One upon its completion! And enjoy some official Pete Winning and the Pirates temporary tattoos! Note to buccaneers: Your disc WON'T be pirated.

    25 claimed

  • $50USD
    Even More Booty!

    We'll thank you, we'll tattoo you, you'll own the DVD, and you'll also get a signed FRAMEABLE photo of the cast and crew—along with a downloadable version of Aaron Tsang's THRILLING original score. Just listen to the trumpets echo across the seas!

    16 claimed

  • $100USD
    Party with Pirates!

    All the previous perks, plus an invitation to our launch party in Toronto! Of course, we won't be able to sail the seven seas to bring you here—transportation not included. But a swashbuckling good time is!

    12 out of 75 claimed

  • $150USD
    Be a Pirate!

    You heard us right! If you're this generous, we're going to give you all the previous perks—and we'll let you have some fun with us too! If you can make your way to Toronto while we're shooting, we'll dress you up and cast you as a background character in the show!

    7 claimed

  • $300USD
    Set sail with us!

    For $300, it's safe to say you're officially an Associate Producer of the show—enjoy your official credit! But what's better is that to celebrate, we're going to have a SWASHBUCKLING BOAT PARTY. Yep, you heard us right—and you're invited! Meet the cast and crew and party in Toronto's Harbour. If you can't make it to Toronto—as unfortunate as that would be—we'll Skype you in and you can hang out with us that way!

    5 out of 30 claimed

  • $500USD
    Have you ever dated a Pirate?

    $500? You, mate, are a GRAND ALLY! It certainly makes a pirate a little weak at the knees...let one of us take you on a date! Get the previous perks, along with a lunch date in the great city of Toronto with one of the stars of the show! And if you can't make your own way to Toronto—we'll have a Skype date instead. (Which can be just as romantic!)

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  • $1,000USD
    Welcome Aboard!

    If you're THIS into the show, you must be really serious about swashbuckling—we would be honoured to brand you an Executive Producer on the project. The world will know that you truly helped out independent online entertainment. And now, as an official pirate—you're going to get to keep a pirate costume worn on the show, custom tailored for you by our fantastic designer, Samantha Aylsworth! We hope that comes close to expressing our sincere gratitude.

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  • $2,500USD
    Lead in your OWN Winning!

    Want to advertise your product? Or do you just fancy yourself a filmmaker? Get all the previous perks, with one big addition. We'll work with you to write, direct and produce a family-friendly, one-minute Pete Winning short for you, your company or your product, starring cast members from the show! If you want to see what we've done already, check out our AFTERSHAVE COMMERCIAL:

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  • $5,000USD
    Now THAT'S Winning!

    All right, you've not only surprised and humbled us—but gosh, you could BE Pete Winning himself! So you can have Pete Winning's costume—including his wrist laser (yep, it really works)! They're all yours—after we're done shooting of course. And we're sure you assumed—and rightly so—you're getting all of the previous perks as well. (In addition to our team officially flipping their lids at your extreme support and generosity).

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  • $20,000USD

    Let's talk.

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