Pennies for Playgrounds

Pennies for Playgrounds is raising money related to student projects on climate change, planning and children's environments including the right to play…


Pennies for Playgrounds

Recent flooding (December 2011) devastated many areas of Dar es Salaam and nearby communities. These floods were considered to be the worst in over twenty years. Homes were swept away and family members lost as the swollen rivers surged through the slums. Despite projections which indicate future flooding events could become more extreme and frequent, people are rebuilding in the same flood- ravaged areas. With land and resources already stressed beyond carrying capacity, the people have little choice to go anywhere else.   As a result, there is little focus on the child and safe places in which they can play and live... This is just one story of many regarding areas in which there are direct consequnces for children and their right to play.


Pennies for Playgrounds : Urban Planning Children's Rights and Climate Change is a collection of work that showcases an University of the Fraser Valley student project with an emphasis on the child's voice and the right to play.   A central theme will be the child’s perspective on play and safe places due to relocation following flooding in one particular informal settlement in Dar es Salaam. It is our hope that we can not only showcase the resilience of children, ther optimism in spite of all odds and the spirit that connects us globally as we work to created better places for children and in the end for all of us.


What the Funds Go Towards


-Raising funds related to student projects on climate change  and planning and children's environments including the right to play.

-Specifically raise funds to support projects related to and implenting "safe" playgrounds.   This concept is not the traditional form of playground as we know it but rather it is the utilization of funds to facilitate the construction of fields, compounds, structures or areas in which children are free to create and imagine the childhood they deserve.

The Impact

-Outline the validity of all children in the world to have the right to play in safe envrionments.  So often this is overlooked within the educational aid sector but could be considered even more vital to the healthy development of a child. 

-Please donate in any small or large way so that we can see the implentation of even one safe playground. 

-Donations of significant amounts are elgible for tax receipts.   Plese note in email to penniesforplaygrounds@gmail.com or cenns@makingafricawork.com your donation amount and a receipt will be issued acordingly if criteria is met. 


Team on This Campaign: