Pave the Way for Her Journey to Education

From $29, help improve access to quality education among the most disadvantaged in India. Sponsor a year of school or support our gender equity campaign.


A tragedy is unfolding before us. While school enrolment is rising in India, education standards are falling — girls especially are disproportionately dropping out from school.

Help us put more girls from disadvantaged backgrounds into quality schools.

We believe educating girls is the necessary first step a family can take to emerge from poverty.

We also want to shift the emphasis towards quality of education.

Many educational non-profits in India already do great work. We work with them to put girls not just through school, but through good, low-cost private schools near their homes.

Gyanada Foundation is a new NGO based in Singapore. We do not run schools, far less build them ourselves.

We partner with, and support, these existing non-profits on the ground in India — next to those slums where the full benefit of a rising economy has not reached.

We work in Ranchi, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.


What We Need

For as little as US$149, or $12.50 a month, you'll get to put one girl through quality private schooling in Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi or Kolkata.

In the academic year beginning April 2013, we'll put 150 girls through school — half of this we'll try to raise here, the other half we'll try to raise from private donors in Singapore and the US.

  • For $149 a year, put 1 girl from a disadvantaged background in India through a whole year of school
  • Get updated on her academic progress
  • For $49, support our Right to Quality Education For the Girl Child campaign, run by us and our partner organizations so we can advocate to improve on existing Right to Education laws to ensure gender equity and teacher accountability
  • Support as many girls as you can! You can choose to support 5 girls a year for US$699, or less than $12 a month, or enter any amount you prefer

Even if we don't hit our target of $8500, we'll use everything we raise to support as many girls as we can.

How We'll Do This

We help these organisations select disadvantaged local girls, and send them to private schools in the area. Poor parents want their girls to go to these schools and not “free” state schools because many government teachers do not turn up, and when they do — they produce the same or worse student outcomes. But many parents are so poor that they cannot send all their children to these low-cost private schools – and often end up sending only their boys.

We want to humbly extend a small but helping hand to these families. Help us do that.

We'll keep you in our Indiegogo donors' mailing lists so we can update you on how we're doing, how the funds are being disbursed, and let you know how the girl you've supported is doing academically through the school year. 

We would also love if you could help us by 

  • Telling your friends about us
  • Sharing this across your social and real life networks
  • Sending emails with a link to this campaign, to your friends, family and anyone who'd be interested in helping 

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