Perspective is a short film which aims to challenge the audience's views on the events that can lead up to sexual assault.
Simon Fox
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My name is Simon Fox and I'm an aspiring writer, working together with the talented Director Erin Mochan  we would like to bring my short film script 'Perspective' to life.

Sexual Assault at parties is far more common than you think, but what is more troubling are the views that people have on the subject and the victims. 'Perspective' tells the story of Siobhan, a girl in her late teens who reports a sexual assault against her when drinking at a party with friends. The incident is then recounted by four different people who each have their own perspective of the events leading up to it, and their own opinions of the people involved and the reasons as to why it happened.

We want to focus on the way that the individuals view the situation and of the details that they find important when telling their accounts of the night. 

The idea first came as I was reading a news report on a girl who had been sexually assaulted at a party with friends, one thing that I couldn't get over about the report was how the newspaper focused on details such as the girl's outfit, her behaviour that night and her past love life. I couldn't understand why those details were important, and so I thought of the idea for this film in which such details were the focus of the witnesses stories. I wanted to challenge the audience to think about these details and question their relevance.


We're aiming to raise £1500 for the following:

  • Keeping our actors fed and watered during long days on set
  • Equipment hire
  • Transporting our actors and equipment to the set
  • Admin Fees (Indie-Go-Go's percentage) and Entry Fees to film festivals

We have a collection of perks to thank those who help us to make this film.


With luck, we aim to help people to realise how the media and others view sexual assault,  to think about the reasons why certain details are emphasised more in news reports.
Essentially we want to raise awareness of how some people view sexual assaults, and to make viewers think more about why it is that they see things that way.

Donations would be an incredible help, but another way to assist our project would be to publicise it yourself as well, by telling your friends and linking our funding campaign to others.

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For taking the time to read this, we thank you.

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