Pear OS 8 Tablet Edition

Pear OS 8 Tablet Edition is to create an operating system based on Pear OS 8 and propose a simple but powerful interface for Microsoft Surface Tablet.


Pear OS 8 is a French distribution. It was created by David Tavares, Deux-Sèvres (79), France. The purpose of Pear OS is to create an operating system based on linux (ubuntu mini remix) and propose a simple but powerful interface.

Pear OS is free (thanks to your donations) and we hope you enjoy it.

It is operating out of the box, with a complete multimedia experienceand is extremely easy to use. Users are encouraged to send their comments to the project so that their ideas can be used to improve Pear OS. Based on Ubuntu (debian), it provides an impressive repository. It is safe and reliable. Pear OS requires very little maintenance.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me design this new version. Among the bug fixes, the creation of the design, a big thank you to the community of Pear OS. 

The project :

Take your "Pear OS 8" with you everywhere

The Tablet Edition Pear OS 8 is specially designed to work with Microsoft Surface tablet.

Two versions are available :

- Pear OS Tablet 8 Editon RT (ARM)
- Pear OS 8 Pro Tablet Edition (x64).

This is a big project I'm going to throw me and several developers over the world :

- Me : David Tavares (Creator of Pear OS), FR
- Steven Randall, US
- Mark Stanford, US
- Ulrik Stjernberg, DE
- Roberto Da Silva, PT

These versions will not be available before a long development cycle. Several changes in Pear OS 8 will be made ​​to adapt and be optimized for the touch screen to create a reliable and useful experience.

This is why I present this project on Indiegogo to find funding to continue this wonderful project.

The ARM version will be in a second time, also developed for compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note and Nexus 7 & 10.

You can visit my website for more information on Pear OS 8 system :

Main website : http://pearlinux.fr

Forum : http://pearlinux.org

Info website : http://pear-news.fr

Developer website : http://devcenter.pearlinux.fr

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