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Pet Me Meow will quite paw-sibly be the best place on Earth. A cafe with tons of fun activities, but with one furry twist... Cats. Cats Everywhere!
Pet Me Meow
Identity Verified
Small Business
Toronto, Ontario
4 Team Members

What is Pet Me Meow?

Pet Me Meow will be Toronto's first cat cafe. Quite paw-sibly the best place on Earth!


Pet Me Meow is thrilled to announce the opening of Canada's First Cat Cafe through a pop-up event that will be held from June 6th - June 8th. Toronto will finally get a glimpse on how it feels to be in a Cat Cafe! Tickets are going FAST but can be purchased HERE!


Our aim is to create a space in downtown Toronto where cat-lovers can gather and play games, listen to music, enjoy a latte, and most importantly, play with cats! We plan on opening this epic cafe by fall 2014.

IMAGINE ALL THE CAT-SELFIES! Your social network just doubled.

We are a proud partner of Toronto Cat Rescue, and will be working together to remove cats from shelters and into our cafe in an effort to promote an encouraging environment for adoption.

In collaboration with an amazing interior design team, we are creating a unique space for both our guests and our cats!

Why does Toronto need this?

There are anywhere between 100 to 300 thousand stray cats born every year in the city of Toronto. Over 5,000 are euthanized every year. Thankfully, the residents of Toronto are actively adopting cats to help alleviate the issue.

BUT… what if your apartment isn’t conducive for cats? Or you landlord won’t let you keep a cat? Or you have a busy city lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to care for a cat?

Pet Me Meow serves two paw-some functions: 1) it is a fun space where Torontontians can spend time with cats and engage in fun activities with friends, and 2) it is an interactive space that will facilitate the adoption of cats in Toronto.

Who are you? Just a couple of crazy cat guys?

No. Well, yes. We mean, maybe? Both of us own adopted cats and love to spend time with them! But this doesn't make us crazy… does it?

Meet your Co-Founders:

Ashkan Rahimi has spent his young professional career working to help raise money for charities with Public Outreach in Toronto and Montreal. His passion for engaging the community quickly translated into a role as Recruitment Marketing Manager with the organization. Ashkan loves to re-imagine marketing and branding, and immerses himself in MEOWTAINS of funny and cute cat content. He's also the artist behind the infamous Pet Me Meow logo!

Jeff Ro has a background in business development and a passion for exciting start-ups. Through his work with the Toronto Red Cross, and as a certified firefighter, Jeff is interested in community development, and has a natural instinct to rescue cats. He figures opening a cat cafe is a lot less tiring than climbing ladders... or puurr-haps not!

Is this a good idea for cats?

Research shows that cats that are nurtured in an active and engaging environment score much lower on stress scores than cats that are kept isolated in cages.

A cafe like Pet Me Meow will be a positive nurturing space for cats, encouraging human interaction and therefore increasing the chances of adoption through relationships built in the lounge. We think it’s purr-tastic!

Can I adopt the cats?

Absolutely, pawsitively, yes!

All of our cats will be adopted through our partners, Toronto Cat Rescue.


Pet Me Meow and Toronto Cat Rescue share the same vision for ending cat homelessness, and ultimately euthanization, in Toronto. Our partnership aims to facilitate the adoption process and help every cat in our cafe find a loving home.

Where does my money go if I pledge?

This isn't just an ordinary small business and we know it!

We're creating a space that demands precise planning, legal considerations, a new take on design, and an enormous amount of effort from everyone involved,

Start-up costs include:

  • Renovations to ensure our cafe is an open and interactive space for guests, and cats. This includes sanitary stations, walls, plumbing, HVAC, accessible entrances/exits, flooring, and extra rooms.
  • Customization of furniture, toys, food, and cat sleeping arrangements.
  • Entertainment, including gaming stations and consoles for our video game and board game spaces, Wi-Fi for unlimited access to the internet, books, iPads, and space for live music.
  • Licences, including small business, trademarking, pet shop, food service and employment.



Reaching our $70,000 goal will be purr-haps the most important step for carrying through with a plan that will make our space entertaining, nurturing and the standard for food and safety.   

If cat-astrophy happens and you don't meet your goal, where will my money go?

Pet Me Meow is committed to opening its doors to Toronto regardless of campaign results. Any funds you donate will bring us one step closer to making this happen!

Why should I pledge now?

Cat cafe's have been a success all around the world!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London raised almost $110,000 GBP

KitTea in San Francisco exceeded their goal by raising over $60,000

Cafe Chat l'heureux in Montreal raised over $40,000

Cat Town in Oakland managed to go well over $40,000 too!

