Perdition County

A dystopic odyssey which explores the psychological effects of senseless violence and herd behavior.
Raphaël Crombez
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! UPDATE: Perdition County has successfully been shot in Wales and editing began on October 14th! Thanks to your support, Perdition County has now become a multi-award-winning short film that celebrated its international premiere at the 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival in Czech Republic. We are eternally grateful!

Perdition County is a short epic set in the rural outskirts of a fictional county and tells the story of Desmond, a militia member of a pillaging movement called The Flock. Upon encountering two heathen children, he decides to defect from his band of scalp-collecting pilgrims and takes the children on an odyssey to freedom

The undefined, raw landscapes serve as a conceptual representation of our world as a petri dish; which is ravaged by episodes of senseless, dogmatic violence. While closely following the footsteps of an accomplice in this tyrannous pilgrimage, the question is asked whether he is irredeemable.

*NOTE: Perdition County is NOT ANIMATED, but live-action. This is concept art.

Apart from being a filmmaker, I also spend my time as a concept artist. The illustrations you see below are scenes that take place in the film. They are also precise examples of what my crew and I will strive to achieve in terms of framing, grading, costume design, props, locations and casting. Our most dedicated backers will be rewarded with a personalized high-resolution illustration of themselves within the universe of Perdition County (at least one clear photograph of the contributor would be required). In exchange for a €1000 contribution, I will be your project's concept artist and will make 3 high-res illustrations; be it for your film, your graphic novel, your album cover or the like.

The three fugitives on their exodus.

Desmond on his odyssey to freedom, hunted by his pillaging brethren.

The Flock’s foot soldiers resting on the road.

Director of Photography Rik Zang helmed the camera and blew life into Perdition County’s concept art with an intuitive and gritty approach, all the while having Robert Elswit‘s cinematography for PTA’s There Will Be Blood as a major influence. Rik helmed the camera for projects such as 82 Days in April by Bart Van Den Bempt and Jan & Raf Roossens' Rotkop.

With the help of the wonderful casting director Emily Tilelli (Prometheus, Jane Eyre), we managed to assemble some excellent actors to star in Perdition County. The following will portray crucial characters in our film: Richard Bremmer (The 13th Warrior, Les Misérables, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), Adam Robertson (Third Star, River City), Johnny Vivash (Ourhouse, Kingdom Come) and Matthew Jure (Undertow, Baetylus).

We've already discovered all the mesmerizing locations for the film in Wales (UK). Maximiliaan Dierickx made these images for you to see:

The cinematography of PTA’s There Will Be Blood and Andrew Dominik’s The Assassination of Jesse James have greatly influenced my approach on Perdition County. Both films are known for their meticulous mise-en-scène and the patience and care that is put into every single frame. It is that eye for detail and an absorbing rhythm that I will strive to apply in Perdition County. Perdition County’s main goal is to transport the audience members into a convincing, dismal ‘other world’ and letting them experience it for an average of thirty minutes.

Johnny Greenwood’s scores for TWBB and The Master have naturally been the mood setters and one of the main sources of inspiration while writing Perdition County’s script.

Here is why we need your help: half of the desired budget has already been raised, however, to realize this ambitious project and commence principal photography in September; we need your help to get the last half of the budget. Perdition County is set to be shot in Wales (UK) for a period of 7 days. Despite this being a low-budget production, the team I’ve assembled will ensure the grandeur of big-budget motion pictures. We seek your much needed help to start the shooting. Your contributions will go to:

  • Transportation & accommodation for cast & crew
  • Costume Design & Film props
  • Camera & Lighting equipment
  • Sound & Music recordings

Apart from our eternal gratitude, every contributor will receive regular updates on the production of Perdition County via the Indiegogo Campaign and the Perdition County facebook page. Other rewards include:

  • Poster Art
  • Concept Art
  • Official Inside the Odyssey Book
  • Perdition County's OST
  • Perdition County memorabilia
  • Signed Script
  • Limited Edition Blu-ray
  • Personalized high-resolution concept art illustration of yourself within Perdition County's universe
  • I'll make 3 high-res illustrations for your project


                                      Perdition County's Original Soundtrack Cover Art                                                                   


                                              The Official Perdition County Poster

                                The Flock Insignia Pin & Perdition County's Script

Raphaël Crombez has been a storyteller and illustrator from a very young age, drawing out countless short stories and being passionate about character design. He travelled the world from Japan, to South-Africa to Peru; while delving into the world of concept art and 3D-animation. Being a filmmaker has been his dream since he witnessed his first motion picture, but he never really deemed it a realistic ambition for himself. About four years ago, however, he decided to pursue his dream career and applied for Brussels’ Visual Arts school Sint-Lukas. He wrote and directed Kingdom Come, for which he earned his Bachelor degree and a nomination for Best Film at Ciné Public Film Festival of Ghent 2013.

                               Raphaël Crombez scouting for Perdition County's locations.







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    You get the Citizen of Paradise Package + an Executive Producer Credit on the film. You will get to see large parts of Perdition County's production before anyone else. You get an invitation to Perdition County's premiere and a Meet and Greet with the cast and crew (accommodation not included and transportation only included if from one of the following countries: Benelux, UK, France, Germany).

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