Passport Project: Global Groove Into the Future

Passport Project has been promoting respect and diversity through the arts in Cleveland's Buckeye Community and around the world for 15 years. Help us continue!

Where We've Been

Passport Project was founded in 1998 by Chloe Hopson for the purpose of bringing intentional learning opportunities and exposure to new ideas to the Buckeye neighborhood on the near east side of Cleveland, where she grew up. Since then the organization has consistently and passionately educated the community through dance, music and other art forms. 

Passport Project Global Community Arts Center

Passport Project’s mission is to provide educational experiences that build community through the arts, encourage respect for diversity and rejection of racism and negative bias, and inspire an excitement for learning and the global community.  


We cherish the moments we have collectively created and the foundation that has been built. But over the past couple of years it's become abundantly clear that we cannot continue to move forward in a successful and sustainable way without staff support for the executive director.


Where We Are

For this campaign, our main focus is on getting together the funding to pay for a year of administrative staff. We are looking to hire a part-time business manager who can help us keep track of all of the day to day operations and support. While this may not sound exciting on paper, this makes the difference between Passport Project surviving or thriving -- and in the name of community, we want to THRIVE!

Educator of the Year for 2012!

Survival is our mode right now. That said, this season has definitely been one of growth and celebration in many different ways. We were even named "Distinguished Organization of the Year" for 2012 by the Ohio Art Educator's Association, both for Northeast Ohio and statewide!

And yet, without crucial infrastructural support, we have had to let go of many programs that are near and dear to our hearts. Foundational elements like offering free or discounted summer camps for neighborhood youth who may not have been able to attend otherwise have fallen by the wayside. Our once flourishing community garden space is now just grass and weeds. The cultural variety of the dance and music classes we used to be able to support has narrowed.

As we look to the future of Passport Project, this is certain -- we need help.


Where We're Going


Community Mural

Through the help of a business manager we will be able to revive a few of our most successful programs, and even jump-start some new ones!

Any funding we receive above our goal will be used to temporarily shore up our organization's infrastructure, increase support for our brilliant artist educators, and provide short-term assistance towards the upkeep and maintenance of our Global Community Arts Center.


With our shiny, fabulous new business manager we will be able to:

  • reestablish youth art and technology camps
  • increase frequency and types of classes regularly offered at our center
  • collaboratively finding and writing grants to support new programming
  • creating and distributing marketing materials for the camps and classes at the center
  • improve bookkeeping for the organization

If we can bring these programs back to life for our neighborhood, Passport Project will have the opportunity to develop a new generation of peace-builders in Cleveland. As a lasting anchor in the community, we have the chance to educate and encourage youth and lifelong learners who may not have otherwise experienced the diversity of dance, art, food, and music that the world has to offer. Our participants may not have passports, but through our organization, they are presented with the opportunity to travel the globe!


A Couple More Things:

A note on Indie GoGo's functionality: You can contribute to the project without receiving any of the so-called "rewards." You can contribute whatever you like and pick any reward that is the level at which you participate, or lower. Or, you can contribute more than the listed amount for a particular item. (So, you might want to simply order a t-shirt if that's all you want, but then contribute $1,000 toward our goal, if you'd like!)

If you can't give financially, there is still something you can do! Share our campaign on Facebook, Tweet us, blog about us, or use whatever communication tools you have at your disposal to spread the word about the important work we are doing and will continue to do.

Finally, please check out our media gallery for more about who we are!

Kids speak up.

MANY THANKS for your support ~

what truly sustains us is you.


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