Toronto is full of active and engaged citizens that we know can help bring this project to life.

By becoming an early adopter, you can help this vision grow right from the beginning:

  • Get the scoop on offers, products, and promotions we will be supporting throughout the campaign.
  • Stay up-to-date with all our milestones.
  • Give us feedback and input on things you want to see at our cafe.

Pet Me Meow SWAG

Take a look at our exclusive merchandise available with our Perks!

Please note: All t-shirts will be shipped out at the end of June, after our campaign!

Custom T-shirts:

Available in mens and womens styles, and in 3 different colours!




Mr. Meow Plush Toy! 

All shipping within Canada is free, but international charges will apply to shipments outside of Canada.

Stretch Goals!

Our goal of $70,000 will ensure this world-class cat cafe comes to life!

If we raise over $100,000, all of our pledgers will receive a complimentary t-shirt with your choice of colour, and an extra visit as a thank you for hitting this major milestone.

If we raise over $120,000, we will send all of our pledgers a Pet Me Meow plush toy, and an extra visit as a thank you for hitting this milestone.

If we raise over $150,000, we will give all pledgers 5 extra visits, and a portion of our total proceeds will go to Toronto Cat Rescue!

To sum things up: The more you pledge, the more paw-some this place will be.

You Can Help By:

Sharing this campaign with all of your friends, family, and other cat fanatics!

FACEBOOK: Follow this project as it happens, enjoy amewsing cat content, and contribute your ideas to help make Pet Me Meow the cafe you've always dreamed about.

TWITTER: Connect with us instantly at any time with questions, concerns, ideas, and feedback!

INSTAGRAM: Cuddly cats and a chance to be featured.

You can also connect with us directly at info@petmemeow.com!


Pet Me Meow in the mews!




Metro News


Kiss 92.5

Global News


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This campaign ended on June 13, 2014
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  • $15CAD
    The Purrfect Bundle

    Early bird gets the worm! Guarantee your 1-hour reservation to this epic cafe and enjoy any beverage of your choice. Purrfect.

    19 claimed
  • $25CAD
    Share The Amewsing Experience!

    Bring a pal! This gives you entrance for 2 people or 2 visits with any 2 beverages of your choice. Do you prefer a Cattucino? Dr. Peppurr perhaps? How about some Meowtain Mew?

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  • $35CAD
    Meet Mr. Meow

    Reserve a 1-hour visit and show your love for cats by rockin' our official Pet Me Meow t-shirt, cool hipster cat with shades and bow-tie included. 3 sencational variations to choose from! $5 of the total proceeds will go directly to Toronto Cat Rescue. Take a look at our SWAG section for pictures and tell us your favourite style and size!

    46 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $75CAD
    Pawfect Package Level 2

    #Selfies are cool, but friends are cooler! This package guarantees you and a buddy passes to our pre-opening, with beverages and 2 Pet Me Meow t-shirts. Take a look at our SWAG section for pictures and tell us your favourite style and size!

    22 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $100CAD
    Pawfect Package Level 3

    Get a $200 gift card for Pet Me Meow and your first visit is on us! Cards can be used to cover entrance, all merchandise, and beverages. The mewn is the limit!

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $150CAD
    Pawfect Package Level 4

    Get your hands on a limited edition plush toy which we've named (for now) Mr. Meow. Find this little guy a home! This package also includes 4 pre-opening visits, 2 Pet Me Meow t-shirts, and beverages during each visit. All plush toys given out during this campaign will enter our guests for a chance to win a special prize which will be drawn during our Grand Opening ceremonies! Take a look at our SWAG section for pictures and tell us your favourite style and size!

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $250CAD
    Do You Pawfer Earlier?

    Join the team to help integrate our feline furriends into the cafe! Our ideal candidate must: love cats (duh), have patience, have the ability to think outside of the box, be a self proclaimed cat whisperer, have a sense of humour, and most importantly, be someone who is passionate about the health and well being of our cats. Oh, you also get 10 VIP entrance passes (with drinks), a limited edition plush toy, and a customized Pet Me Meow t-shirt with your name on it. Welcome to the team!

    8 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $500CAD
    Purrmanent Recognition!

    This. Is. The. Big. One. You've made it, this is it. Need followers? Be featured with your cat on our social media channels. Need some swag in your life? Receive all Pet Me Meow merchandise (plush toy, Pet Me Meow t-shirt, and team jersey.) Entrance for 2 with VIP passes, exclusive access to our Pre-Opening launch party which will include private viewings (no time limit) for you and up to 4 of your guests, SWAG bags, and a 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP. Boom.

    0 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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