The all in one solution to turn your arduino projects into permanent things.

UPDATE: Permaduino is shield compatible and uses the Atmega32U4 with leonardo's bootloader. (Programmable through USB now)

Meet permaduino: The all-in-one solution to turn your arduino projects into permanent things.

I've been working with Arduino projects for the last three years and while I love the platform, I think it lacks an easy way to turn prototypes into permanent items.

Permaduino is the easiest way to go from Arduino project to custom personal gadget. No need to worry about providing power, adding a board with your custom electronics. It's all there: Battery power, boost regulator and through-hole prototyping area. 



Permaduino is an all in one Arduino compatible board. It's meant for deployment rather than development. These are the main features:

  • Powered from 2xAAA Batteries. 
  • 5V Boost regulator up to 180mA.
  • Permanent breadboard with 25 Columns.
  • GND and VCC lines along the board.
  • Based on the Atmega32U4.
  • Designed to fit inside 8mm video tape cases.
  • Programmable via USB and AVR-ISP.
  • Leonardo Bootloader
  • Mounting holes (not shown on the images)


What's left to do?

We started the campaign because we need enough money for the first production run of Permaduino. If we don't do a big enough production run Permaduino would be way too expensive. All the design is done, we just need some testing of the final boards before going into production.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you like our project please spread the word about Permaduino. An open source hardware project by MontoyaLabs.

Thanks for helping us meet our goal.



All perks include international shipping. All perks are shipped from Mexico. Here are the estimates of delivery times:

North America: 10-25 Days

Rest of the world: 15-30 Days

If you need FAST shipping please add $30 for North America and $45 for the rest of the world.



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