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Peace education taught through soccer in Jordan and Palestine.

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  play soccer make peace




AUGUST, 2013


PEACE CLUB Play Soccer, Make Peace 


           play soccer make peace

The Peace Club program is unique as it connects the love and passion young people have for playing soccer with everyone’s hope for peace. There are almost 300 million people playing soccer around the world. What if each of these players can embody and pass on the values of commitment, respect and cooperation? These are just three of the values which Peace Club promotes and teaches. In a sport which is famous for tough competition, and for fan exuberance, Peace Club teaches players how to make peace. Less talk, more peace. Just as in the game of soccer, actions speak louder than words.

With your support, Peace Club will run two workshops that train coaches how to teach 11 universal values to be found playing soccer which can help raise the level of trust and peace in our relationships. Please help us as we challenge young soccer players to be a force for good in Jordan and Palestine, in an area of the world longing for peace. Our young players, both girls and boys, embrace the values through a positive learning experience shaped by coaches who care about the whole person, and not only the score at the end of the game.

Coaching in the Middle East

“Everyone knows me. I never liked losing and was always angry if my team would lose. My players copied me, and showed very unsocial behavior. After working with the "play soccer make peace" program I have a more positive way to deal with losing and my players are changing too”.
Coach Eyad (Coach for the Shabab Al-Ordun club, Amman)

Soccer, or football as it is commonly called in many countries, is the world’s most popular sport. Peace Club has developed a unique coaching program through which young soccer players learn to be peace-makers and peace-builders. Peace takes effort. These young women and men acquire the values, and develop the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to become role models for other players, for their friends, for their families, and for their nations. They play on teams which are competitive and eager to win, but they play among a growing number of fellow soccer players who share and practice the universal values taught through the Peace Club program. The players learn to attach these values to specific attitudes and behaviors, which can then be transferred to life off the playing field.

Role Models of Peace

In soccer, it takes strength of character to play to the best of one’s ability for 90 minutes. In daily life, it takes strength of character for people to perform at their best, not just for 90 minutes, but ALL day, EVERY day. This program provides a guide for young soccer players to improve their attitude and their behavior on the field which they can take with them off the field. Through growth and development players make improvements in their own lives and in the lives of others, raising the level of trust and peace in the relationships.

“Thanks to those who gave the opportunity to participate in the project which has had a positive effect upon all of my colleagues. We wish to continue practising in such projects and wish to spread this project in schools.”
 Osama, a youth player from Al Hikma School (in Amman)


August 25-26th 2013, Amman, JORDAN

August 28-29th 2013, Ramallah, PALESTINE (WEST BANK)

Jordan & Palestine

On August 25th Peace Club will launch play soccer make peace workshops for soccer coaches and youth players, the first in Amman, Jordan and the second in Ramallah, Palestine. There, the coaches will be trained in eleven universal values which can be found in soccer. The coaches then work in small groups exploring how to give practical examples of these values, and they use stories from their own culture and history to explain them. Through this the coaches gain a personal sense of ownership of the process. The result is a values program which is relevant, sustainable and fits within their cultural context. During the workshop the coaches practice teaching a group of young players, reinforcing their own training. In the weeks after the workshop the coaches introduce the program to their clubs and academies, directly impacting over 2250 youth players.

The Values




Directly Impacting 2250+ Youth Players

”This summer I am running a sports academy for young kids. Normally after skills training I do not know what to fill the down time with. Now I have been working with the "play soccer make peace" principles and values I am able to introduce these ideas and this makes the whole academy experience better for everyone”.
Coach Jamal (Amman)


  • 20-25 coaches + 25 players will attend the workshops.
  • Each participant has been invited based upon their talent and potential for leadership.
  • The coaches train both girls’ and boys’ teams; they coach in clubs, schools and colleges.
  • The players are club and youth level.

The workshops:

  • Train the coaches in values to be discovered through soccer
  • Demonstrate strategies for coaches to teach the values through practical lessons
  • Teach how values can be applied by youth, both on and off the field
  • Provide coaches with a "play soccer make peace" manual for reference.
  • Organize an ongoing learning community for coaches to give feedback and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Coordinate projects, as part of the training, to illustrate the value of sportsmanship through Service. [The Amman workshop's service project will benefit Syrian children who are refugees in Jordan].

Illustrating the Value of Sportsmanship Through Service



On the right of our page are all the perks we offer for those donating money to Peace Club play soccer make peace. Your greatly appreciated contributions cover the project costs below.



$5100  Workshop preparation

  • Program management
  • Planning meetings/training for facilitators
  • Translation of educational materials into Arabic
  • Media kit, PR

$6900  Workshop

  • The training facility and soccer fields to practice the values
  • Transportation to/from workshop site and practice fields
  • Workshop facilitator + two assistant facilitators;

$2500  Materials

  • Soccer balls, cones, training bibs, t-shirts, corner flags, workshop banner, etc.

$750    Post-workshop follow-up

  • 3x meetings over 6 months for Jordanian soccer coaches

$2750  Technical support

  • Web site, social media, and campaign development

$2750  Travel

 TOTAL COST = $20,750



$600   Workshop preparation
$7600 Workshop
$2750 Materials
$800   Post-workshop follow-up
$2000 Technical support
$1250 Travel
TOTAL COST = $15,000



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A total of 45 coaches trained to guide their players in values learned in soccer
The coaches have collectively 2250 youth players who can become members of Peace Club.

1250 Jordanian and 1000 Palestinian youth players begin learning and applying the values of the play soccer make peace program.

Over the following 6 months the youth players learn to embody those values in their daily lives both on and off the field.

The players begin to design and start their own local service projects, working in a team or in small groups.

The Next Generation of Peace-makers



All Peace Club members have access to the Peace Club web site, blogs, resources, and further training.
Players can share experiences, information on service projects etc. with other Peace Club members
Coaches are to meet 3x in 6 months to reflect and give feedback on their training experiences
Based upon successful models in Amman and Ramallah, this program can be  replicated all over the Middle East and in the Gulf States. 



Thank you for all your time, money, and support!

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